Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference: A Fantastic Win For Gamers

Pratyush writes- "Karan and I made some sarcastic, out of place puns on Microsoft in our last article about how they are sequel hunting (Which is kind of still the case), but when it came to the conference, Microsoft has given us the goosebumps this time around with the reveals even if they are not all exclusives."

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masterfox155d ago

There is no doubt that MS focus alot more into single player experiences this time around but still the main issue hasn't been fixed yet and that is exclusives, where are the awesome exclusives ?, where are the new awesome exclusives?, MS still 100% dependent of Forza, Halo , Gears , where are new iconic IPs MS ?, this is the same issue as Nintendo dependent of Marios, Zelda and Pokemons. Most interesting games shown in MS E3 conference were that Ninja game Zekiro or whatever name is very awesome looking nonetheless and finally Cybepunk 2077 but guess what ?, this games are multiplataform, so again we end up with the same issue, why would I want to spend in a Xbox ?, why would I want to spend 499 bucks in a console that doesn't differentiate or displays something unique from the competition?.

They definitely display effort in this E3 but damn they are still very clueless, why do developers so damn afraid to create a new Marcus Fenix, a new Master Chieg, a new Dante , a new Lara Croft, why so damn afraid ?, why so damn afraid in creating new worlds to explore, for me gaming is about sink into a place I could never go in real life and do something as a human being I could never do, seeing a game like the Division 2 going this time to Washington and to do what?, yes you guessed it fire gun and kill humans or enemies, I mean we don't have enough of this with the daily news already? freaking shootings everywhere ?, Battlefield V oh look going back to WWII genius right?, at least COD few years ago give you some futuristic guns and jetpacks, lol.

StifflerK155d ago

Personally I enjoyed it a lot.
They have five new studios, made a number of first party announcements, and have improved the diversity of their game line up with more Japanese and indie games. It was a much better than their last few E3s.

I don't think they're 'afraid' of creating new games, but that stuff takes time. We'll see new games from the new studios in the future (like Fable 4), but at least now we know they're committed to investing more into first party studios and gaming.

RainbowBrite155d ago

In the future like in 3 years from now?

StormSnooper155d ago

I thought it was one of the worst showings they’ve ever had. Other than multiplats there was the studio acquisitions and nothing else worth mentioning. Oh and another gears of war. I was expecting at least a couple of big exclusive surprises, new ips, VR. Not sure how this was a good show.

StifflerK155d ago


I'm guessing the Initiative - probably 2-3 yrs, Compulsion/Undead/NT 1-2yrs, Playground next E3


It depends on the games you enjoy, for me at least there's a lot to look forward to so I'm happy with what they showed + I buy all my multiplats on Xbox1X so it's all relevant for me.

Jaypi03155d ago

@masterfox, I think the reason devs are so afraid to make new characters similar to the ones you listed are simply because people would just compare them to the established characters as you just have done, or they'll overlook the characters as they don't have the brand recognition Master Chief, Lara Croft, or a New Dante...which people complained about when he did arrive, even though the game wasn't bad at all. Not to mention AAA gaming is expensive, and while some devs may want to try to make a new character or IP the publishers who fund them may have a different idea.

Gaming is indeed about focusing on unique worlds and such, but there's also games based on realistic settings with made up plots...that's how fiction works some people like that.

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thornh155d ago

Yeah, it was great to see all the third party games that will be available on PS4.

I'm sorry, but the biggest announcement MS had was acquiring Ninja Theory. I completely respect Ninja Theory and I think they have made some pretty cool games. Hopefully for MS they turn into a Naughty Dog or Sucker Punch. But that's years away. Tonight we get to see Sony first party studios shine and, sadly, there is no comparison yet.

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fiveby9155d ago

Look, it's so nice that XBox fans feel enthusiastic. Ra ra sis boom ba. At the end of the day it's just a marketing presentation whereby they preach to the choir. The diehards left in their camp needed something to feel good about. This isn't even a fair fight. Sony's creativity, track record, and future are beyond compare. For years we heard MS fans talk about 'cloud' power and games like SoT, Crackdown, Scalebound, etc. They just keep coming back for more marketing and no substance.

cigi155d ago

@remixx116 - please don't smoke the mushrooms in the future?

Neonridr155d ago

Plenty to like there if you are an Xbox owner. Anyone who says this show wasn't a solid effort for MS clearly wears fanboy blinders and won't admit it.

crazyCoconuts155d ago

I think it was a great production, and instilled a lot of confidence in the brand via promises for the future. After the koolaide wears off though, there isn't much more than what we were expecting. Ninja Theory and GamePass are the biggest takeaways for me that are MS specific.

Neonridr155d ago

I mean obviously there are preferences to everyone there. Some may be excited about the new Gears and Halo coming, others not so much. Some might be excited at all the acquisitions, others may only like one or two.

You can't please everyone, but it's just funny seeing the lengths people are going to to downplay MS's efforts. I am not saying it was a bombshell or anything like that, but it was a solid show for them. One they haven't had in a long time.

I fully expect Sony's to garner more buzz since the games they are showing are releasing sooner and there are some very solid titles there. But apparently you can't praise MS for anything around here without the defense force coming to the rescue.

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RainbowBrite155d ago

I think you might wearing the f blinders here

Neonridr155d ago

how so? Because I enjoyed what they had to show? I don't even own an Xbox for christ's sake. What was not to like about that show? what was so bad, enlighten me.

RainbowBrite154d ago

You can enjoy whatever, and I would never object to that... But when you are claiming, that in your opinion that was great and anyone who disagrees is just a fanboy... basically "I have the truth here! The whole truth, If you don't agree with me you are a moron" Well to me, that's a fanboyish attitude: which is childish. Because kids are the ones that get upset when you don't agree with them.
I don't have to "enlighten" you or anybody, but I don't have to like what MS did last night either.

Neonridr154d ago

I said it was solid. I didn't use great. Don't put words in my mouth please.

Forn155d ago

Everything they showed will be available on PlayStation as well other than quite literally an amount of games I can count on one hand. And those other games will be available on PC. It was fun to watch just to see game announcements though. In that regard they had a great showing.

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