The Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer May Contain Free Codes for The Witcher 3

GameRevolution writes: "The Cyberpunk trailer may hold more secrets than you think."

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solideagle129d ago

wow that is very sneaky of them if true!

deckardreplicant129d ago

they are already redeemed haha

EazyC129d ago

That trailer was insane, too good to be true -- it literally looks like a game from the future. I don't know how anything that big is possible even in the foreseeable future. No way is that going to be on current-gen consoles! Amazing looking piece of art though.

Palitera129d ago

"Too good to be true"... That's just an animation, not gameplay or anything near it. So you basically need a device with YouTube to be able to run the animation.

nirwanda129d ago

Not gameplay but the trailer was in game engine watch the trailer at the start it even states it.

1nsomniac129d ago

In-game engine means absolute diddly!

sander9702129d ago

I saw them and was like One... tw- aaaaaand literally every single one has been taken LMAO!

DevilishSix129d ago

Maybe its me but I was underwhelmed by the Cyberpunk trailer. IT didn't make me go wow I have to have that.

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