Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference: Bold, Solid, But Not Great

Microsoft has been trailing behind Sony and the other publishers’ press conference over the past few years. Many of us were disappointed even with more than 50 reveals at the Microsoft E3 press conference last year because of the lack of exclusives. This year, it’s a little step up from what Microsoft had at E3 2017, but it still falls flat on many occasions.

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XiNatsuDragnel130d ago

Overall Microsoft conference = 7.5/10

Now open a Japanese-based game studio and Sony will finally get serious from you.

Nitrowolf2130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

From their past showings, I thought it was pretty good overall. I mean nothing to really get me to buy an Xbox, I think more so overall for gaming.

Some fun announcements though, so I think a lot of people were surprised. I think this conference did a better job though at showing that they are committed to gaming

I think the only thing I was truly disappointed with was that Cyberpunk didn’t get some sort of gameplay reveal

NewMonday130d ago

enjoyed it as a gamer but all the good stuff is also coming to PS4

BiggerBoss130d ago

Literally the only surprising announcement was that Microsoft bought those studios, but we probably won't see their games until next gen.

Everybody knew Forza Horizon 4 was coming, and Crackdown 3 looks pretty terrible.

Where's the Cloud power?

ABizzel1130d ago

I thought it was really good conference. And IMO it would have been great if at least some of their games were this year.

The World Premiers were nice, but they all could have been on PlayStations conference or the E3 show floor.

The exclusives were the same franchises which isn’t bad for those fans, but for someone like myself who only enjoy a couple of their games it wasn’t the showing I needed to get excited.

The new studios was a much needed announcement, and buying Ninja Theory was huge, but the other studios are generally indies or made exclusives to begin with.

And knowing that the XBOX4 is in production is good as well.

I downer is that this felt like a conference that should have happened in 2019.

I think the conference itself was great.

But the content was only good.

It almost felt like an Xbox 4 teaser reveal.

Easily a strong 8/10 for me.

uRaDecepticon130d ago

It was a great showing, and the only thing for me to top it, would be a showing of Metroid Prime 4 from Nintendo.

mikeslemonade130d ago

They get a F+ for continuing to not have true full exclusives.

IamTylerDurden1130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Microsoft did a great job of getting developers to show their multiplatform games, but if you take away all the multiplats and focus on what games Microsoft showed it wasn't impressive. A Halo teaser that leaves us scratching our head. Halo 6? Forza. A so so Gears trailer. Ori again. There was no big new IP or unexpected exclusive. Not one Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, HZD, Bloodborne, Dreams, ect. Ninja was a huge business acquisition, but the Microsoft game output was disappointing.

badz149130d ago

when they still rely on the loud deep voice saying "EXCLUSIVE" while the display is showing "console launch exclusive", you know they are light on contents LOL. And "world premiers" are things to be proud of now? LOL, I guess beggars can't be choosers, ha? and they even repeatedly saying their "exclusives" are going to be on Game Pass day and date with release. we get it. and that Game Pass girl engineer came out on stage expecting people to be impressed, that was funny and cringy to watch.

it was the usual Halo, Forza and Gears people have come to expect from them every year and they delivered in spades LOL. and now Gears even went all SJW heavy with a girl and black main characters. good job MS! the only good announcement for me was the acquisition of Ninja Theory. my review? 7/10

nix130d ago

I wish Sony would start by saying "You already know some of the game coming from our third party friends courtesy our rival's exclusive premier trailers..."

But Sony is too good to do that.

DJ_Professor_K129d ago

The Past showing was of canceled games you mean that showing

3-4-5129d ago

@NewMonday - Not all the good stuff.

Smash Bros., Fire Emblem, Pokemon, all for sure on Switch this year.

Halo Infinite has potential as well.

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hench07130d ago ShowReplies(9)
DivineAssault 130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I'd say a 6/10. They seem to be going in the right direction but what proof was really shown? Gameplay trailers were absent and though im happy theyre building dev teams, projects wont be ready for quite a while beyond the same from them. Why was there nothing ready with Battletoads? Im more excited about that than Halo or gears. Truth be told, ninja theory is a great dev team. Getting bought by them is as close to EA as it gets imo. Cant say im disappointed but im not excited for anything either. Maybe i dont trust them. Maybe im living in the past hoping for things to be like the OG xbox. Idk but we'll see sooner or later. Next gen is likely the earliest we'll see anything new from them. They can build a great machine. They have a great UI/feature list. They have insane funds. Everything is there except a soul of their own.

Cueil129d ago

proof... they just bought 5 studios... what more proof do you need?

steven83r129d ago

Gameplay trailers were absent? What conference were you watching. Forza was gameplay. So was Shadows die twice, crackdown 3, and so much more. This was a great conference and wins E3. Sony is going to show us the same 4 games they showed for 2 years. What gets me pumped at these things is whats coming and the progress of the console not what's releasing in 3 months. BTW i am a Sony gamer 1st. They could easily show Spiderman as a trailer release before E3 as well as TLOU2. I need to see where PS4 Pro is heading and what's in development.

yeahright2129d ago

@cueil If those 5 studios start making GaaS titles packed with MT and loot boxes, release unfinished with the promise of getting better with more content coming (so you re-up that game pass) and are just ok at best... then I'd say MS would still have a lot to prove. They talked the talk for sure, and I'm intrigued but I need to see them walk the walk. After all, they got me hyped before then closed lionhead, canceled scalebound, delayed CD3, Killed black tusk before it even had a chance to do anything and turned it into a gears factory...
That said, MS did the best they could possibly do with a gamer like me, They got me taking a "wait and see" approach rather than my usual *shrug and move on*.

Aceman18130d ago

Give it a B+

Still wouldn't buy the console again because they have nothing I want right now. Hopefully they'll have a broad variety of exclusives next gen not named halo, gears, forza.

yeahright2129d ago

Agreed. I'm at a B. Gave me no reason at all to rebuy an X1, but has me interested to see what the next xbox will bring to the table.

Ninja_Ryu130d ago

The only Microsoft exclusive I'm interested in Ori and Gears 5

butchertroll130d ago

Great for those who has also PS4 and PC.

Lovable129d ago

Definitely heading right on the correct direction by acquiring studios. This is one of their best E3 showcase in a while.

S2Killinit129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Pretty weak showing imo. Nothing that stuck out in any way except multiplats. Really light on content.

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Septic130d ago

Was a great show. Excellent format. No overly long segments, no excessive talking.

5 studios. Back to back games. And the message for Xbox and it's future was clear.

New Xbox already in the works by the team that made the Xbox One X.

Really enjoyable

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Razzer130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I really enjoyed it. Forza Horizon 4 looked incredible. Can’t wait to play it in October via Game Pass on Windows 10. Halo Infinite on PC! The studio additions were extremely good news. All around great conference.

Bobafret130d ago

Thanks for sharing that you will play it on PC, MS will still get your money.

130d ago
trooper_130d ago

Bobafet & j-blaze: Funny that Steam exists, right?

Don't let your insecurity hit you on the way out.

Razzer130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@Bobafret @j-blaze

Of course Microsoft will get my money (more accurately, my MS rewards points). lol....why so butthurt?

Unreal01130d ago

So? Who cares if Microsoft get our money by playing these games on PC, it's great for gamers. However, it just means a lot of people including myself won't need to shell out for an Xbox anymore.

RosweeSon130d ago

All of which will be getting shown off again next year as apart from forza it was all 2019 and apart from crackdown early 2019 finally if it happens the test won’t be til after next years e3

bluefox755130d ago

@bobafret Why so insecure? Racing games are always better at 60fps.or maybe you're an MS shareholder? Don't know why else you would care about where they get their money.

memots129d ago

All the comment above. Thank you for reminding what an insecure fanboy base you are.
And reminding everyone that you can play all those on pc without paying for Xbox live.

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Taz X14130d ago

I'll admit, short segments and less talking, but it wasn't like they had a ton to show themselves other than showcase other studios' game. 5 Studios, 2 2nd party studios who only made Xbox games anyway, 2 indie devs who have made mediocre titles thus far, and one good acquisition...

85% multiplatform games which, sure it's nice to see them, but most of those devs have their own conferences where they'll really show the games off. Not to mention, it doesn't make me excited to be watching the XBOX E3 conference...

The false claps and cringy woos really go to show that people were not excited to be at Microsoft's conference and the only big applauses were for things completely unrelated to Microsoft but rather things they'll learn about more at those dev's show.

Cueil129d ago

those are not false claps fool... did you not see the whole front row was filled with the people who paid 50 bucks for tickets to fanfest? Those same people gave Phil a standing ovation when he got on stage... those are Xbox hard core fans

RosweeSon130d ago

Yeah yet again prematurely announcing stuff X announced a year before it launched still a year later no major games for it and they already talking about the next console 🤦🏻‍♂️ That couldn’t have waited until next year? People have bought up to 3 Xbox consoles this gen and they still haven’t been given the games they deserve i sold my S after 4 months and going on this as everything is another year out and well what next new Xbox 12-18 months away not wasting my money on an X. Especially if a new console is coming already sooner than ps5 you would think no doubt it has full BC from day1 otherwise it’s the same old same old from Microsoft we’re gonna do this but it’ll be a while. No banjo was poor and battletoads great not even made by rare tho so what are they doing now sea of thieves is out. Surely moved onto another game or at least the majority of the devs there

pwnmaster3000130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I think that’s the reason why it’s average to some people. At first I thought it was great, but looking back it now, for Xbox one owners, there really wasn’t anything new besides the usual, which was gears, halo, and forza. 75-80% of the games were multiplatform. I think the biggest thing about this conference was MS basically saying they are gearing up for next gen now. They talked about new techs, cloud, 5 new game studio, game pass, and a new Xbox. Sounds like their new goal is to focus on the new Xbox and not repeat what happen to xbone. Which imo is pretty exciting.

Kribwalker130d ago

18 out of 50 games shown were full exclusive or launch exclusive. so that’s 36% some sort of exclusivity

pwnmaster3000130d ago

@kribwalker what’s was the exclusives, I might of missed it. I don’t count launch exclusives. Don’t bundle me in with the group who does.

shinoff2183130d ago

I wish they would stop trying to shove digital down our throats. Alot of us still like physical games. Look at all the publishers coming out of the wood work cause sony allows small print runs, and Nintendo has recently started allowing them to

wonderfulmonkeyman130d ago

They did a better job than the majority expected them to do, and that's exactly what they needed this E3.
Glad to see Ori and the Blind Forest getting a sequel; that was a pleasant surprise.

Taz X14130d ago

i'm not sure really. People already expected Halo, Forza, Ori, and Gears... I'd actually say people are a bit let down from the offerings.

Halo isn't Halo 6 and there was no story/gameplay/info aside from a bare bones CG trailer.

Forza was pretty as usual, but the odd "live" players fake playing the game was weird, and aside from seasons, it's nothing terribly new (for a second there I'd thought they'd added Motocross in it which had me kinda excited to see something out of left field, but that's just for decoration).

Ori was to be expected.

Gears was a step away from Gears and toward a more Cinematic story esque kinda game which has people liking and disliking it...

And as I said with the acquisitions, there was nothing to be excited for. 2 already make games exclusively for MS; We Happy Few Dev has been rocky since it's early access release and are very unproven; SoD Dev is a bit of a cult classic but seeing how they really underwhelmed with SoD when given more capital and time than the previous one doesn't show much promise. The only one that is interesting is NT; there was no info as to what they may even be working on and knowing their catalog, they tend to make good-really good games but nothing MUST HAVE which is the kind of studios MS needs.

Had MS shown some cool new ip exclusive, or acquired a well-known developer (i.e. Capcom, Insomniac, CD Project Red), it would have shown that they're very dedicated to their gaming division. As of now, it seems they're doing the bare minimum to keep investors happy until they've got things organized for next-gen. Unfortunately, considering their history of supporting consoles (xbox had a short life-span, 360 had a great start and a slow end, and X1 having next to no exclusives) I think they've burned a lot of people...

shinoff2183130d ago

That is true. They did way better then I expected for sure. It was a great overall conference but when you step back and look it wasn't as good as it first seemed to be

whitesky130d ago

"And the message for Xbox and it's future was clear."
1. Continue to show multiplat trailer reveals for people who can't parse their vague "Console World Premier" language

2. Buy studios that make games for Xbox already, instead of forming new ones

3. Double down on their only true exclusives.. Halo, Gears and Forza.

Kribwalker130d ago

so they formed a new studio, bought playground games and doubled its size to work on another IP, bought compulsion games, who are making a multi plat game, bought ninja theory which is pretty big, they do the SP Naratives really well (see hellblade recently) and then undead labs, who yes have really just been making xbox games.

everyone said “MS needs more first party studios” they add 5 new first party studios and then you trash talk that lol. this conference was a failure no matter what happened in your eyes

raWfodog130d ago

I just like the fact that MS is starting to acquire more studios which will lead to (hopefully) more SP, story-driven games. There is room for both SP and MP (GaaS) formats IMO so keep them all coming. Probably won't see the real fruits of this until next-gen but its good to see that they are still serious about competing with Sony and Nintendo.

IamTylerDurden1130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It's funny that Undead Labs was a big acquisition because i remember people calling them a first party studio prior to this.

The show was okay, it was saved by multiplats and a business acquisition (Ninja Theory). The actual lot of Microsoft games and "exclusives" shown was weak. Halo teaser, and we have no idea what exactly it is. Forza, yearly release. Gears 5, which had impressive visuals in sections but overall was not riveting. Ori, again. There was no big surprise, no big new IP, no Fable, no Duke. Microsoft needs at least one big new IP this gen. They need a Horizon, a Bloodborne, a Death Stranding. They need this generation's Gears.

Crackdown looked terrible, let's be honest.

There were some other weak aspects as well. Many portions were basically just commercials for Sea of Thieves, Pubg, Cuphead, and Game Pass.

To close the show with that weak Cyberpunk cg trailer was disappointing. Metro looks amazing though. It was ok, but nothing unexpected as far as game announcements from Microsoft. 7/10.

RosweeSon130d ago

But they’ve already had 3 consoles out in barely 4/5 years and now they talking about another one when they’ve already got the most powerful console on the market ridiculous. Fair play bit of futureproofing saying we’re going no where but forget next Gen they’ve barely started this gen and the X so far has been an expensive waste of time yet they already thinking about moving on crazy new Xbox will be first out and prob by end of next year madness.

343_Guilty_Spark130d ago

Actually Crackdown 3 looked significantly better with SumoDigital continuing to work on it

Dark_Knightmare2130d ago

Really I thought it looked pretty bad still and that seems to be the general consensus still going around

343_Guilty_Spark130d ago

It looks better than than the original reveal

UltraNova130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It was ok. The only big thing was buying Ninja Theory(thats actually huge). Nearly everything else except the usual trifecta is coming to the PS4 same day on later.

Trailers for new multiplatform games are not something to brag about. Where's the big holiday surprise title? Crackdown 3 looks even more meh this time(they showed no world destructibility, what happened to the cloud tech?). Gears is becoming the fastest milked MS cow...

The only thing I would call great was that for the first time in years I'm not finding it hard to believe MS is actually taking 1st party development serious and getting those 5 studios feels like the start of a studio buyout streak. Good or bad(for multiplatform games) it shows some degree of dedication, finally.

Gamepass...oh my...the truth is its a great deal, a short term one. Thing is you no longer own your games. One question; what happens if you want to move on from Xbox at some point, stop subscribing? You own nothing at all. Nope.

Overall I'm excited after MS's presser since I can feel Sony has taken notice on the formers 1st party investment. This will surely lead to some increased alertness on Sony's side and maybe even force them to lock down some studios themselves.

Sony is up next. Let it roll baby.

OffRoadKing129d ago

Certainly better than previous years but still a lot of the usual Halo, Gears, Crackdown, Forza stuff. Apparently Halo is way way off. The announcement of them already working on another console when X launched seven months ago is actually kind of shameful to those who invested in X, even worse for those who bought One and then turned around and bought X. Microsoft should spend some time making those investments worthwhile instead of moving on to the next console in a desperate effort to out power Sony sense they cant out game them.

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Christopher130d ago

If you like Microsoft's current line up and their IPs, I see it as an A press conference. If you aren't a huge fan, it's still at minimum a B conference.

I'd give it an A-. I'm not a big fan of Halo, Gears Forza, etc. But, they showed a directional change we've wanted for so long and that our industry really needs a we move into the next generation. They showed a movement towards putting pressure on Sony where that pressure needs to be so that they both can be urged to continue to grow, innovate, and deliver the content the community deserves.

Septic130d ago

Agreed with that assessment

jeffcoleII130d ago

It seems as though they went the extra effort to shore up concerns from consumers. I was getting concerned until about half way through. Then the awesomeness began.

pwnmaster3000130d ago

Agreed. Sony is whooping micros butt at the moment and with that, complacency might grow within them since there is a lack of competition. I’m glad MS stepped it up finally and hopefully Sony see’s this as a challenge and step it up also. This conference is a good sign for both ps4 fans and Xbox fans imo. Two competitive company always work in the favors for the fan.

shinoff2183130d ago

I'll agree with competition but not to the point where ms is forcing sony to step up. To me it seems sony will be business as usual mode

Rude-ro130d ago

it would have been a good conference 3-4 years ago.. now they just basically said it will be next gen. i.e. sorry we wasted your time this gen, here are a couple of rehashes and a promise to actually deliver next gen when our new studios get projects approved.
That is fine for that small group that loves microsoft.. but nothing to change minds and a big * on trusting them in the future.
The only reason anyone gives this a good grade is because they only support xbox.
5 years in and it is still forza gears halo and not one of you do not have your fingers crossed that they will actually deliver good versions this time

Christopher130d ago

So, essentially it's bad because they didn't do it before and it doesn't matter that they are doing it now because the stuff is over a year away?

Yeah, it would be amazing if this happened years ago. Our generation would likely look a lot different if they did. But let's not ignore that they are putting up the money for changing things now so that it doesn't continue. I'm, personally, not going to shit on them for making changes just because they didn't happen before. They're making changes, it's good, let's hope that keeps going.

Kribwalker130d ago

“not one of you do not have your fingers crossed that they will actually deliver good versions this time“

Halo 5 84
Gears 4 84
Forza Horizon 3 91


OK. So, the highest rated exclusive racer of the gen, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed that they deliver a good one this time. That’s gold

jeffcoleII130d ago

I support all of the companies because I don’t want a monopoly in the console marketplace. I also give credit where credit is due, and Microsoft delivered the message that was needed for it’s fans.

GaboonViper130d ago

Yep it means Sony dont rest on their laurels and continue with HZD, GOW etc.

shinoff2183130d ago

Sony will be just fine. They've showed time and time again they have no problem taking chances with new ips

TFJWM130d ago

They bought studio's that make pretty much only xbox games. They showed alot of great 3rd party games, Hows does that make it even a B? Showed off everything first party that we knew they would. Ninja Theory pick up is the only good take away of the studios they bought. If this is a B showing E3 is pointless these days it is about games that are only on your system, all their world exclusives will sell better on other systems.

starchild130d ago

Sheesh.. some of you put waaay too much emphasis on exclusives. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have convinced yourselves that they are the only games worth playing. The delusion is that strong. Aside from fanboy strongholds on the internet the vast majority of gamers just want to play good games. And the truth is, the great majority of games are multiplatform games.

Do exclusives help sell platforms? Yes, and all platforms have them. Some put more emphasis on them than others but every platform has them. But do I want E3 to be only about exclusives? Hell no.

Also, most of Sony's studios were studios they had previous relationships with and then decided to buy. So why is it bad for Microsoft to do now? Isn't that what people were saying they needed to do more of? Personally, I'm not really in favor of exclusivity. I think it does more harm to gamers than good in the long run. I don't think it's smart or beneficial to be encouraging these companies to become even more of a walled garden, but that's what a lot of people want. My position is consistent, no matter who's doing it. But exclusives exist and it's something I've just come to accept. Since a lot of people are more concerned with their pathetic fanboy wars than actually being gamers.

jeffcoleII130d ago

I felt like The Initiative was actually their best out of the five. Lots of talent scouting going on in Santa Monica right now.

shinoff2183130d ago

Problem is we don't need to move to the next gen yet. Hell ms just came out with their xbox Scorpio or whatever it's called. Hell the switch just came out and some games are said they can't run on it. So I think your off on the it's time to move on comment but as a xbox fan I completely understand why you'd be ready

Christopher130d ago

Problem is that games don't get made in 6 months to a year. Yeah, things aren't strong for MS now, but that doesn't mean they're not making maneuvers to change that in two to three years.

Would you rather they do nothing and stay the same or worse or would you rather they actually make changes now to improve the future later?

I'm loving my new title of xbox fan, btw.

SirJoJo129d ago

Yes he would prefer they did nothing because it be easier for him to throw shade at Xbox and those the enjoy the Xbox because that's the ultimate goal, now he has to be a bit more creative.
Do you see now how even when MS do something so overtly positive and you acknowledge it here, you get labelled an Xbox fanboy/xbot lol the ironi is, it's fanboys that are doing the labelling🤔

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ElementX130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It was funny when the Gears logo appeared and those funco pop guys busted out, the audience sure got quiet, LOL.