Gears 5 Gets First 4K Screenshots Showing its Amazing Visuals and Environments

Microsoft released the first screenshots and a few details of the upcoming shooter Gears 5, showing really beautiful visuals and more.

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DarkVoyager496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

This sounds great. And 4K 60fps across the board.

“Never Fight Alone. Play solo or with a friend in local split-screen co-op, or online co-op. Battle alongside your friends anywhere with cross-play between Xbox One and PC.”

“Explore Sera. Skim across glaciers, sail over deserts and descend into sunken ruins to discover the largest and most diverse Gears world ever created.”

“Visual Showcase: Play every mode in 4K Ultra HD resolution with stunning HDR at a smooth 60 frames per second.”

uRaDecepticon496d ago

Are you saying the campaign is 60fps?

DarkVoyager496d ago

That’s right. 4K 60fps in all modes.

4Sh0w496d ago

Yes Gears5 is going to look and play amazingly, just hoping the story holds up, I want that Gears1 vibe.

Septic496d ago

This game looks incredible.

pwnmaster3000496d ago

Agreed. Was never a big fan of gears after playing 1 and 2, but this one judging from the trailer looks really good. It has that Hollywood story driven feel to it, like what Sony games usually have. Looking forward to it.

cyclindk496d ago

But dear lord, the last one on PC was over 100 gigs in size...

NeoGamer232496d ago

If game size is your biggest complaint then why bother?

cyclindk495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

*And to put this into quick context for anyone not reading the below; Comcast bandwidth limit 1TB/mo., the previous Gears of War title would consume OVER 1/10th of our entire available bandwidth just to download. I play PC and console games, the average of which are between 35-70 GB each, not including these massive patches.

AND, it was more a simple remark as opposed to a complaint and even then, one only governed by my own personal circumstances of late.

Weeeeelll, since you asked :)

Comcast, for some time now, I don't recall when exactly it was implemented (Houston, Texas) instituted bandwidth caps (unless you pay extra for unlimited, which I may do). I had never been thwarted by this in the past, but it has been a real hurdle trying to work around 1 TB a month with all the streaming, downloading and RE-Downloading and even patching of devices constantly, everything being in the many-many gigabytes.

So think for each device ALL the apps initially to download, new ones you try and delete, ALL the auto-updates (which now must be regulated to avoid going over, or disabled entirely). ANNNND, error and issues that call for RE-Downloading and reinstalling including the occassional full system restore all of a sudden you can barely manage to stay within the imposed limits.

Our modern age of convenience and "always-on," in one fell swoop, had been kicked back 20-plus years to a pain in the butt, one more thing to worry about. If it isn't hackers, network security, keeping track of online accounts, et cetera, et cetera... now it's bandwidth caps.

So count: (steaming data for at least two of these is about 24/7 usage, two others may come into high use the other third of the day).

Tablets x 2
Computers x 4
Consoles x 2
Phones x 2

NeoGamer232495d ago

I get it. In my house I have: 13 x consoles, 4 x laptops, 6 x tablets, 4 x smart phones, and 6 x Internet connected TVs.

My provider only has a 250 GB limit. So Gears at 100 GB is almost half of it. But, that is a infrastructure issue that needs to be resolved, not something I really care for developers to focus on.

But, I have hope that all these things will change because thru time to date they have. I still remember having a 600 baud modem in late 80's going on to bulletin boards. And still remember the day I say my first 1 GB full height 5.25 hard drive, and the when there was options on web browsers to not display pics because they were so slow to show. These things start to become barriers for tech companies to sell their products so they will change. The when and how much it costs us is the issue.

King Nezz496d ago

Those 4k textures come with a price, buddy.

Omnislashver36496d ago

Right. This is why I'm saving for a 2TB SSD when I buy my PS5. Not only are we getting larger games, but likely longer loading. Be prepared for it guys!

lazyboyblue496d ago

Last game was dullsville. Can't get excited for yet another gears.

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The story is too old to be commented.