Devil May Cry 5 Gets First Screenshots and Details; Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Following the reveal at Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference, Capcom reached out with a press release with the first information and plenty of visual assets.

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FallenAngel1984224d ago

Who’s that third guy in the thumbnail

I can identify Dante and Nero, but not the one on the right. Funny how Dante isn’t the one in the center though

Movefasta1993224d ago

He died as nelo Angelo they can't keep brining him back

Lightning Mr Bubbles224d ago

I liked it, it gave me rocker kind of vibes that Devil May Cry 3 had. To be honest, it also gave me vibes of the Devil May Cry reboot that everyone hated, which I actually thought was pretty good.

Sevir224d ago

That's not Virgil. Virgil is the one who stole Nero's Devil Bringer in the trailer. Pretty sure he's escaped Hell and brought the incursion back to Earth...

He'd have reason to go after Nero, because Nero had his sword Yamato in DMC4 and used it as a conduit to unlock his Devil Trigger..

I have no idea who that 3rd character is, but this seems to take place after DMC2 which also takes place after DMC4

SarcasticDuck224d ago

no, the guy has black hair, it's not Vergil

Daggerjack223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

It is Vergil. He's the one that rips off Nero's arm. All 3 are playable.

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FallenAngel1984224d ago

Abraiel changed the thumbnail, it used to show 3 guys

ZombieKiller224d ago

Probably get blasted with disagrees but maybe its Dunteh from NT's version. Come to find out this whole time hes NOT Dante, DOES exist in this realm, isnt a total douche, and decides to fight alongside the good guys. They could rewrite him. I mean hopefully not but who knows lol. Glad to see the continued story of 4 though. Been saying i want this for a while. Looks likely did a decent job in trying to reboot the feel of the series as well, without straying too far.

-Foxtrot224d ago

Shame Nero is getting more attention with this, I really just wanted Dante to be front and centre.

ZoidsRaven224d ago

I agree, and I liked Nero.
I just think Dante should be the lead.

ThanatosDMC224d ago

Completely agree with you. My reaction was wtf is Nero here? They even announced that it's going back to the story of Dante, Vergil's corruption, and the murdered Eve... Nero doesnt fit anywhere. Someone in Capcom has a huge hard on for Nero.

The other bad thing is they made Nero look like Donte.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI224d ago

3 playable characters. There will probably be decent focus between all three. Hopefully no backtracking this time.

Rippcity224d ago

I honestly loved Nero in 4. His fighting style is so much more fluid than Dante's. I never really liked the stance switching with Dante. It wasn't as fluid as it needed to be for fast paced action. I constantly felt like the battle would stop while I switched stances. I'm way more excited to play as Nero again and if Dante is playable they really need to figure out a way to do the stance switching better. I liked in DmC where the trigger being held switched the weapon mid combat. Felt way more fluid than Dante's combat in 3 and 4.

Movefasta1993223d ago

it's no way near as fluid as Dante's ,you were just trash with Dante that's all

Rippcity223d ago

@move I must be trash with him haha. I was able to do the Bloody Palace with Nero but couldn't do it with Dante. Is there like a different control scheme or something? I feel like taking my thumb off of the analog stick to switch stances always left me standing there like an idiot waiting to get hit. Maybe I just need to get better with him... 😔

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Team_Litt224d ago

So glad this isn't exclusive as previously rumoured! Wish it was on Switch too though.

Team_Litt224d ago

Doubtful. But not unprecedented.

Araragifeels 224d ago

Streaming is the only way, I can see it released on Switch like Resident Evil 7.

OffRoadKing224d ago

Microsoft sure tried to make this and many other games seem like they were.......again.

Team_Litt224d ago Show
NovusTerminus224d ago

Team_Litt, When did Sony try to make it look exclusive? This game was only showcased during the VGA's last year.

hiccupthehuman224d ago (Edited 224d ago )


Besides, not to turn into a mud-slinging contest, but Sony does it too. Ace Combat 7, Tekken 7... all announced with only PS4 version, until later confirmed multiplat....

andron224d ago

Like any platform would mention their competition when showing something. As long as they don't specify it's an exclusive, it probably won't be.

Real simple really, just think for yourself and don't put your assumptions on MS or Sony or who ever.

starchild224d ago

No, I thought it was pretty clear that it was a multiplat. Just as clear as when multiplats are shown at other platform holders' conferences.

Christopher224d ago

Actually, they were much better this year compared to the last two.

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mgszelda1224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

The switch would have a significant graphical downgrade. Those visuals are beautiful. The switch will have Bayonetta 3 though

Kaze24224d ago

You seriously think DMC 5 can be played on the switch? Just like every game with 1080p graphics or higher, the answer will always be no.. Every IGN person kept asking on almost every game if there was gonna be a version of the switch, they all said no.. They should stop asking..

OffRoadKing224d ago

Looks like you got called out for being wrong...........again.

TheProblem223d ago

Please tell me how Sony tried to make it look like Shadows Die Twice was a playstation exclusive? I'm so tired of xbox fanboys making up shit.

I expect an answer

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Nyxus224d ago

Best announcement of E3 so far for me.

starchild224d ago

That's cool. I'm pretty excited about it too. I'm personally even more hyped for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and Cyberpunk 2077, but Devil May Cry 5 is on my wanted list as well. Looks great.