Devil May Cry 5 Revealed At E3 2018 By Capcom

Capcom has revealed Devil May Cry 5 at Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference. The game will feature Nero as the lead hero.

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naruga219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

wtf ....DMC (like RE franchise) shoot itself on the foot (i m sticking with Monster Hunter the only IP that Capcom didnt mess up) the fk Nero and Dante look??? i dont like them at all (like bastards from trashy DmC remake and og DMC) .....gameplay looks decent but if the characters doesnt inspire you, meh, the game is dead for me

mikeslemonade219d ago

This should be PS4 excluisve.

naruga219d ago

@mikes..yes totally agree.... would have designed the characters properly DMC4 like

Eiyuuou219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Didn't know you prefered style over substance. Good to know.

In all seriousness, don't write off the game just because the characters look different. What lies at the core of DMC is how the characters behave and the combat.

DMC4 was also on Xbox, so the designs have nothing to do with exclusivity.

Blastoise219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Nero got a haircut 2/10

I don't need a characters appearance to "inspire" me in an action game. He looks fine anyway -.-

No Way219d ago

Mikes & Naruga - What does that even mean? hahahah. Would have designed the characters properly? Y'all craaaaaazy.

morganfell219d ago

"Didn't know you prefered style over substance. Good to know. "

Its DMC. Part of the substance is the style.

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Vandamme21219d ago

Are you kidding me? Nero is back as the main character again

Sevir219d ago

Yeah that's Nero, because his sword has the Rev handle. And they redid his Devil Bringer.

Dante shows up at the end riding his bike

PaleMoonDeath219d ago

@ Sevir, His Devil bringer arm was decapitated, hints of it being used throughout the trailer, and the new "Phantom Pain" arm being used very differently, ugh.. so good.

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UnSelf219d ago

I dont know how to feel...

- Nero

- Ninja Theory-esque style gameplay

solideagle219d ago

I think it has 3 characters...Dante, this douche bag and Nero...will see!

Heavenly King219d ago

The douche bag is Nero
The one who rips his arm is Vergil
Dante looks like a hobo :(

solideagle219d ago

@Heavenly King
Seriously? I didnt realise that and why Nero has white hair like dante? I thought this was DMC again lol

Concertoine219d ago

Dont think they showed enough gameplay for me to call it similar DmC remake.

Isn't this the guy that made DMC 3 and 4? He knows what he's doing... those games are top tier.

Eiyuuou219d ago

This has DMC4 style gameplay mate.

Sevir219d ago

It's not NT esque, it's DMC4 with modernized controls and camera... And Yes Nero, he was Dope in DMC4, don't forget the grapple mechanic seen in DmC was just iterative on DMC4's Devil Bringer, that was Nero's Signature gameplay mechanic... Also it seems Virgil is the antagonist again...

Because he's regained physical form and returned from hell. And he goes reclaims his Yamato sword, which Nero used in DMC4 to gain his Devil Trigger ability. While also stealing Nero's Devil Bringer. Which is why Nero now has a metal arm with the same functionality.

Apparently this takes place directly after Devil May Cry 2 which explains why Dante looks so much older...


I honestly thought this would have been at Sony's show...

Snookies12219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

In what world is this gameplay like NT's reboot? People are losing their minds if they think that, lol. Also, what's with everyone going nuts just because of how the character looks have changed? Here's a shocker, people change over time. Hair, facial features, mannerisms, etc. There is nothing wrong with changing the looks of the characters. Anyone complaining about that is just looking for a reason to hate it. How about waiting for more footage before complaining, hm? Is that so hard? (Not specifically talking to you on this one UnSelf, just all the comments I see being immature and jumping to conclusions early.)

Not to mention those complaining that Nero is here. It's Devil May Cry 5!! Of course he will be there, it's not like he will just suddenly vanish from the story after 4. What were people expecting?

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hench07219d ago ShowReplies(4)
DxTrixterz219d ago

I honestly though it was Donte. Dante riding the motorcycle? 100% Devil May Cry 2 sequel.

Godmars290219d ago

Yes. At the end that was Dante.

JaY_B1012219d ago

Really? I thought it was some random guy with a wig on...LoL J/K

-Foxtrot219d ago

Honestly I thought exactly the same...I was waiting for dmc2 to come up on screen

I can;t believe they used Nero again, people want a direct DMC sequel and they go "Gee Whiz...lets not focus on Dante"

Eiyuuou219d ago

Leaks that were correct said it would have 3 playable characters

- Nero
- Dante
- "V" (Probably Vergil)

Snookies12219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Bro, what are you talking about? Devil May Cry 5 is a sequel to Devil May Cry 4, we all knew this was going to be the case when it had the number 5 in the title. Just because you don't like Nero's character doesn't mean he should be written out of the sequel to the franchise. He's an already established character in the lore. He's going to be in it, people need to stop whining about it.

DigitalRaptor219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

This is not the DMC5 I wanted. This is DmC 2: Edgelord Returns.

I can't believe this is directed by Itsuno.

Eiyuuou219d ago

Just have faith in him.

RememberThe357219d ago

Hard to have faith after watching that. The combat looked weak and those performances were awful, not funny, or cool, or edgy, or anything worth being interested in. And Nero again? Why do we keep getting Nero?! Give me Dante, a slice of pizza, a dark world, and a bunch of demons to kill. After Monster Hunter I really thought Capcom had gotten their stuff together. This looks like throwaway trash.

mrmikew2018219d ago

I don’t think so, although his design does look similar to his design in Devil may cry 2, which was the weakest in the series.

In any case, I liked the trailer.

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Godmars290219d ago

Look: will give it a chance, liked what I saw of the action and know the game's dev history. Still, not all that hot for the "realistic" RE look.

Eiyuuou219d ago

Kudos for giving it a chance.

PaleMoonDeath219d ago

Nah man, looked slick as, like a more realistic take, loved it.