Why Ninja Theory has joined Microsoft Studios

Huge News! Ninja Theory has joined Microsoft Studios!

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majiebeast1062d ago

This studio is dead when the next game inevitably bombs.

BiggerBoss1062d ago

Nahhhh, Microsoft has a good history with studios, just look at Rare!

Skull5211062d ago

Microsoft has the best hardware, best network, and most resources, why wouldn’t you join if offered?

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Godmars2901062d ago

" why wouldn’t you join if offered?"

Kinect says hi - (Like the uncle your family warns you about...)

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Silly gameAr1062d ago

Well, let's not jump the gun yet NT is a good studio. Let's see what they have planned for the future.

michellelynn09761062d ago

Jumping the gun? Or sour grapes?

Manic20141061d ago

He's been on every article, I'm guessing sour grapes.

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Prubar1062d ago

The upvotes shows how pathetic these fanboys are for a comment so negative. You guys sure make this site a fun place to visit.

zerocarnage1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

grow some brains or testys if you can and be real..

gangsta_red1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

There it is! here we go with the RIP comments.

joab7771062d ago

So disappointed because they talked so much about owning their IPs and doing it a new way. Hell Blade must have been too hard to make.

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showtimefolks1062d ago

i am glad for them because they went though a lot to make their last game. please watch some of the making of their last game. They were struggling for equipment/money so hopefully ms will provide both and creative freedom

rainslacker1062d ago

Yeah. I can see why they'd want to partner, or in this case be brought out by a major publisher, because they couldn't get funding to make a big game like they wanted. They did great with what they had though, and it's quite impressive what they did with what they had. I wish them the best of luck in the future, but since I can't see them releasing another game this gen, I'll likely not play their next game because I have no interest in buying another Xbox unless MS turns things around big time. PC will likely be an option though, and I can live with that.

jukins1062d ago

Well based on their past they really never delivered a real hit. Everything they release is like 50/50 love or hate it. The exception seems to be their latest which is mostly critically acclaimed but has a niche audience.

Hopefully Microsoft let's them have creative freedom and doesn't just stick with an old ip

showtimefolks1062d ago


that's true sony did have them do a new IP in heavenly sword and they couldn't deliver but their story telling is good

xer01062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Wow. The only winner is the CEO of Ninja Theory.
I'm sure he knows this deal can seriously backfire and shutdown his company.

Heavenly Sword was the only game i bought from Ninja Theory... and it was only half decent.

Does anyone remember what happened to Crytek?
Although they are still independent... they aren't doing as well as they hoped when they inked a deal with MS.

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OffRoadKing1061d ago

@ Reaprr

Tell that to Lionhead Studios and Ensemble Studios. Someones clearly fooling them self but its not me

SuperSonic911062d ago

NT had a very bad cocky reputation among the development community. They talked shit with PS3 gamers for getting compared to Naughty Dog and they suffered for that.

Kribwalker1062d ago

they stated in the video they have full control of everything

OffRoadKing1062d ago

lol, we'll see about that. "Full control" as long as they follow the MP/GaaS model Microsoft is pushing, which isn't what Ninja does.

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I_am_Batman1062d ago

Agreed. Even in this video they are emphasising how important creative freedom and risktaking is to them. They were in a position where they achieved that freedom and now they are going back to a major publisher. Hopefully everything pans out for them and Microsoft really gives them the creative freedom they got promised. I'm sceptical though.

SpringHeeledJack1062d ago

Correct, the UK company was just bragging a few months ago how they are independent and don't need anyone big publishers. have these companies not learned from Rare and others? This company will go down hill like the rest, the talent will leave.

Manic20141061d ago

I'm sure they know better than you.

mkis0071062d ago

Well as long as they get that creative freedom this could allow them to 100% focus on making the title they want at high quality.

luckytrouble1062d ago

Too bad creative freedom is what comes with a Sony partnership, not Microsoft. Microsoft’s history of killing acquired studios after forcing the studio a specific direction does not bode well for Ninja Theory.

mkis0071062d ago

Well I assume it's in the contract based on this video.

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Kribwalker1062d ago

same reason heavenly sword was exclusive right? because they got paid money?

showtimefolks1062d ago

Correct and they made a good game than talk crap about the community but yes every developer gets paid for making a game

OffRoadKing1062d ago

No wrong, they chose to develop for Sony's platform Sony didn't own them like Microsoft does now. You seem to be confused by what an acquisition is. At least you tried.

Kribwalker1062d ago


they were hired with money to make heavenly sword 🤣🤣🤣

OffRoadKing1062d ago

Look I get that you have to try but the title of the article stated "Why Ninja Theory has joined Microsoft Studios" the answer is as I stated, money. i.e. Microsoft opened up that briefcase and showed them stacks and all that "we want to be independent and do what we want" talk went right out the window. If you think theres another reason I'm happy to hear it otherwise go bother someone else, although I'm sure you already are.

Gazondaily1061d ago

"Microsoft opened up that briefcase and showed them stacks and all that "we want to be independent and do what we want" talk went right out the window. If you think theres another reason I'm happy to hear it otherwise go bother someone else, although I'm sure you already are."

Lol wtf is this post? 😂

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