E3 2018: Xbox Announces Aquisition of Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Three others

During the Xbox press briefing, Phil Spencer took a couple of minutes to announce that the publisher has acquired several formerly-independent studios as part of their initiative to bring Xbox users more unique gaming experiences. Spencer kicked-off the list with the announcement of a new studio called “The Initiative.” Following that he announced in rapid succession the acquisition of Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Undead Labs and Compulsion Games.

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-Foxtrot133d ago

Good start but we’ll need to see how it pans out to make any judgements

slate91133d ago

Ill make a judgement. People on here cried for new studio acquisitions. We got it. Nearly half a dozen. GREAT START. Full steam ahead Lord Phillip

-Foxtrot133d ago

Yeah for how many years?

They finally done something great but to act like everything is fine and dandy now...come on, so premature.

Typical fans on either side, they can do screw up after screw up, do one good thing and suddenly everything resets...come on let’s be realistic

Like I said good start, well done but we need to see what happens to make full judgement. The games quality, what direction they take, AAA or on

BiggerBoss133d ago

Good on Xbox for FINALLY buying new studios.

But PG games and Undead labs only make Xbox games anyways... so no big surprise.

Ninja Theory is a big one though, didn't see that coming.

mikeslemonade133d ago

Not excluisve, not exclusive, not exclusive, not excluisve, and not excluisve.

PC definitive, pc definitive, pc definitive, pc definitive, and pc definitive.

bouzebbal133d ago

Ninja Theory is a great developer.. Hopefully they don't become the new rare with wasted talent

Dark_Knightmare2133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

You got two studios who were ms studios it’s just now official,two who have released nothing but mediocre games besides hellblade and a new one that has shown nothing and has a lot to prove so not really anything special truthfully

No Way133d ago

mikeslemonade - you live a sad life, lol.

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SpaceRanger133d ago

Not just that, but we won’t really see much of their work for a good while. And the other half of the problem is that the fanbase needs to actually buy SP games that they may develop.

-Foxtrot133d ago

The Santa Monica studio which seems like the big AAA one are still looking for people

Next Xbox I think

BiggerBoss133d ago

Maybe on the Xbox Two we'll finally get some big exclusives. I sure hope so.

Lennoxb63133d ago

There's no telling how long they've been working on games. I doubt they've just started after Microsoft's acquisition.

No Way133d ago

But they are building for and toward the future - that's good news! Yes, it's not NOW; but, the future is important. Even for the playstation and nintendo crowd, MS staying in is a great thing.

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hulk_bash1987133d ago

It's a great sign that they are investing into first party again. Cant wait to see what they will create for the Xbox brand going forward.

BiggerBoss133d ago

I hope they treat them more like 343, and less like Rare...

hulk_bash1987133d ago

We'll see, I hope they are given enough creative freedom to make the games they want with very little compromise or interference.

Bruh133d ago

@Bigger Boss

Rare had 5 years to develop Sea of Thieves, its not Microsoft's fault their game ended up being mediocre. Not to mention Rare CHOSE to develop Kinect titles, they wanted to go that direction, Microsoft originally wanted to outsource the development of them

343_Guilty_Spark133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Sea of Thieves is not for me but apparently it is doing very well and it’s the game Rare wanted to make.

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majiebeast133d ago

Well Ninja Theory is dead within a few years.

mkis007133d ago

It's the only studio they didnt really have enough of a relationship with to acquire.

BiggerBoss133d ago

It was definitely a "wtf?" moment, but they're a good studio nonetheless.

No Way133d ago

I'm really surprised Sony didn't pick them up after Heavenly Sword.

rainslacker133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Pretty upsetting, and probably the most surprising announcement so far since I like their games, and I can't see myself buying another Xbox unless they have a major turn around this gen. But they'll probably be on PC also, so I can always go that route.

I'd hate to think what will become of them though given how it's apparently so hard for MS to make a game without a 1-2 year plan. NT doesn't specialize in that kind of game, but maybe MS will actually play to the strengths of these developers.

I find it odd though, given that MS hasn't really spent much time cultivating the studio. Wonder if the company was in financial trouble, or just decided they wanted more stability.

Oh well. Hope for the best, because I'd hate to see this dev go by the wayside. Spencer commented on how good they are at story experiences. Just hope they remember that going forward.

GravelerMagnitude9133d ago

We will never see a Heavenly Sword 2 now.
Sony should have acquired them after HellBlade.
Best of luck to them though.
They were a passionate indie studio and hopefully Microsoft allows them full creative freedom.

rainslacker133d ago

Sony owns the IP, so they could make it still. But I don't know if it'd be as good considering the creative talent behind the story won't be available. It's sort of the same situation with Xenosaga and Nintendo....although Nintendo could potentially license it from Namco. However, Nintendo seems keen on the X games instead.

Hellblade was probably the best spiritual successor to the game,although it's very different on a fundamental level. The story of HS was pretty closed, so a direct sequel would be unlikely with Nariko anyhow.

Team_Litt133d ago

Wow. That's cynical and uncalled for.

RememberThe357133d ago

Sounds like every other comment on the internet.

XabiDaChosenOne133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Title should read Microsoft announced the death of 5 studios.
In all seriousness I will reserve judgement on the acquisition of all these studios at once. Seems like a knee jerk reaction to the critics rather than a genuine attempt at cultivating a team of first party studios. Lets see how the management of these studios pan out.

BiggerBoss133d ago

Calm down dude, you could've just said that you disagree...

porkChop133d ago

I find it funny that people have been telling Microsoft to invest in and buy new studios, and now that they're doing that everybody is so quick to downplay it. This is a good thing for everyone. Going into next gen Microsoft will be in a much better position to compete, and that competition results in a better and healthier industry for everyone.

majiebeast133d ago

Rather see them leave the industry we don't need em.

porkChop133d ago

That's a very immature way of looking at things, but ok.

RadicalCannibal133d ago

You need to leave life. how that sit widchu? Huh?

ghostrider32133d ago

Console gamers are always saying some dumb shit. Shut up.

zerocarnage133d ago

moron fanboy or hater which ever you'd call yourself..

No Way133d ago

Don't want to play on their console - then don't. It's that simple, but they have undoubtedly brought a lot of good (and some bad) to the industry. It's best for them to stick around.

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salmonade133d ago

NO. They've done well. They have 1 new AAA studio. 1 that will handle Forza etc
and 3 smaller ones. It's a great start. Good on them.

XxMajeSteRxX133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Nothing M$ does is good on n4g ,thats the shocking news for me,like literally nothing

BiggerBoss133d ago

Buying studios is definitely a good thing.

I just hope Microsoft doesn't treat them like they treated Rare...

Cmv38133d ago

This definitely isn't good for gaming. Hopefully Sony and Nintendo can continue to right the ship.

RememberThe357133d ago

They're not victims. MS doesn't have a good track record keeping studios alive, even their good ones. They earned their rep.