E3 2018: Bethesda Showcase

Tune in to the Bethesda E3 Showcase for the inside scoop on Fallout 76 and RAGE 2, plus a few surprises.


Admin note: Source and embed updated now that the live show is over.

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pwnmaster3000189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

This is the conference I’m most excited about. Please tell me new elder scrolls. I’ve played Skyrim to many times now lol.

PhantomS42189d ago

If they can announce a new Fallout game a few years after the last one there are no more excuses for them as to why they haven't made TESVI yet.

pwnmaster3000189d ago

I’ve been reading some of the elder scrolls lore and I really hope it’s in valenwood. It just sounds really interesting to me.

adonisisfree189d ago

How could they possibly have the time and the resources to develop fallout 76, “starfeild” , and a new elder scrolls game? Skyrim is too popular. We won’t see an elder scrolls for another year atleast

thorstein189d ago

And there you have it, right at the end! YES!

morganfell189d ago

Elder Scolls VI for next gen. The perfect punctuation to a really funny, relaxed, not overly polished conference. When Howard said he had read online that there were bugs in Bethesda games I lost it ha ha.

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lociefer189d ago

BUT have you played it on your hairdryer yet ? No? Look forward for more ports then xD

Christopher189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I'm going to just add a fan to my toaster that does currently play Skyrim. Job done.

notachance189d ago

man, if there's no starfield or new elder scrolls announcement this and yesterday's EA conference will be competing for the most boring show of E3

notachance189d ago

wow they actually show both of them lol, even if it's just the logo

pwnmaster3000189d ago

Bruh I think this new fault out game looks so sick. Ever thing he said hit me in a good way. I always wondered how the first people to open the vault reacted to the world and I always wonder how Bethesda game would be like if it was multiplayer. This game is gonna be sick.

rainslacker189d ago

The skyrim on new devices was pretty amusing.

That's one thing I like about their conferences. They always have some good humor to them, and they've done really well this least after that overly long live band thing at the beginning.

MasterCornholio189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

There's a new elder scrolls game. I don't like it though.

Edit: NVM glad to see a new Elder Scrolls game.

pwnmaster3000189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

They won today’s e3 for me. Idc if it’s only teasers. So hype for the new fallout, new ip, and elderscrolls

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AnubisG189d ago

Doom 2 was there...well it's not called 2 but a sequel for sure.

lociefer189d ago

Man bethesda just killed it !

luckytrouble189d ago

With Fallout 76 announced already, I’m curious what announcement they may have in store that could dwarf their biggest Fallout game to date. Could we get an Elder Scrolls announcement? It’s more than time for a brand new iteration, especially since they’ve run out of places to port Skyrim.

porkChop189d ago

I honestly hope we see Starfield. A Bethesda RPG where we can explore space and travel from planet to planet. There's just so much potential there. Especially with Mass Effect on hold for now.

ILostMyMind189d ago

Like really show the game...

salmonade189d ago

Why would anyone watch on Mixer?

porkChop189d ago

The video quality on Mixer is far superior to Twitch and YouTube.

Christopher189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Great quality and sometimes you can earn stuff just by watching specific streams. Essentially that's Microsoft's way of encouraging people to use it, but this is the only time I'd use it anyway, so at least use something that's good and might earn me something extra.

But, not a lot use it.

Microsoft Conference had almost 6m views on Mixer.

Bethesda is sitting at currently only 2.5k people watching on mixer. I'm guessing Twitch is where most people are.

salmonade189d ago

That's sounds pretty good. I'm sure it will only grow

Relientk77189d ago

Hoping Bethesda has a good showcase

Let's see the games