EA Play 2018: A Lackluster Show; Hints Losing Star Wars; Wilson Is Not Sorry

EA has shown its demise from last year’s debacle by presenting a lackluster and ‘safe’ conference this year.

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-Foxtrot133d ago

I felt sorry for that Dennis guy, he shouldn't have had to do the apology it should have been Andrew but they obviously didn't give a flying f***. I mean I appreciate Dennis doing it but even then it didn't really hit home for me, it just felt brushed off like "Yeah...sorry, we kind of messed up, I guess"

xRacer74x132d ago

Did EA piss in your cereal. You seem to have a real hatred for them. Personally I like more of their games than dislike.

-Foxtrot132d ago


Are you kidding? EA p***** in all of our cereal, where have you been.

Apocalypse Shadow132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Yup. They have been pissing in my cereal for years. Leaves a bad taste.

Ruins my peanut butter captain crunch and sugar smacks.

You can thank them for no burnout, no football competition, no licensed boxing game, no ncaa game, no star wars light saber game or x wing game in VR,etc etc etc.

xRacer74x132d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow, Critterion wanted to move on to different projects go back and check your info on that one. At least you can play Madden on your console of choice and Sony took Baseball away forcing you to play on their console. NCAA was sued over College games using amateur athletes likeness while not paying them. This hate is irrational and the companies on your links became irrelevant as those genres dies not enough poeple to warrant a studio for.

annoyedgamer132d ago

Let us think about that for a moment....YES.

Apocalypse Shadow132d ago

Wrong. Sony didn't take baseball away. Any company can make baseball games after take two bought the license to keep EA from buying it up. just happens to be that Sony ended up making the better game.
You don't know your videogame history.
And visual concepts ended up making the better basketball game because they couldn't make football anymore. That's how competition works.

Will never buy madden ever again. Like never. NFL 2K for life.

The company destroys developers and ruins games and you're happy? Okay.

xRacer74x132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow,
I agree with NBA 2k being better a basketball game but Madden was much better than 2k football check out sales. Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left EA/Criterion to do other projects beside racing games they were the founders of Criterion. Most of that company then joined Ghost Games. If it was who made the best baseball game Sega would still rule all with the World Series Baseball brand it was better than anything Sony has done with baseball. Sony does own the MLB license for consoles without real teams and players its a waste of time. Not since Baseball Stars have I played a good non licensed baseball game and that was back on the NES. EA is the biggest publisher if you do not perform your games do not sell you get transitioned into another studio or you get let go. Activision is the same way Im not happy with a lot of their ways but its a business first if the game sells you dont have to worry. You do not want to get into pissing contest on video game knowledge with me its one you will lose everytime.

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XiNatsuDragnel132d ago

EA's was straight up no good

Sciurus_vulgaris132d ago

EA announced a new Star Wars game and showed nothing for it which is very concerning.

mgszelda1132d ago

I think they dissolved visceral games with all the intent of being done with single player star wars. Then battlefront 2 flopped. They re-evaluated some ideas and "scrambled" to come up with a game concept

Sciurus_vulgaris132d ago

Yup and the fact that the game is coming in about a year is also concerning due to nothing of it being shown.

Agent_00_Revan132d ago

Star Wars being ripped from EA would be the best thing for the franchise.

mkis007132d ago

Give it to Ubisoft...they can do better.