Detroit: Become Human Sells 1 Million In 2 Weeks

The game Detroit: Become Human has already attracted 1 million buyers, according to the French studio. It was developed in four years, in Paris.

Quantic Dream prides itself on never following up on its video games and preferring to create totally new worlds. On the other hand, their successes have an air of déjà-vu. "We have just passed the million mark sold for Detroit: Become Human, two weeks after the release of the game, said Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the deputy CEO of the French independent studio. This is clearly our best start. The previous title of this flagship of narrative video games, Heavy Rain, in 2014, took five weeks to break the milestone of one million copies. In total, it attracted 5.5 million players.

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Nyxus997d ago

Congrats, and well deserved! Glad to be one of them. :)

chrisx996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

well deserved indeed. I also played my part in purchasing a copy. I'm on my 3rd play through now, real great game. Ps4 is a gamers dream console.

996d ago
Deep-throat996d ago

I'm glad you are!

BTW, sold 1 million in the US or worldwide?

Nyxus996d ago

Worldwide I think. Not sure though.

SuperSonic91996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Incredible reception from gamers!
This new game can sell like Horizon Zero Dawn 8-10 million units life time.
Congratulations Quantic Dream more brave games like these David Cage.
PS4 greatness right there!

KickSpinFilter996d ago

Well that's not going to happen but could see 2.5 m
(Can't tell if your joking or not)

SuperSonic91995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

@ kick

Ps4 has always gone above and beyong my outlandish prediction numbers most of the time by a million.
And QD so far has made only well received hit games

Thatguy-310997d ago

Well deserve! Talent wins! Now to wait for the next thing this studio decides to cook up. Hopefully we hear of a playstation acquisition tomorrow because this studio truly deserves to be snatched up by Sony. Haters are going to have to hate a little harder because we'll be seeing another David Cage game in the future ;D Cant wait!

If you have a PS4 please buy this game. It's truly a special gem this generation.

morganfell997d ago

Fantastic. And what an engrossing title.

P_Bomb996d ago

Okay, so straight from the deputy CEO’s mouth. One million sold after two weeks. As they’ve tweeted before, their best start (Heavy Rain took 5 weeks to hit a mil’).

In other words, those that ran with that resetera quote about only selling a quarter of HR, can pump the brakes a bit. You asked for a number, you got one.

MasterCornholio996d ago

So I guess those claims that it did worse than Heavy Rain were false then.

DialgaMarine996d ago

I wonder why Resetera would post such nonsense, when it was confirmed this is QD’s most successful game yet.

P_Bomb996d ago

My guess is they looked at the UK’s two days worth of sales and superimposed it worldwide. Jumped the gun.

MasterCornholio996d ago


Not really they did discuss as sales from the UK. What happened is that an N4G user was using that article to try and prove that it was selling alot worse than Heavy Rain. He literally tried to pass off UK sales as global sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.