Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment.

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Blu3_Berry190d ago

Man everything I am hearing about this from the press conference has Destiny written all over it. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

-Foxtrot190d ago

Destiny but more open, prettier and with Jetpacks...that's it.

Actually this seems like what I expected to see from Bungie when they announced Destiny 2

naruga190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

i say this was (and probably will be ) the most uninteresting, bland E3 conference even one new game (indies are lame dont count)....and Antherm just a bleak third person destiny (aka massve boring whatever fututristic game) ...

Christopher190d ago

Have to be honest, I'm way more interested in Destiny 2 year two than Anthem. When you come into the scene with a very similar game concept, you need to go above, not start where they did over a year before your release.

Hopefully they have much better showings going forward, but I at least expected some live gameplay on stage rather than canned demo gameplay.

The 10th Rider190d ago

I imagine the world and everything will be tons better, but the gunplay will probably be substantially worse. Ah well.

Also, they spent like 25% of their conference on this. They didn't even give an in-depth look at Battlefield V multiplayer. The only new AAA game they announced was Respawn's Star Wars game and it didn't even get a trailer.

quenomamen190d ago

Looks like Destiny with jetpacks, Im out

Ninver190d ago

Looks extremely unoriginal. The story will have to be amazing otherwise it's a definite pass.

jagstar44190d ago

It looks fine, kinda generic. was expecting something amazing from bioware though.