EA Play Live Press Conference 2018

EA writes: "Join us here for our live EA PLAY press conference where we will take you inside some of our biggest games of the year, live from The Hollywood Palladium. The next Battlefield, Anthem and some of your favorite EA SPORTS games will all have big reveals during the show."

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Asuka225d ago

Hoping to hear something (anything) about Titanfall 3 but who knows...

Newmanator225d ago

Interesting point. They need something super fresh to stay ahead of the pack. And maybe a mid-year release so it doesn't get slaughtered by the regs.

naruga225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

cringe moment detected ...FIFA woman abravista yell !! (or whatever the f..said)

indysurfn225d ago

EA will announce mega micro transactions. Not for 99.99 not 49.99 no not even for 29.99 but for 2,999.99 you can buy cross play micro transactions.

BUT WAIT there's more for 83 cents you can get it all free! Just pay separate 'electronic' shipping and handling of 3,9989.99.

But wait there's even more! just buy our game full price, THEN we will announce the micro transactions plus micro pricing.

-Foxtrot225d ago

Just EA Sports for the majority of the conference...even though the majority of people who buy EA Sports games probably don't even watch E3 or know what the hell it is.

Septic225d ago

Same! Need some Titanfall news

Septic225d ago

Watch this on Mixer instead...the quality is MAD!

starchild225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Unravel Two looks amazing. And it's available now!

angelsx225d ago

It’s painful to watch.Garbage show

225d ago
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Lighter9225d ago

Going to be cringeworthy, no doubt.

sprinterboy225d ago

Hope they cut the sports stuff, they could just release them trailers and info after the show imo

bluefox755225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Yeah, I feel like the people who play madden, and buy it every year, don't really need a sales pitch.

Relientk77225d ago

The conference I'm least hyped for because it's 80% sports.

Hopefully they show something cool

sprinterboy225d ago

I wonder if we hear any kind of apology regarding there business practices and talk alittle about consumer trust moving fwd

PapaBop225d ago

EA won't directly apologise, they'll do something like reiterate how they're a player first company in a holier than thou manner.

AnubisG225d ago

There was nothing of the sort. In fact Andrew Wilson detailed how they will take gaming to the next microtransaction level and how they will take more ownership of games away from us. He was hyping a GaaS to no end and kept lying how they want to make good games and that is the most important. That guy was such a liar. I wonder why they did not boo him off the stage.

PhantomS42225d ago

Who's ready for 45 minutes of boring stiff PR speak and sports video games with maybe something interesting at the end?

Christopher225d ago

*raises hand*

Not much else to do today, so the bar is kinda low...

PapaBop225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

Nah, that paint isn't going to watch itself dry.. that only comes in the premium deluxe edition alongside 3 days early access.

indysurfn225d ago

ROFL.....every time a drop of the paint drys you have to pay!