Dead or Alive 6 Won’t Use the Soft Engine; Director Explains Tech and Change to “Cool” Looks

Dead or Alive 6 Producer and Director Yohei Shimbori talks about how the looks of Dead or Alive 6 are shifting towards a "cool" image.

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XiNatsuDragnel135d ago

Nice good change from traditional but make sure to keep your ""special"" ; features 🙄

BadElf134d ago

By the sounds of it, they are becoming Politically correct punks. I hopebu are right though

Kashima135d ago

Bigger butts this time plz

masterfox135d ago

Here is the issue with this change, back in the day when Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur were out in the arcades each one of them tried to be different each in their own way and that's what the games make them special from each other, in this case for Dead or Alive it's ridiculous bounciness and kilometer high explosion character to the air it what makes Dead or Alive special in their on way, but now if they remove this essential parts to the game well guess what you just created just another fighting game and nothing special at all, I mean you just can't go that easily and removed something that makes you famous in the first place. Well at least we have Ivy in their correct proportions in the new Soul Calibur game so everything is not lost for these new fighting sequel games. XD

bluefox755135d ago

Completely agree. It really added to the charm of the game. It was almost comical at times.

drizzom135d ago

Agree'd, but isn't Ivy like... 50 or something?

DragonDDark135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Did you see the latest trailer. The moveset is still quite ridiculous. Just less lewd.

annoyedgamer135d ago

Ive never bought a DoA game but im pretty sure that was the games selling point. Since DoA4 I remember friends talking about it. Now that it censored for the PC crowd, the game will lose popularity.

gamer7804135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

and one button moves for casuals who won't spend much on the game if at all, and less sexy character designs, who wins exactly except sjws who don't buy this game to begin with?

Everyone needs to tweet team ninja and ask them to put up a survey to see what features fans really want, that's what they did last time.

DragonDDark135d ago

Smh, I guess I'm the weird one here? lol

FinalFantasyFanatic135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Can't they just keep what made them popular and tighten it up for competitive play (balance/moves et, ect... ) ? It'd keep everyone happy that way.

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sprinterboy135d ago

That's one of the reasons I don't play fighting games anymore bro, it just feels like they all have different background arenas/locations and that's it.

CDzNutts135d ago

They're getting rid of the oversexed art style. Thats it. lol.

You listed a whole lot there...all of which has already been confirmed on IGN and Famitsu to be going nowhere...and is CLEARLY evident in the trailer. lol

CrimsonWing69135d ago

People that were fans of the series liked it. Just because you don’t nor understand it doesn’t give any less validity to people’s complaints.

I completely agree with people that are upset that they’re catering to a politically correct crowd. If bouncing breast physics offend you then play another fighting game.

Teflon02135d ago

Dead or Alives highlights growing up were breast physics and when you're out the stage, you start bouncing like a trampoline. Series is trash as a dedicated fighter, so if they remove any of that, it's going to be trash lol. I think it'll be either way. But I'm guessing if they're changing anything, it's to try get into EVO lol

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purple101135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I wanted to buy this game.. I really, really did.. But its. Releasing just too close to Soul calibur. And that's the one il invest a year in before, buying this. Probably they will have a 'complete edition' out after a while and that will be the one to get!

CDzNutts135d ago

You dont like cinematic flare and cool camera angles in your fighting games?

ErogeMaster134d ago

Nah but I do like to goo bitties and fanservice costumes along with my casual game play.

CDzNutts134d ago

That's weird man, I never heard of horny Tetris.

But enjoy!

X-23135d ago

Anyone who has been gaming for more than a decade should know the real reason behind the Soft Engine not being included in this DOA, especially if you follow the FGC ... which consist of nothing but hypocrites a majority of the time anyway.

To keep things simple. DOA has always been a great game, even its latest installment, the FGC however being as narrow-minded as they are in relation to any other game that isn't considered mainstream (in other words a Capcom Fighter) won't be treated with as much respect as say ... something that is derivative of what they may have liked about a game or its features at one point or another but in essence it isn't THAT thing.
In other words they'll accept something mediocre in favor of something that could be better.

One of the constant arguments for why people supposedly would not play DOA was because of the the sexualization of the women made it difficult to take serious? Meanwhile, outrage from the ESPN Cammy situation, Mika's butt slap and Juri's censored suit??? That Menat though, right? (Not Capcom related) But remember, No Mai, No buy? lol Kasumi's breast bounce though, "Oh dear me, it's just too much for me to handle"...sigh...the hypocrisy is unreal.

Team Ninja removed it so that perhaps these people would stop condeming the game because of what they see on the screen when they play and that maybe people will take it seriously now? Not to mention in the society we live in now, all those physics aren't going to be viable for proper sponsorship etc in Esports.

Personally I feel like toning it down, is just fine. I don't really care if it stays or goes it never bothered me in the first place, however I do get the gripe with people saying that the jiggle physics is what makes the game standout, but I remember playing DOA2 on the Dreamcast with friends and I don't think that had anything to do with chicks and their boobs. It's a brand staple sure, but it isn't what defines the game.

Now all that being said, now we have people acting like DOA censorship is making your head spin?? What where you a basement DOA player or something? Lol, all bs aside though the truth is this, that trailer looked really damn solid and with all the attention and hype that is being generated in Esports and in the FGC in general it would be the perfect time for Tecmo Koei to do this, people have been pretending that the sexuality in DOA has been the big turn off about the game for them for years, so if these guys really listened to them and decided to tone it down and DOA still continues to be this little niche fighting game then huge disappointment is imminent.

CDzNutts135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Lets make the greatest fighting game in the world, but take a fat dump on it with kawaii-waifu tit bouncing is what DOA has always been.

Meanwhile Mortal Kombat sells like CoD hotcakes but no one really plays it after buying it because...well....its pretty unplayable.

Looks matter. I would much rather DOA be finally embraced for the amazing gameplay as opposed to being ignored for looking dumb. Yes...people ignore things that look dumb. That is a real thing in life lol.

Rachel_Alucard135d ago

The gameplay in DOA has always been a mash fest among casual crowds. The FGC despised it for its gameplay more then its sexualization. They just use that as a scapegoat. It's stupid because Tecmo "thinks" this is what the west wants, when its just being out of touch again.

X-23135d ago

Lets no get carried away saying it's the greatest anything, and let's not call something "dumb" just because it doesn't fit your acquired taste.
By that standard, MK's fatalities look dumb, the animations for normal moves are atrocious and street fighter characters these days have dumb proportions so people should be ignoring those games for said reasons too.
In the case of MK ain't no difference in overuse of mature violence and DoA's sexualization to me just two sides of the same coin appealing to whatever demographic.

People loved getting hype over Laura Matsuda's design, and they brought up how Netherrealms "Can't Make Good Looking Female Characters" because of Injustice etc etc, so stop pretending that in the case of DOA that this bouncing waifu jugs was ever really a real thing to begin with, it was just an excuse or rather a reason to make it come across as some inferior type of game when compared to the competition.

Visually the game looked great, so how someones tits bouncing in a win pose; because you don't really pay attention to that crap while fighting, apparently broke the game for some people or was the equivalent of a "Fat Dump" is beyond me.

Either way it doesn't matter these so called jiggle physics it's gone now so we'll see if people actually care about the game now or if they'll keep playing something they don't like hoping that the introduction of a new character will somehow change everything, I believe they'll just come up with another excuse though and so now the DOA community will just have a Soft Engine-less DOA because of "Outside Influence".

FinalFantasyFanatic135d ago

I think more modern fighting games struggle with balance than anything, especially when they try to go for the competitive game play route (Jojo, street fighter v, dissidia NT).

ErogeMaster134d ago

Nah man after ur essay I doubt anything will change doas persepective in the fgc since they came off the heels of doax3, Venus vacation, and the whoring of fetish costumes in doa5 so dont give me that censorship bs just leave it in so that all of us can fap to.

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