Hands-on with Super Mario Galaxy at 1080p on Nintendo's official Wii emulator

Digital Foundry:
While the wait continues for back catalogue titles to arrive Nintendo Switch, owners of the Chinese version of Nvidia's Shield have been playing a quartet of Wii games for the last few months. These are entirely official emulated titles co-developed by both Nintendo and Nvidia, and as the same Tegra X1 processor powers Shield and Switch alike, we have to wonder: is this our first look at how games like Super Mario Galaxy may look and play on the hybrid console? If so, we're in for a real treat.

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InKnight7s718d ago

Is it only me? I can't start youtube videos on this site. I mean its act like a picture.

Galaxy S8.

Cobra951718d ago

It works fine for me. I'm on a desktop, though.

718d ago
Gh05t718d ago

I will be happy if this comes to Switch. Otherwise its just something cool out of my region that I will never get to enjoy.

Cobra951718d ago

I'm with Rich. It makes no sense to go through this effort for only one region, and only on Nvidia Shield. I'd be surprised if it doesn't end up on the Switch, as a means to bring over Wii games, though I imagine it may take some extra development.

getbacktogaming718d ago

In the meantime if you have a have a decent PC and run the amazing HD texture pack in Dolphin you will get a nearly identical result :). Very impressive I kid you not! Of course I would prefer it on the go/Switch but hey, if you need a Mario Galaxy fix until then ...

letsa_go718d ago

It is only a matter of time before someone gets the wii emulator working on the switch!