E3 2018: Conference Schedule

The times shown are for Pacific Time (-7 GMT). For times specific to your region, click the source link below.

.:: Saturday, June 9 ::.

Electronic Arts, 11 AM

.:: Sunday, June 10 ::.

Microsoft, 1 PM

Bethesda, 6:30 PM

Devolver Digital, 8 PM

.:: Monday, June 11 ::.

Square Enix, 10 AM

Ubisoft, 1 PM

PC Gaming Show, 3 PM

Limited Run Games E3 Conference

Sony, 6 PM

.:: Tuesday, June 12 ::.

Nintendo, 9 AM


Added Devolver Digital.
Added Limited Run Games. Thanks 10th Rider.

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Christopher1631d ago

Please note that we will be submitting and stickying separate items for each streaming event ahead of their live streaming as well as any following day events we can find during E3.

Asuka1631d ago

thank you for making it easy for us (well at least for me haha). sometimes i just do not have the time to wade through all the nonsense... especially this time of year =p

Brave_Losers_Unite1631d ago

Hopefully Digital Devolver will come out on top this year

Kabaneri1631d ago

That conference last year was ultra cringe.

Brave_Losers_Unite1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


It was the best conference.

HeisenbergX1631d ago

Awesome brother thank you !!

thatguyhayat1631d ago

Dudeeeee you're a life saver this is perfect. If i could spam the upvotes i would

SuperSaiyanGod411631d ago

Is it just me or does it seem like Microsoft always goes before Sony? I don't ever remember them going after Sony.

WilliamSheridan1631d ago

I always wondered why they choose to go first. I think second is better sometimes...

SuperSaiyanGod411631d ago


Well Sony used that to their advantage when Microsoft announced always online and price of their console. Surprised Microsoft likes being first. Guess it doesn't bother them especially with all the money they have.

Sunny_D1631d ago

The companies probably get 1st dibs. Also, possible they have a contract for a few years to go at these times?

execution171630d ago

Probably thinking they can steal the show but most of the time Sony brings out the big guns

Omnislashver361629d ago

Likely because Sony will always be better to most fans. If they go second, people will just be annoyed with MS the entire time "I saw better games yesterday with Sony".

If they go first then there's less of a bar set. They can make the first impression. Like today I was mildly interested in the future of Xbox. But I'm still not buying an X. However if Sony went first I'd likely just be annoyed with MS's showing.

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PhantomS421631d ago

Anyone know a good place to stream in 4K? Youtube made a big deal about 4K last year but nobody has really been talking about 4K streams this year.

optimus1631d ago

You can try but I doubt it will be 4k for live streams. That's just too much to output live. And I think everyone broadcasting wants their streams to run the smoothest possible especially for people viewing on mobile devices. I don't think 4k streaming will become the norm until 5g broadband becomes mainstream so give it a year or 2.

sprinterboy1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Youtube E3 with Geoff knightly and guests is 4k I believe buddy
yep it goes upto 2160p also has 1440p and obviously 1080p and 720p for those with bad broadband services

DialgaMarine1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Monday at 8PM CST. I am so freakin ready.

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The story is too old to be commented.