It Sure Doesn't Seem Like There's A Point To Microsoft Making Another Xbox

Paul Tassi - "Phil Spencer told Variety. “It’s why we look at expanding the audience with Xbox Adaptive Controller, or how we make sure games can be multi-generational with projects like backward compatibility. I care less that people play Minecraft on an Xbox One, but that people can play Minecraft no matter what console or device they have in front of them.”

Wait, what?

That’s describing the goal of any third party publisher, essentially, and if this is what Microsoft is concerned with, I don’t really understand why they’re staying in the hardware game at all. If they want to just bring their series to as many platforms as possible, that can be achieved without hardware of your own.

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SCW19821572d ago

The point is to have a convenient pick up and play option if you aren’t into PC. And that’s a fine enough reason without exclusives.

Nyxus1572d ago

But the PS4 does that + lots of great exclusives. No need to get an Xbox then.

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RainbowBrite1572d ago

Xbox is... or better said was, a different flavor of gaming. The original xbox was amazing, and then the first couple of years of the 360. But I agree there's no point now.

SCW19821572d ago

Agreed but its good to have options so the industry is always progressing.


Already owned a Pro, I bought an X for a better performance gaming and 4k experience...

Goldby1572d ago


Goos news both consoles can do that

xRacer74x1572d ago

Not everyone likes the sony console. Their are little to no racing games seems like all Sony exclusivess are JRPG or another 3rd person clone. Not only that but their controller is no where near as nice as the Xbox Controller.

BiggerBoss1572d ago

Why do we need a new Xbox console if the "Cloud" can make the Xbox One 4 times more powerful?

Master of Unlocking1572d ago

We need Xbox and we need Microsoft just so Sony has competition. You have to be a rabid fanboy and/or be really immature to wish there were only one brand/corporation in any given business/industry. Competition is the best for us consumers.

Goldby1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


Need for speeds
TRack Mania
Dirt rally (also in VR)
Drive Club
Project Cars
Assetto Corsa
Riptide GP
Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo
MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore
Tour De France

please tell me how that is little to no racers.
or better yet

stop lying

No Way1572d ago

Goldby - how exactly does both systems offer better performance?

Goldby1572d ago


god of war can only eb played at 1080p 30fps on ps4. pro allows 60fps or 4k
and its pretty self explanatory for the one x

BadElf1572d ago

But...but...the PS4 is a different console/company than Xbox and Nintendo. Things like this happen in the world. You know, opinions on what console to play games on?

XtaZ1572d ago

Xbox is simply the superior console platform and experience so they will always have their place. Sony should just go third party because their console is literally just an extra annoying paywall to get through to be able to play some exclusives that would have run and looked better on other platforms.

BiggerBoss1572d ago

The Xbox is what you go with if you want a game console with less games than the Ps4.

AngelicIceDiamond1572d ago

Well that's too damn bad because its stickin around. Who cares what what ppl say here, there opinions don't and never will matter. Having Xbox around doesn't take away your gaming experience on PS so just ignore the console and move along.

PUBG1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Personally, I haven't liked the exclusive games that Sony has had this generation, just not my cup of tea. Halo MCC, Halo 5, Gears 4, Quantum Break, Gears Remastered, Titanfall 1, PUBG, along with all of the exclusive backwards compatible titles have been more than enough for me.

I can't wait to get back into Battlefield 1943 within the next couple of weeks, after I finish playing through the Borderlands series with a friend. Xbox has tons of great games, including the classics, which no other console has available.

Sony was golden last generation, and I don't care what people say, their exclusive line-up has been way overblown this time around. If I actually thought that they were great games, I'd be soaking all of my time into the PS4, but everything that they have going on, pales in comparison to last gen by a long shot.

I'd play Uncharted 4, Infamous: Second Sun, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and possibly God of War 4, even though it really isn't a GoW game in terms of gameplay, and then there's TLoU 2, which isn't out yet, but beyond that, there's nothing that interests me.

Not everyone likes what Sony is offering, and from someone who has been a big fan of Sony's products over the last 35 years, I can say without a doubt, that this gen Sony has relied on marketing more than ever, and it has worked. They've completely blown Microsoft and Nintendo out of the water this gen when it comes to marketing dollars, and people have bought into it, and so they spend their time on here defending their purchase, rather than playing these supposed 'loads' of games....

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DVAcme1571d ago

And not only that, get a Bluetooth dongle and DS4Windows and the Dualshock 4 is an excellent wireless PC controller, too. If you have a PS4 and a PC, you're not missing anything. What does the XB1 have? Sea of Thieves, Forza, Gears? Cause Halo and State of Decay have been releasing on PC, and Crackdown is apparently never coming out. Meanwhile, the list of what you'd be missing without a PS4 is long as hell and still growing.

chrisoadamson1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

The Xbox is more powerful . Has a better controller and better online service . All third party games are better. Some reasons

pinkcrocodile751571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I agree with @Reaprr. The idea that we let Sony loose as the sole high end console platform is frightening.

We need MS and Nintendo there to keep all platforms on their toes. Take EA Access being withheld from PS4 users as an example. Sony has PS Now so therefore they made the decision for all PS4 users to not allow a third party service to compete as it were, even though it's not a streaming service but a download service.

If MS disappeared from the gaming space there is little incentive for Sony to capitulate with other software providers.

While Sony is in the lead in this silly horsesh!t console war they seem to be going down the route of isolationism and that while great in the short term is a bad idea in the long term, especially when traditional consoles become a thing of the past (when ever that may be).

I at least would like Sony to hedge their bets in this regard.

jagermaster6191571d ago

But does it do true 4k? No so that's a reason to own an Xbox.

Godmars2901571d ago

Have to ask what was so amazing and different about Xbox as a gaming option when it entered the market?

The OG Xbox was about PC ports, trying to get what was popular on PS, getting extra content added if possible, copying/continuing some of what Sega did since they had picked up Sega people, but largely ignoring console strong genres like side-scrolling shooters and JRPGs. Made a big show with the 360 towards library diversity only to make it known as the 1st/3rd person shooter console.

They are in the exact position they are now because of failure to develop in-house creativity and diversity. Wanting/expecting that to come to them, being focused on the service and distribution and letting that effect everything they did.

Kribwalker1571d ago


in that entire list of yours and not one of them is better the Forza Horizon 3, not even close.

Some people like the xbox controller better. Some people like the gears halo and forza. Some people don’t like JRPGs or Anime style or over the shoulder action games. There’s plenty of reasons for and against both consoles. But to make it easy, i buy them all and play them all 😉

DigitalRaptor1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

@ jagermaster619

"True 4k" is just a fake Microsoft marketing buzzword, but if you want an answer, yes it does.

In fact, PS4 Pro has more enhanced games than the Xbox One X does... by a LONG way.

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DarkVoyager1572d ago

Couldn’t agree more. Just add State of Decay 2 to the list of underwhelming exclusives.

“Spencer himself has previously said he knows that Microsoft needs to step it up in terms of its exclusives, yet we have seen few signs of that happening. That might change at E3, but in the last few years Microsoft has cancelled a number of high-profile exclusives (Scalebound, Fable Legends, Phantom Dust), delayed others (Crackdown 3) and released hyped games that turn out to be underwhelming and undercooked (Sea of Thieves). So even if this is the new mantra for them going forward, it may be several years until we see any possible harvest of these seeds being planted now, like the upcoming Fable 4.“

SCW19821572d ago

The Irony is you can't just make an amazing exclusive if you don't have the talent to be able to do that, that's what makes Sony's World Wide Studios such a power house .They were cultivated and formed during PS1 and PS2 generations so that when PS3 came around these studios could really flex what they have. (Naughty Dog has always been amazing since Crash.)

xX-oldboy-Xx1572d ago

SCW1982 - The irony is MS studios has been around for a looong time.

Sony entered the console space after a Nintendo backstab. Now, Sony went on to compete and humble a giant in many ways.

Your point about Sony Worldwide studios is 100% correct, my point is - the blueprint was laid out for MS.

Invest in talent, create a positive culture within your 1st parties - let them free to create.

What does MS do? Buy Halo exclusivity from Apple, jump in bed with Epic for GoW. Huge game comes along - Minecraft - spends 2 BILLION to acquire all assets and IP ownership. Next big game comes along - PUBG - buys exclusivity for its console.

They always look for the easy way, they are - arrogant, lazy, pig headed, dishonest and all round terrible company with some sleazy and greasy people in positions they shouldn't be.

kneon1571d ago


Sure, but does Microsoft have the patience to let studios mature into something that can compete with the likes of Naughty Dog? It would take many years and several game releases, and some studios just won't pan out.

Saigon1571d ago


No, and I believe that is his point. At one point I remember when MS first entered the console industry I thought they would have some great games and developers because of their actions with PC. But, none of the studios they owned ever transitioned from PC to console or multiplatform. They were either one or the other and those studios paid a serious price for not making that transition.

I see what Forbes is trying to say. MS has so many assets in Cloud Computing, why are they still in the console business where they could switch over to a PaaS process.

morganfell1571d ago


And that really is the issue. no action. It doesn't matter because the same people that fall down on their knees in praise every time Phil promises something will do so again on Sunday. Then after a couple of years the disappointment will sink in (it takes that long for some people to realize the truth) but by then more promises will be made and the praise will be reignited. They just never learn.

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trooper_1572d ago

Only a delusional person would think exclusives isn't a justifiable reason to own a console aside from multiplats.

1572d ago
trooper_1572d ago

And they would be delusional as well.

Plenty of people want to see what the console they buy can do aside from multiplats.

SCW19821572d ago

I think you misunderstood my comment. I wasn’t saying exclusives aren’t important. They are extremely important but there are reasons to have a console aside from them.

chiefJohn1171572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I can tell you, not everyone buys for exclusives or even play exclusives. I know COUNTLESS ps gamer that don't own a single exclusive and if you were to ask them "you have bloodborne?" or "you plan to buy Death stranding?" They'd have 0 clue what you're talking about. Madden CoD and 2k lol that all the gaming talk I hear from them. Oh and now fortnite, that game has taken over.

BiggerBoss1572d ago


What OTHER reason do you want a console for?

If you JUST want the BEST version of multiplat games, then PC is the obvious way to go.

PS4 is the way to go if you want incredible exclusives and good multiplats.

Xbox is the way to go if you want crappy exclusives and middle-tier multiplats.

trooper_1571d ago

@SCW: True but for most people, they always ask about the games before buying a console. I wanted XB1 for Killer Instinct but I wasn't going to buy a system for literally one game I liked. So I went with the PS4 because it had more games and stronger exclusives.

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Prince_TFK1572d ago

The world, and the entire gaming industry, are big enough to accommodate more than just one console. Even if people don’t like a particular console, that doesn’t mean it should die. There is always a market for that particular console.

These people here are very entitled, if its not for them, then it should just die. If only one console exist in the world, how would it be good for the industry?

Wotbot1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )


Look how arrogant Sony where with the PS3, with out the 360 you would have still been paying a crazy amount for it, and all the lies that went with it.

snkiworld1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Without Games?

SCW19821572d ago


How old are you to be so misinformed?

SCW19821572d ago


Thanks for making me laugh extremely hard. With that logic the only thing that should exist because of performance is PC.

hulk_bash19871572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

In all seriousness Microsoft has their fanbase and they are what keeps the Xbox brand alive. They just need to invest in more first party studios. Thay have the hardware part down in spades. It's the software they need to focus on. Hopefully we see that at E3 and moving forward.

Realms1571d ago

That's great but MS has given gamers who haven't bought into there marketing zero reasons a side from more pixels to want an xbox one x. I understand preference nostalgia even fondness for a particular brand, but it's getting harder and harder to justify owning an xbox one only over a PS4 or Switch. Even the most powerful argument goes out the window when you have the xbox one still on the market kind of hypocritical when it also delivers in most cases the worst experience in terms of performance.

1571d ago
rainslacker1571d ago

Ms got me interested in the brand early when Spencer took over. I brought my first x box, after a couple of generations of being indifferent or too wrapped up in other consoles. There was a very positive vibe for the brand at the time, and I thought Spencer would do well because I've always figured him to be more inclined to deliver games, than worry about pr speak.

Less than 6 months later, they announced going multi plat with qb, cancelled scalebound, and stopped showing new games, all with the excuse that they would wait closer to release. Now, a couple years later, I'm still waiting to see those promising titles we were promised.

It's not the first console ihe ever been disappointed in, but it's certainly the biggest disappointment, mainly because there is no real reason it should be going like this. The reason it is going like this is because it's ms, and I should have remembered that before buying the console, because I've known how ms operates long before they got into yhthe console business.

SuperSonic911571d ago

PS4 already have the bigger competitor than Xbox: PC and Mobile gaming

tontontam01571d ago

Oh I thought idiot people like you are extinct, where I'm from everyone knows that owning a gaming pc is as convenient as owning consoles. so they base their choices on what games they want to play. and it turns out that those who bought consoles chose consoles because of the exclusives games.

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cbuc11251572d ago

100% agree on all points here.

BiggerBoss1572d ago

Unless Microsoft were lying, then the power of the Cloud will make the Xbox One 4x more powerful.

So CLEARLY, there's no reason to upgrade unless Microsoft were lying.

The_Jackel1571d ago

which from their records, im guessing they were lying like normal

chrisx1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

xbox is basically a 3rd party console now

Sgt_Slaughter1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

My One S has essentially become the console I buy a game for if it's significantly cheaper (more than $10 or so) and doesn't have a PS4 Pro upgrade patch. Everything else is PS4/Switch.

Cueil1572d ago

why don't you own an X then?

BiggerBoss1572d ago

Why WOULD he buy an Xbox One X? Just to play the same games at a slightly higher resolution?

jent1571d ago

@BiggerBoss Couldn't you have said the same thing about the decision to purchase a PS4 over an Xbox One in 2013? It may be different today given the few really amazing exclusives in the last couple of years on PS4, but it didn't start that way.

chobit_A5HL3Y1571d ago

i only use my xb1 to watch youtube now. the games pass is a good feature but i didn’t continue it after the 14 day trial expired. halo is terrible now, but i have to say that i still enjoy gears horde mode. i got subnautica, which is a good game, but not a system seller. you knew ms was doomed when they let scalebound go.

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Unspoken1571d ago

Yep, the PS4 no longer holds the title for the best place to play 3rd party titles. It lost the title quite a while ago.

rainslacker1571d ago

A while ago being less than a year now?

crazyCoconuts1572d ago

"To me that feels more like a marketing tactic for someone who is very far behind its competition rather than a coherent vision for the future."
I think that's what's really going on. You can't take Phil Spinster too seriously. Minecraft has a different history, but MS isn't stupid - they're not going to release Forza on PlayStation.

Nodoze1572d ago

At this point....why not release Forza on the Playstation? I am being serious. The game would probably sell at least a few hundred thousand copies (maybe more). Perhaps the competition would spur Polyphony to speed things up (slowest developer EVER).

ILostMyMind1572d ago

Because, as has been said before, this is all just pr of those who can not beat the competitor.

Zerobalance1571d ago

If you want to play Forza get an Xbox or buy a gaming PC. Simple! Maybe you will understand what MS is going for choice.

PhoenixUp1572d ago

Does anybody still think that Microsoft would invest billions of dollars into cultivating a hardware brand just to later bow out?

-Foxtrot1572d ago

Well I mean they could always use the brand to slowly transition into something else...try and keep as many of their audience as they can. It kind of feels all this gen has been for to be honest and why we haven't had many new investments with first party studios and exclusives...because they don't plan to stay where they are too long so they see it as a waste, just hold off until next gen as much as they can. But you know, speculation, speculation.

1572d ago Replies(7)
PhoenixUp1572d ago

@ Fox

What else would they want other than a console? They entered the industry in the first place to spread Window’s influence in more living rooms and I don’t seem them suddenly backtracking on it now.

@ gamer

Yet none of those brands were as prominent in their respective industries as the Xbox brand is in the gaming industry.

If Microsoft wanted to discontinue the Xbox brand they would’ve done so after the original console lost them $4 billion. Despite that lost they decided to stayed in the hardware business, so it’s unlikely they’ll do so now when the brand has proven to be more profitable.

Many of their services appeal to people to who have an Xbox console. It’s not likely they’ll retain as many subscribers or revenue income if they ditch the hardware space.

Goldby1572d ago

Zune says hello...

Or more accurately goodbye

xRacer74x1572d ago

Sony Mp3 player and first attempt at a network for music failed as well.

Goldby1572d ago


sony still makes mp3 players, and we are talking about hardware, not software/services.

should we bring up groove? or MSNplayforsure?

speakign of hardware, Kinect and MSN watch aswell

Razzer1572d ago

"Does anybody still think that Microsoft would invest billions of dollars into cultivating a hardware brand just to later bow out? "


Microsoft writes off $7.6B, admits failure of Nokia acquisition

Not that that is going to happen to Xbox, but well......there it is.