David Cage's Ham-Fisted Storytelling is Holding Quantic Dream Back

Detroit is proof that Quantic Dream is a talented studio - and a reminder that David Cage is limiting its potential with his approach to storytelling.

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GamesMaster19822226d ago

Ham fisted ?. Guess the author never played the same amazing game I and millions of others played.

Nyxus2226d ago

User score is 8.7 based on 1464 ratings though.

Jinger2226d ago

79 is still a great score. I typically buy most games that are 70 and up. I'll go lower if the genre or game interests me

2225d ago
InactiveUser2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Games are graded on basically a 5-10 scale (only a tiny % of games are rated under a 50meta), once you get under 80, the quality usually drops off fast. There are few gems under 80 from my experience. For PS4, only games I played and liked were Until Dawn (surprised it's 79, should be higher) , MGS Ground Zeroes (everyone crying about the price (stupid when you can just wait for a price drop, I got it for $10, but then a second time in MGSV Definitive), but gameplay was excellent), and Killzone Shadow Fall

Like Nyxus said too, the User Score is often a more accurate score.

mandingo2225d ago

79 is a good score but it’s not amazing is what I’m saying. 85 and up is considered amazing imo

AHall882225d ago

Yes, let that powerful magic internet number keep you and others from enjoying a game.

Anyway, it's my game of the year so far, easily the best game Quantic Dream has ever made.

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coolbeans2225d ago

And you, the author, plus millions of others were greeted with 'subtle' parallels like when Markus (the playable mulatto-colored android) is designated to the back of the bus with all the other androids. That, along with a boatload of other moments, fits perfectly with such an adjective.

GamesMaster19822225d ago

Then sorry you feel they way bud . But to me and others it’s an outstanding game, and deserves a high praise from me to everyone that worked on it. It even rivals most movies these days for best story .

P_Bomb2225d ago

The other side of that coin, is the back of the bus can also be taken at face value. Trunk space. Glorified overhead compartment. Yes the androids look like people, but they aren’t people. Like a 5’9” mannequin in a store window, it may appear lifelike but it has no life. No sentience. That’s the baseline of this society. The game becomes that tipping point where things change, for AI and blow up dolls everywhere lol. Pinocchio becomes a real boy. Makes for interesting discussion. *shrugs*

coolbeans2225d ago


I don't mean to sound condescending, but I'm not following how that's the other side of the coin. For starters, we're already stretching terms when considering the designated back of the bus as 'trunk space.' And even if we're following this line of interpretation here, all your sentences can just be bottled up to "what if androids are people?" that's been captured in better ways before.

I mean...the concepts about android sentience, rights, etc. are indeed interesting to consider; further, the world-building done with the collectible newspapers is well-incorporated. But that doesn't mean the parallels attempting to be done in the main story aren't ham-fisted. [That also doesn't mean there's no enjoyment to be had.]

cyx2225d ago

Rofl @ coolbeans wtf are you going on about? Equal rights for androids was the only movement I witnessed.

P_Bomb2225d ago

Nah, no offence taken. Just thinking about the writers’ thought process. How the world they wrote would see it. Not saying I agree or disagree.

Personally I wouldn’t have even bothered with the back of the bus scene. We see Kara later on riding in the middle of a bus with Alice, full android clothing. No issue. Driver takes them as far as he can go. Polite. So if they can sit anywhere they want, then why even have an android trunk? Maybe it’s just that particular bus, like an express? I don’t know the rules. It happened so early on in the game, I forgot about it soon after.

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coolbeans2225d ago

Well that's not really a high bar when comparing it to most movies of today. But even such a categorization strikes me as being way too generous. I haven't finished the game, and I don't want to discount positive qualities in the story either, but this game's obnoxiously-in-your-face themes can put me in a coma from all the eye-rolling done after the exciting opener.

I don't really feel sorry though. I put down money for it, but I can't say there's entertainment to be had when laughing at it whilst playing with a friend.

Master of Unlocking2225d ago

It's a game made in France. You have to live in this country to understand in what kind of climate it was made, with all those SJW everywhere, the witch-hunt-like atmosphere where you can be sued and made to pay impossible fines if you're suspected of being anti-mass immigration and all that jazz... To make matters worse Quantic Dream itself has had those accusations leveled against them, it was understandable they would be tempted to use their game as a defense against those attacks about so-called less-than-ideal working conditions, so-called racism and stuff.

coolbeans2223d ago

@Master of Unlocking

1.) Those accusations had been leveled WELL AFTER these stories were developed. So...this game was developed in order to retroactively defend themselves against accusations against the dev made towards Detroit's release? Doesn't fly.

2.) Considering just how on-the-nose and desperate the game's themes are, being also made by French developers, perhaps it's not to much to say Cage fits the moniker of an 'SJW' as well.

Hardiman2226d ago

Ham fisted is not a word that comes to mind when reflecting on Detroit. Guess your not a fan or deep, branching narratives and the emotions they can conjure up inside you!

Nyxus2226d ago

I really liked the story and characters. The interaction between Hank and Connor was great.

Pozzle2222d ago

The game is worth it just for Connor and Hank's storyline. The interactions between those two are amazing, and (if you play Connor as empathetic) the development of Hank's hostility into friendship/family is great. And if you play Connor like a merciless android, it's amazing how different the story progresses. It's like playing a completely different game.

P_Bomb2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Thing is, Cage had a team of writers on Detroit. You can see a few of them talking in the extras. So how can you pick out one particular scene or exchange you had an issue with and blame it on Cage with the utmost certainty, when you can’t even be sure he wrote it?

That’s where it gets dicey. When you start giving props to everyone at QD who’s not Cage, while simultaneously dismissing him.

Personally I had no beef (or ham, heh) with the reserved seating on the bus. Reserved seating/parking/lines are everywhere. Yeah it’s meant to spur an emotion for those that get the imagery, but it’s established in the magazines you read that this future society has become far removed from us, and this is the norm. They park their bots like bicycles. It’s consistent.

Complaining about the female protagonist getting an abuse plot line is absurd to me, considering ALL the main androids in the game are verbally or physically abused. NPCs as well, including a child android who was said to have been tossed out of a window and dies in front of you. That’s the conflict. So in the interest of all things being equal already, why do you want more feminism?

Feminism and political correctness shouldn’t diminish the themes or plights of other characters. Choices will vary that too. Should the fact Kara got out of the house (unscathed) for me bother me more than Markus literally getting torn to bits because of Leo? Just cuz she’s a fem-bot? Is implied violence to a fem-bot worse than actual violence to a dude?

Currently I’m running the ‘I’ll be back’ trophy for Connor. Trust me, Kara’s not picked on exclusively. Couple that with North being arguably the most blood thirsty ally in the game, Amanda being very Amanda Waller-esque. The female president’s strong opinions and Rose’s selfless kindness, not every female’s the same.

firelogic2226d ago

If the roles were reversed and it was Kara in "From the Dead" instead of Markus, I'd hate to see the reaction of Cage haters.

OB1Biker2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Very well said
Did you read the anti Cage piece on Kotaku accusing him of treating women like shit?
We all know they just reach on any excuse to write cheap articles because there's a crowd asking for Cage hate.

Pozzle2222d ago

"Feminism and political correctness shouldn’t diminish the themes or plights of other characters."

This x100. I've seen a lot of comments from players who have beaten the game and said they wanted the humans to win because "androids aren't people and don't deserve rights". I find it interesting that there are people who can play a game literally about androids gaining sentience, developing emotions (and emotional connections with others), AND being afraid of death...yet they still don't see them as anything more than mindless machines who should be controlled. It's a scary glimpse into what our future might be like one day. If machines ever do gain sentience, I imagine it would be a lot harder to get real-life humans to respect them than it was in Detroit.

trooper_2226d ago

...What the heck is this crap article?