Facebook launches gaming video hub to take on Twitch

The social network has launched fb.gg, a hub which makes it easier for people to find gaming content that's been streamed on the platform.

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fenome2209d ago

I don't know about Twitch, but I bet they can pull a bunch of people from YouTube over because of all the crap they've been pulling lately.

Barneyco2208d ago

I'm not going anywhere near facebook.

CrimsonWing692208d ago

Lol I’m not going to check it out at all.


Steam readies its annual Summer Sale and prices could plummet - here's how to make the most of it

The Steam Summer Sale is nearly here, offering massive discounts on AAA and indie games, letting you build your PC gaming library for less.


Europe software sales | May 2024 | EA FC 24 #1, Ghost of Tsushima #4, Hellblade 2 missed 'Top 100'

"This is GSD figures, which tracks all digital game sales from most major publishers (Nintendo data is absent), and physical game sales in all major European markets."

"The No.1 selling game in May this year was EA Sports FC 24, followed by Grand Theft Auto 5. F1 2024 races in at No.3. The PC release of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut sends the PlayStation game up to No.4."

"11.6 million PC and console games were sold across European markets in May. Compared with the same five week period in 2023, that's a drop of nearly 17%."

"Hellblade 2, System Shock Remake, and the Rogue Prince of Persia all missing out on the Top 100."

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Einhander197222h ago

I need an xbox fan to explain to me how Hellblade didn't even enter the top 100 since Game Pass doesn't effect sales and you guys are all just using the service as a trial to buy the games later.... /s (for sigh)

Also tell me again how 3.5 M sales first month for FF was bad...

If Microsoft didn't buy the developer this could have been a multiplatform game and if they wanted they still could have got it day 1 on Game Pass.

If I worked at Ninja Theory I'd be sprucing up my resume right about now.

18h ago
CrashMania12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Think it's pretty obvious to most that Hellblade 2 was a flop, it was setup to fail by skipping playstation and being sent to die on gamepass, especially on a platform where they openly mock playstation 'movie games', this being way more movie than any PS game.

dveio7h ago

But in defense of GP and HB2:

If the Game Pass strategy is continuesly working out and drawing in new subscriptions, wether monthly nor yearly ones, then lower box office sales ARE the logical consequence.

I sure wouldn't have expected HB2 missing even the Top 100, but if I would have wanted to try it out, I would have rather subscribed for a month than buying it.

Einhander19727h ago

I understand what Microsoft is trying to do with game pass.

But I guess the point is that this game had a five or six year dev cycle, the revenue this game needs to generate to cover the cost of it's creation is high. There is a zero percent chance that Hellblade 2 brought in enough subscribers to offset the loss of sales or pay for it's creation and the continued developmental costs of other game pass games in development.

Keep in mind as I recall this game didn't even make it into the top 20 most popular games on the xbox platform. And on Steam it was equally if not more unsuccessful with very low sales and player counts..

This is the whole problem and why Microsoft is closing studios and putting games on other devices, they aren't generating enough profits to maintain developmental costs.

" I would have rather subscribed for a month than buying it."

Well yea, that's how everyone thinks, that's the problem $9 vs $50 so Microsoft needs to attract 5 people to game pass for every single sale. But it's more complicated because they also have to pay for things like the monthly games they add to the service as well as continual developmental costs.

it's a sustainability problem.

dveio7h ago(Edited 7h ago)


No worries, I get you.

I personally dislike the GP model, too, because I view it as a useful tool to lock games behind licensing agreements you never know when they will get expired, forcing you to pay for it again.

I just wanted to point out that HB2 was, if anything else, heavily played through GP, otherwise it would have entered the charts.

So lower rankings in the charts could in fact just mean a game is (well) received over GP.

Going forward, it's one of the most interesting things to watch in the following years how Microsoft will be able to hold up to the effect GP has on box office revenue.

I am thrilled to see how the Xbox brand will evolve around this with their next hardware iteration.

Looking at the recent hardware sales news, you can bet their heads must be steaming right now to come up with a proper strategy around GP.

My take is that you can bet Microsoft will be going or at least heavily evaluating becoming a full 3rd-party-publisher, even with their biggest IPs.

As of now, I can't see any other way how they would be able to keep the GP sustainable pumping out AA-AAA games day one.

Many of them with development costs well above 50 or even 100+ million USD. And subsequent support work going into them over years after release.

Einhander19726h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I feel like, you have a rational view of the issues, and I also "get you".

Just one thing I disagree with, though you say could so I assume your just being optimistic or glass half full.

"I just wanted to point out that HB2 was, if anything else, heavily played through GP, otherwise it would have entered the charts. So lower rankings in the charts could in fact just mean a game is (well) received over GP."

I don't think that is what happened, the game didn't even crack the top 20 on xbox's own ranking system. That is my opinion on the performance of the game.

I'm not sure there is a path to sustainability, game pass is a bit like an ouroboros the more people adopt it the more it canabalizes the platform and the industry over all.

dveio6h ago

"I don't think that is what happened, the game didn't even crack the top 20 on xbox's own ranking system."


I did not know that. Sorry if you had mentioned it before, I must have overlooked it.

Well, what can I say.

HB2 wasn't meant to be for everyone, but leading up to its release it got definitely hyped like it was by a part of the Xbox community.

I am saddened for Ninja Theory, I bet they would have had a bigger success if they still were 3rd party.

But I have to say that HB on its own was probably never created to be a system seller, but rather fullfilling their own vision of creation. Which in fact is what videogames are all about in the first place.

I wrap it up.

Indiana Jones and COD incoming - wonder how their numbers will look like.

It's exciting, I mean it truly is, to see GP effects on so many titles still coming up. especially on the juggernaut that CoD is.

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Cacabunga14h ago

Here we go.. too much barking about EA CEO getting a big bonus when the same ones are buying his games. So pathetic

terrorofdeath12h ago

Interesting that EAFC 24 still made top sales, considering it was the free game on PS+. Unless that counts as a purchase?

gold_drake9h ago

im not surprised hellblade wasnt even in the top 100.

rippermcrip8h ago

Hellblade has always been overrated, even the original. Just because a game does something different, doesn't make it amazing. Great graphics and a unique experience... that's really it. That doesn't make up for the rest. Gameplay is terrible, puzzles are terrible, no replay value, extremely short.

The original was only $30, so it was more acceptable. But the sequel brought nothing new to the table.

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PS5 Dominates, Sales Drop for All Consoles - Europe Hardware Estimates for May 2024

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in Europe

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GaboonViper1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

PS5 = 300,126
Switch = 158,473
Xbox Series = 68,592

Brilliant sales for PS5 and Switch in her twilight years.
Utterly appalling sales for Xbox, my God.

Xeofate23h ago

Xbox Series X|S sales are down by 49,961 units (-42.1%) YoY.

fr0sty14h ago

Bout to be eXBox if this trend keeps up.

Cacabunga7h ago

Somehow Xbox sales still seem high.. really no idea why people are buying that thing.. if it’s GP get it on pc it’s cheaper..

neutralgamer199221h ago(Edited 21h ago)

It will also be interesting what a potential switch 2 will do to current generation consoles. That's why maybe there is the rumored PS5 Pro. I think MS should have released an updated version themselves especially when they are asking $600 for a 2TB version

Ms should just do their next Xbox as a open platform Pc and charge premium like steam deck. Just do Xbox brand PC's. Xbox as a brand is at its least valuable point. So many of their future games are coming to Playstation too I think once Phil finally decides on halo and gears flood gates will open. Just release a gear of war collection before the next one comes out. Your gamepass users are happy to have the games day one and other platforms pay full price so MS generates more money

mkis00721h ago

That is a rumor going around so maybe. It would make sense with their handheld rumors too.

Einhander197220h ago

"I think MS should have released an updated version themselves especially when they are asking $600 for a 2TB version"

The One X sold 6 million or less and the SX is way underperforming the the One by significant margins at this point. A mid gen xbox console would have absolutely been a money flush. Power is not going to sell consoles for them if a 40% advantage failed so badly. And their most popular console by far is the series s.

I would prefer if xbox stopped making xbox hardware and just became a publisher and stopped doing everything they can to make things worse for PlayStation gamers. I am so tired of the near daily B.S.

They started the console war from day 0 of xbox with the goal of bringing down PlayStation and it can't end until they leave. If there was no xbox people could actually talk about games again and not try to destroy anything that isn't on a platform.

Heck the whole reason we even have these articles about sales numbers is because Microsoft wanted to brag about the 360, no one talked about sales before that and no one wanted too except for Microsoft.

They simply aren't doing anything that is making gaming better for the consumer or the industry.

SimpleDad17h ago

Switch 2 could make serious damage to PS by being capable of running all third party software going forward.
Publishers really like Nintendo platform cause software there makes more money.