Can Halo Infinity and Gears of War 5 Save the Xbox One at E3 2018?

Gadgets 360 says: "We speculate if Microsoft's rumoured E3 2018 line up is enough to save the Xbox One."

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Cheesetoenails184d ago

Does not need saving...move along

chrisx184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

it needs to be saved from mediocrity. common dude take off those fanboy goggles and see reality.

184d ago
GamerDad82184d ago

Wow, such a tough guy. Check out this warrior hiding behind his keyboard ^^^. This community is so toxic.

Razzer184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

"Wow, such a tough guy. Check out this warrior hiding behind his keyboard ^^^."

What? Did someone pick a fight with you? Oh....and you are posting behind the safety of your keyboard as well, ya know?

Cheesetoenails184d ago

no sir, not a fanboy, just tired of the doom n gloom when in reality, it just lacks the first party exclusives. The Xbox One X easily is the best system console wise and they offer plenty for it. I get the best 2nd/3rd party games.. I do like my PS4 for the exclusives and I wont deny that it easily trumps Xbox in that category in every aspect. My switch on the other hand, gets daily use even if its while on my lunch break. I like the portability. I only had it hooked up to the dock 3 times since owning it. I've been playing I am Setsuna and BOTW.

lalalala184d ago

Are Halo and Gears again really going to shift consoles? I really don't understand Microsoft's obsession with releasing sequels in these two franchises constantly. Yes they sell quite a bit, but both have been going down hill for years now. Halo 3 was good, and Gears 1 was the best one, with 2 being ok. The ones after that have been steadily getting worse.

They need to focus on new IP as well as these.

chefricco184d ago

Razer, mako is a bot and not a real person. He is just saying what Sony fanboys want to hear and you and your cult eating it up like your mom's ass!

xRacer74x184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

So the best place to play all 3rd party games since its obvious the XBOX X kills the PS4 pro. is not enough of a reason.

@chefricco, TLOU, GOW, Uncharted I guess XBOX is not the only ones with sequelitis.

Razzer184d ago


I wasn’t even replying to MakoD. No idea what you are yapping about.

TheKingKratos183d ago

If it another gears or halo or forza
No that won't save them.

183d ago
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Brave_Losers_Unite184d ago

So I'm guessing you want it to die off?

ClanPsi1184d ago

Yes. It's grave is already dug. Just let it go.

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RacerX183d ago

@prettygoodgamer, the Xbox pioneered some really amazing features that Playstation wouldn't have today, if they hadn't ripped them straight from Xbox.

Snookies12183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

@RacerX - Yep, that is true. Same goes for Microsoft taking Sony ideas as well. Your point is...?

BDSE183d ago

@racerX yeah great ideas like charging people to play online, charging people to access expansions that were previously free, widening the scope of charged microtransactions that walled off features that were previously free and Kinect.

*slow clap*

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kayoss184d ago

Yes it does, it needs to be saved from all the criticism its getting and rightly so. Why you think the PS4 is out selling it almost 3:1?

Razzer184d ago

"needs saving" is a bit exaggerated, but I can't imagine most Xbox fans are happy with the games Microsoft has delivered. That needs to change, drastically.

crazyCoconuts184d ago

I've got to think most Xbox fans aren't nearly as involved in gaming news and keeping counts of exclusives like we do. Your average Xbox gamer will see the tons of MS advertising for third party games and the few exclusives they have and will think things are going great. Hard for me to know for sure, I'm just guessing...

Razzer184d ago

"Your average Xbox gamer will see the tons of MS advertising for third party games and the few exclusives they have and will think things are going great."

Ok, but there are those types on every platform. They buy one or two games and that is about it. A large number buy just for the annual Madden or Call of Duty. But you still have those that walk into game stores looking for new games and they are probably wondering why they see all the promotions for Sony's games and not very much for Microsoft's. It makes an impact. There is a reason why PS4 continues to heavily outsell Xbox and games are the most significant aspect.

robleroy184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

MS never intended to built a portfolio of AAA gamestudios. They ve tried and failed in the xbox original and the the beginning of the xbox360 era. So eventually saving money on investing in AAA exclusives gives a larger profit while still selling less.

Razzer184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

"MS never intended to built a portfolio of AAA gamestudios. "

No, they have relied for too much on second parties with mixed results. Hopefully the rumors of a new studio in Santa Monica is true. That would be a move in the right direction, along with buying Playground.

"So eventually saving money on investing in AAA exclusives gives a larger profit while still selling less. "

No one knows what profit, if any, Microsoft is making off of Xbox. They haven't advertised that, not even to investors. So really not even worth speculating whether the money they "saved" not investing in studios was worth it. From a purely gamer standpoint, it was not.

TheCommentator184d ago

I actually agree with you in that Xbox is still financially viable product. I'm one of those Xbox fans who is happy with (enough of) the games MS puts out but I know I'm in the minority. They do need drastic changes to their portfolio of games if they want to start moving consoles again though.

As far as games, in addition to Halo: Infinity and Gears 5, I'm hearing rumors of an Xbox exclusive from Bohemia Interactive, Fable 4, Perfect Dark, Mech Assault, Scalebound may be back in production, and even that a Gears spin-off resembling X-Com could be on it's way too. I'm also hearing rumors of at least two studio acquisitions, one of which is Playground.

Who knows if any of it is true, or when any of this may be ready even if it is, but if half of this gets announced at E3 I'll consider it good initiative by MS to start turning things around. Making games is, unfortunately, not an overnight process so it will still be a few years until any efforts eend up in the hanads of consumers.

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angelsx184d ago

I'm gonna throw up from Forza,Gears and Hallo seriously

robleroy184d ago

If people still buy the xbox, why should MS invest in gamestudios for AAA games??
It suprises me that more than 10 million xbox ones have been sold, although even PSVR got more exclusives than xbox one😊 if people are that ‘smart’ and believe in the cloud , directx13 and all other ‘statements’...why should MS worry?😊😊

OffRoadKing184d ago

That opinion is actually part of the problem.

bluefox755184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

You should demand more from Microsoft. Don't settle for empty promises and mediocre games.

Automatic79184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Well said @Cheese

I usually speak my piece and keep it moving. I love Xbox, I also recognize they need to strengthen there exclusives however there is no denying that they offer the best console and best quality of life features. I get turned off by forum warriors who associate GAAS with MS and they are the same ones supporting Destiny, and all these huge games with GAAS. I think there is a pointing fingers mentality by some commentators (not all) to blame MS for everything and brush under the rug the nonsense from competition (for example cross platform play). That's my observation. Overall, excited for E3.

Razzer184d ago

“however there is no denying that they offer the best console and best quality of life features.”

How is something like “best console” undeniable when it is 100% debatable?

Muzikguy183d ago

I don't support GaaS or Destiny

DialgaMarine184d ago

Maybe not saving, but it definitely needs its identity back.

trooper_184d ago

It needs saving from mediocre games and people in charge who don't have a clue what they're doing.

OneLove184d ago

Exactly. Doesn't need saving. How many of these articles we going to get.

IamTylerDurden1183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Xbox needs a boost. They need a shot in the arm. The past several E3s have been lackluster and the launch of XB1 X hasn't had an impact on sales. The company is starving for quality exclusives with the recent offerings of Sea of Thieves and SoD 2 failing to meet expectations.

People want new games. They want big, new, first party IPs. They launched Gears last gen, Sony launched Bloodborne and Horizon with Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, and Days Gone on the way. Microsoft needs to make a big splash, and Halo and Gears aren't that. Microsoft is due, it's time they deliver.

King_Lothric183d ago

Here on planet earth they need to be saved.

Prince_TFK183d ago

I really don’t understand what they should be “saved” from. They already have a large fanbase (more than 30mils console) and they also have many exclusives as well despite what these people want you to believe.

Not being number one doesn’t mean that you are a failure. If so, then the PS3 would have been a failure for the most of its lifetime.

adonisisfree183d ago

Spoken like a mindless fanboy

Ceaser9857361183d ago

The 3 franchises , bread and butter for the Xbox..

183d ago
Linktothepast183d ago


You really believe Gears, Halo and Forza are the best TPS, FPS and racing games?!?

LevelSmack183d ago

I agree!!! BC, Enhanced games, and Game Pass are doing well for Xbox One . State Of Decay 2 is also tons of fun. Sure Xbox One is lacking quality exclusives compared to PS4, but its still good console with tons of games to play.

3-4-5183d ago

* It will help keep it treading water until next gen when it can actually release a console that is better geared towards gamers and not corporate all digital tactics.

XB1 hit their ball into the woods on the first tee and has been playing recovery golf ever since. Should have shot a triple bogey, but some how walked away with a bogey.....not bad but not where they should be.

Microsoft better bring it next gen. I love Xbox, but this gen was a bit disappointing for 1st party...especially Halo 5.

Halo infinity better include actual new maps. H5 launched with only 9 maps and 4 of them were remakes of older maps....= lazy.

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Nyxus184d ago

I think they need more than just Halo and Gears.

yeahright2184d ago

I'd take that a step further. they need ip other than halo and gears (as in, give those a rest for a few years). That combined with a shift away from GaaS, at least for a couple titles.

Concertoine184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Halo needs a break because Halo 5 was a mess in terms of story, but Gears is solid imo. Gears 4 multiplayer is still on my rotation, they just needed a liiiittle work on the campaign and it wouldve been one of the best Gears games.

But we’ll probably see both at E3.

robleroy184d ago

They have no choice, if they dont or nearly have any decent gamestudios😊
They just cant be innovative like sony because of that. They own at most 2 AAA studios last i checked. Sony has a ton.

robleroy184d ago

They just need a new selling phrase😊
4K, the cloud, directx,300 000 servers, the new exclusives are worked on, VR and singleplay games are dead, etc etc.
People actually believe those statements😊 i am waiting for their new selling trick. Its awesome to see people fall for those😊
Next selling phrase will probably be: halo season series in the making by spielberg!...😊😊 ;😊

rakentaja184d ago

Don't forget Play Anywhere (2-3 bad titles per year...Sea of Thieves, State 2 etc).

Liqu1d184d ago

Yep, Halo and Gears aren't as big as they used to be. If Halo 5 and Gears 4 did nothing for Xbox then how would another Halo and Gears help? They need to just learn to let franchises take a break and develop new IPs instead.

Prince_TFK183d ago

That is why they have Forza, Crackdown, Fable, rumored Duke Nukem, smaller titles like Ori, Ashen, The Darwin Project, and The Last Night.

Hopefully we’ll see more at E3.

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Saijahn184d ago

They better not come with another gears and halo, sure folks still love them but they’re dead and overdone to me

LordJamar184d ago

Good thing the world does not evolve around you then

Saijahn184d ago

If I thought it did I wouldn’t have said anything about people enjoying those games...reading comprehension ain’t your strong suit lil fella.

JokerDem184d ago

You don't even have a damn Xbox

Saijahn184d ago

Oh that’s funny, I have a GS of 92,482 but I don’t have an Xbox lmbo.

GT: CJ Fresh

System X1X
Currently Playing - Vampyr and destiny 2

I’m an Xbox gamer but I’m tired of halo and gears. I want to see incredible new IP. I want a Quantum Break 2, Jade Empire 2, KOTOR 3.

Can never question what console I have and support buddy.

Veneno183d ago

Im willing to bet he at least had a 360 like most of us. The point is that MS has to stop thinking spewing out sequels and making nothing new is acceptable.

PhantomS42184d ago

If they pull the same online only for horde mode crap that they did with Gears 4 then they can keep it.

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SuperSaiyanGod41184d ago

It wouldn't hurt to see one of the 2 but I think they need a few new ip's that can take e3 by surprise because just announcing new indie exclusives is not going to cut it for their fanbase. They have nothing to lose so let's see if they can surprise everyone.

Elit3Nick184d ago

While new IPs would be nice, they're sitting on a bunch of unique IPs that haven't been used for a long time. Since Battletech is coming back in full swing why not revive Mech Assault? A new Crimson Skies would be amazing too.

Veneno183d ago

None of the back catalogue franchises are going to get Xbox out the hole which is why you will not see them. They need new AAA IP and nothing less.