Bohemia Interactive is working on a new IP, to be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and may be called VIGOR

Bohemia Interactive has been teasing a new IP these past few hours.

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BlackIceJoe799d ago

This is a big get for Xbox One. I'm curious what it will be. I'd say it is a shooter, but after playing Ylands from them anything is possible. That being said Ylands needs to come out on the consoles too, this way it can be played by a bigger audience.

gangsta_red798d ago

Very interesting, I wonder if it's a MP only game that has more and more content over time or a cinematic emotional single player story driven game?

Could very well have both I suppose.

Crazy times we live in.

TheCommentator798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Phil said that MS is invested in SP games "like Horizon", so I can only assume that they're going SP on this one. They need that more than MP games right now.