Fallout 76 - Great One or a Great Waste?

Ben and Brian argue over whether Fallout 76 will be a Great One or a Great Waste

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BondJames1704d ago

If is MMo than is great waste
If is singleplayer than is great one

rulparra1704d ago

"If is MMo than is great waste
If is singleplayer than is great one"

Totally agree, single player not internet connection 4 playing

Mmmkay1704d ago

We know nothing yet. What is there to argue? Just wait a few days.

Lighter91704d ago

The voice of reason! Ty.

Cobra9511704d ago

". . . Fallout 76 is in fact an online survival RPG that’s heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust, according to three people familiar with the project."

Duke191704d ago

"Now if it’s an online Battle Royale style multiplayer game then I’m all in."

Its funny how little I agree with the author

Lighter91704d ago

What's funny? You mean ironic?

Cobra9511704d ago

I'm glad I didn't read that far. Fallout has never been about any of that, or even about multiplayer. I don't know where he gets off calling for this hallowed franchise to ruin itself that way.

Cobra9511704d ago

"Fallout 3 was amazing and Fallout 4 was mediocre."

Almost stopped reading . . .

"That being said, if the rumour-mill is on the money and this is some sort of online multiplayer RPG, then it has potential to be something special."

Completely stopped reading. This guy has nothing credible to say to me.

monkey6021704d ago

I actually find myself agreeing with those claims. I adored Fallout 3. Didn't like Fallout 4.
Can't see why we're getting another Fallout so soon unless it's a spin off like an Online MMO or something

arkard1704d ago

Fallout 3 was amazing. I don't myself getting bored with fallout 4 and wanting to just get to the end

yellowgerbil1704d ago

Fallout 4 wasn't a fallout game. It offered no choice "HERE ARE THE MINUTEMEN, THEY'RE YOUR BEST FRIENDS, SAVE THEM" I STOPPED playing after getting to the institute and finding I couldn't just kill father then got stuck in a game breaking glitch where the institute guy was just hanging out at the boat making it impossible to further the game because the game CHOSE FOR ME my cooperation with the institute.
Fallout 3 and NV were about player choice, 4 wasn't

EazyC1704d ago

I know we know nothing yet but that Schrier guy from Kotaku seems to be the "inside" name in gaming right now, something I imagine he doesn't want to sully with an inaccurate scoop

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