Microsoft: Crackdown 3 will launch in February 2019, more info to arrive at E3

Microsoft has confirmed to us that Crackdown 3 is now targetting a new launch date, early in 2019.

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Gazondaily2002d ago

Well there you go. Feb 19- no cancellations. More info at E3. Lets see if the delay can help spruce up the game's polish.

Oh and the cloud. ;)

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RainbowBrite2002d ago

No cancellations. I wouldn't bet on that? after how many times? I loss the count

mandingo2002d ago

Can’t see why they would cancel it after pouring this much money and resources into the game.

killswitch802001d ago

you mean like fable legends and scalebound mandingo

rpvenom2001d ago

Oh thank god, I was worried this game would come out soon..

KickSpinFilter2002d ago

Oh that's not a bad delay, almost would not even call it one.

Christopher2002d ago

Uh, wut?

It's the second delay and it's delayed more than six months this time.

Hopefully it's a good delay, but my interest is at zero now. At least it can only go up from there.

KickSpinFilter2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

From the last delay.lol
Honestly was really looking forward to this when it was first announced, but over the years with seeing game play last year, it looks pretty bad, if anything the delay will be good for it. Time will tell.

Hungryalpaca2002d ago

I’m pretty sure no one cares about the cloud at this point.

TheCommentator2002d ago

They will when CD3 launches and proves that it works just fine.

Muzikguy2002d ago

I would like to think that too but people never cease to amaze me

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Christopher2002d ago

Question, are they still releasing SP and MP separately?

Gazondaily2002d ago

Didn't think that was ever the case? Not sure though tbh

gangsta_red2001d ago

Oooh yeah, that was a thing I thought I heard a while back. It would be very interesting to see if they might be still doing that.

gangsta_red2002d ago

A delayed game is a good game!


FinalFantasyFanatic2002d ago

Duke nukem, final fantasy... Not holding my breath at the moment.

notachance2002d ago

I just hope they do a stress test first for the MP part

TheCommentator2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

@ LiamKreptic

The game was announced four years ago but it was obviously not delayed for four years. The devs didn't spend the entire four years working on the SP either, which isn't even being handled by the same team that is making the MP. Cloudgine was being created alongside the MP from the beginning, so CD3 helped Cloudgine prototype their engine.

Furthermore, Septic was not supporting the game with quotes like, "It sure as heck needs the polish. I wonder if there is enough time to change it for the better. The visuals, animations, gunplay all need re-doing imo. But that cloud tech is what I'm looking at oh yes." Septic is clearly excited about the potential of the cloud...not the current state of CD3.

strifeblade2002d ago

Give it a rest, the cloud tech has since sailed a long time ago, bring up something like that is irrelevant especially at this point of the generation. The xbox one x runs circles around the pro in terms of power, and cloud tech or no cloud tech will not change that.

URNightmare2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I can't believe people is still talking cloud power lol

Still waiting for Milo, too?

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doggo842002d ago

Nice, after 5 short years, the mighty crackdown 3 is finally confirmed to be unleashed in February 2019

mark_parch2002d ago

i'm absolutely fine with it releasing in feb 2019 IF it turns out to be good and the cloud destruction works. If it turns out to be average after all that time then I'm going to be pretty pissed and if the cloud destruction doesn't work then Microsoft have flat out lied all these years. I really hope the can show something at e3 that looks much much better than the garbage from last year

Christopher2001d ago

I have zero interest in cloud destruction. Just give us a good game.

Aceman182001d ago

Even with this new delay this franchise will never be able to reach AAA status imo. It just doesnt have what it takes to do it.

ziggurcat2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I think you're putting too much faith in Sumo Digital - if I am not mistaken, they did both the last LittleBigPlanet and the LBP Kart racing game... and they were buggy messes, particularly the online components (most of the time in LBP3 you could not connect to anything - at least that was the case in my experience).

The cloud won't do much if the devs are bad at online coding, which they've (Sumo Digital) proven to be the case in two games so far.

Gazondaily2001d ago

Well that's worrying. I'm more interested in the cloud tech tbh. I wish another studio could step in.

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morganfell2002d ago

Well there you go. It was delayed despite what people were saying.

Kribwalker2002d ago

nobody was saying it wasn’t delayed, i personally was saying the delay could be good, this fall is packed and the extra time could polish it, much like days gone doing the same

morganfell2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Stop acting as if it wasn't the general opinion. Look how xboxers went into full defense mode the last two times delay rumors surfaced.


Who made sure to disprove that piece that turned out to be accurate?

And be sure to keep your foot on the gas because reverse speed is normally slower than forward. Microsoft delayed the game not because of RDR2 but because it will not do what they claimed. They can pull any sleight of hand they want at E3 and say, "Look its coming right after Christmas" and it won't impact holiday sales as much. If they had launched it this fall it wasn't sales they were concerned about but rather bad press.