XB360: GRAW Chapter 2 GT Video Preview

Check out all the new features in the upcoming Ghost Recon Xbox Live update.

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ps3willrule5817d ago

i'm not bashing at all....but i think rainbow vegas is a major upgrade in visuals compared to this game....i know its like a year later with vegas but its nice to see how much better they made the engine.

FamoAmo5817d ago

Vegas is better looking no doubt but you gotta respect the GRAW baby!! This game is hella fun and Visually looking on my 32" LG LCD computer screen they look great!! I am excited about the new maps and the co-op.. The Co-OP was great fun love it.. I wouldn't expect the price to be more than 10$ for the new content I hope!!!

PS360PCROCKS5817d ago

I agree, your not bashing