State of Decay 2 is Bogged Down by Too Many Systems

In its efforts to focus on expanding systems and provide an immersive, open-ended zombie experience, State of Decay 2 fails on both fronts, instead presenting a game with virtually no narrative significance that doesn’t feel especially great to play.

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Gh05t158d ago

Diablo is bogged down by too much loot.

Street Fighter is bogged down by too much fighting.

Its a systems game, thats why people play it. Some people like system heavy games.

_LarZen_158d ago

It has to much micro management for my taste. But it clearly have fans who likes that with over 2 million sold.

Alucard_420158d ago

2 mil of players not sold, Gaas allows people to play it, doesn't mean it was sold

NXFather157d ago

Well one million in two days is not that far off. Not selling like GOW but, most likely hit 2 mill by now.

Darknova2077158d ago

It was bogged down by hype and Microsoft!

Lamboomington158d ago

State Of Decay 2 is the game that God Of War wishes it could be. Mabye it'll get there with a sequel, but that might just be wishful thinking.

The_Jackel158d ago

lmfao one of the most stupidest comments i have ever seen.

Sgt_Slaughter158d ago

PSA: Making absurd comments based on your fanboyism does not suddenly make them become fact.