Steam's content policy is both arrogant and cowardly

Having appointed itself the god-king of PC gaming, Valve is vacating the throne.

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dedicatedtogamers2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Nah, the content policy is pro-consumer and pro-developer and pro-publisher. The only people it offends are the roving bands of ideologues who insist on being offended no matter what.

Wasn't it just a week ago that these same journalists were defending Valve's decision to remove HunnyPop games "because they have a right to; they're a private business"?

Huh. Where's that logic now? I thought Valve was a private business...

VivaChe2238d ago

This article has the same logic - they are still asserting that Valve has a right to remove games because they are a private business. And now that Valve has decided not to remove games, they are saying that is a bad decision. Whether you agree with them or not, their point is unchanged.

starchild2238d ago

Exactly. They'll only be happy once everyone thinks as they do and makes decisions that reflect THEIR worldview. No tolerance for other viewpoints.

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Weeblordbad2238d ago

Valve is a private business, I'll support their decision to keep games on their platform and i'll support their decisions to remove content they don't want on their platform. It's not my place or anyones on this site to dictate what is and isn't acceptable for them to offer through Steam.That all being said, I think Steam would have benefited greatly from just putting those kinds of AO titles behind some kind of curtain, kids would have still been able to get at it, but they're going to find a way anyways.

I'm curious, why is Valve the only one being taken to task for this? All three console manufacturers will not license an AO title on their platform. Is Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony not just as guilty of treating us all as children? It's just interesting that this kind of ire would develop around Steam yet the consoles aren't given the same level of scrutiny.

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VivaChe2238d ago

I can kinda see both sides on this. On one hand, I hate censorship, and as an adult I want to be able to decide what I can or cannot see. On the other hand, as a parent I would hate to have my kids be able to purchase a pornographic game on Steam. And what if there are fake "games" that are really just fronts promoting terrorism or hate? There should be at least a bit of quality control.

zombiewombie2238d ago

Maybe dont give free reign to children with your credits cards?

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annoyedgamer2238d ago

Kids can access porn pretty easily on the internet. All steam has to do is create a section that extra raunchy stuff goes to single out "pron games" and generic sexual sexual content.

In regards to troll games promoting terrorism, the community will sort it out through down voting. Otherwise ideologues will take over and label everything they don't like as "hate" or "offensive"

Codewow2238d ago

if a game is promoting terrorism, I think it’s illegal in most countries, so it would have to be removed. But letting someone play as a terrorist and kill people has been done before. (Modern Warfare 2, counter strike) doesn’t really constitute removal.

sander97022238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Steam's content policy promotes freedom, don't like it then don't buy it simple as that you authoritarian f****** losers LMFAO.
Game journalists become more and more delusional for every month that passes.

annoyedgamer2238d ago

And a consumer who is afraid to be given the responsibility of an adult is what again?

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crazyCoconuts2238d ago

This is article is embarrassing. Whenever a journalist refers to a company and states things like "Valve thinks" this or that, you know there's a problem. I've read the PR from Valve on why they further democratized the publishing process when they got rid of Greenlight, and while I can't read a company's thoughts, the explanation was principled and makes sense. Let the public decide what's popular with a rating system and empower everyone to publish a game. That's not arrogant or cowardly IMO, that's an open and free market approach.

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Capcom Has No Plans To Discontinue Availability Of Games Via Physical Media

Capcom has announced that it has no plans to discontinue the availability of its games via physical media.

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shinoff218316h ago

Interesting. Then where the fk are the new moster hunter games , physically in north America. Hell I'd even import but the 2nd game is a digital code. What's up capcom?

VersusDMC4h ago

Obviously they don't mean 100% of their games are going to be physical.

And considering 90% of their sales were digital last year you're lucky they are still releasing physical at all.


Cacabunga4h ago

I will support them going forward! No physical no buy

CobraKai3h ago

They got my continued support for sure

QuantumMechanic11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Great news! I'd also like to see their PS VR2 experiences released on physical media.

ravens5211h ago

👏🏽👏 27997;👏🏽㈇ 9;🏽. I will continue to purchase their games!