Sony E3 2018 Predictions: What to Expect Them to Show

Twinfinite writes "Sony might have shown much of its hand already, but we still think they've still got some surprises up their sleeve. Here's what we think you're likely to see at Sony's E3 2018 conference."

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FTLmaster185d ago

These are some very solid predictions. Hoping From’s game is Bloodborne II, though 🤞🏼

DigitalRaptor185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

I'm surprised that they spelt "Tsushima" right, but couldn't get "Ghost".

My predictions:

- 4 mind-blowing demos of 4 massively anticipated upcoming exclusives.
- Syphon Filter remake announced.
- Dreams beta coming this month, with release date of November this year.
- Ability to change PSN usernames.
- Indie games such as In The Valley of the Gods and The Occupation coming to PS4.
- Updated trailers and release dates for Concrete Genie and MediEvil.
- Updates and announcements of VR games: The Persistence, Blood & Truth, Firewall Zero Hour and Farpoint 2.
- Regular 3rd-party updates for CoD, Destiny and then a DMCV, RE2 Remake and a From Software announcement!