The Last Son Podcast Ep. 3 - Why Xbox Will Prove The Naysayers Wrong

On the latest Last Son of Planet Xbox show, Kal explains why he feels reassured Xbox is on a path to success despite the naysayers.

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RainbowBrite185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

I love these "Ambassadors" podcasts, they are always agreeing with each other comments.

JaguarEvolved185d ago

Five years in and Xbox one will prove what? That it's an utter failure. Every Microsoft game this gen has been a few mediocre game with a lot of rubbish. Nothing made was great

Lenrulesdaworld185d ago

I'm not an ambassador, I'm the host and creator of The Inner Circle Podcast and Ticgamesnetwork, I run my own business and organization for gaming. This podcast is just one of a network of shows that caters to different gamer's and platforms. This just focuses on Xbox and our connects at Xbox/MS.

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PhoenixUp185d ago

So you think naysayers were sprouting nothing but BS for the past five years? That’s half a decade you know

Lenrulesdaworld185d ago

It hasn't been five years, no one was saying this five years ago. People are expressing that xbox wont make single player games and they don't care about their 1st party and its not true. I'm explaining that people are wrong, they have been restructuring since Phil took over and a lot of mistakes had to be rectified. Its not easy being a division that was running through windows. Now its it's own division with in Microsoft, Phil has Satya's ear and a lot will be revealed at E3. I speak about it all in the show, I can't actually talk about my convo with the exec but i'm breaking down what we spoke about the best way I can without giving away my source or what was said. If guys need proof of my clout with Xbox, just look up tic podcast.

slate91185d ago

I completely agree with you. They needed to really change the direction of the sinking ship. It just took a lot of time and trimming the "fat" off.

morganfell185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Phil can't prove anyone wrong. Only good games on store shelves can do that.

And another thing. Stop acting like Phil wasn't one of the chief acolytes to the previous disaster. He was just the next piece of cheese in the tube when they cut off Mattrick. And its been 5 years. This sounds like Obama blaming bush 7 years later. At some point you own it and Phil owns this mess.

You do not get to hype Scalebound then later say hype killed the game. You do not get to say after Scalebound that you need to take more risks then fall back on timed exclusivity and the same old IPs.

People like you and your podcast are why MS keeps doing this. You are an enabler. Stop excusing their behavior. You need to give them the hot poker. They'll either really get off their ass and do the right thing (which would be good for all gamers) or they will quit the business allowing a new entry (which would be good for gamers). But continually drinking the kool aid and trying to persuade others to take a sip it it detrimental to gaming. Put your pom poms down and stop cheering until the team takes to the field. Force them to deliver, not just promise. When these MS announcements show up on store shelves then you can do the human pyramid and yell yeah team.

PhoenixUp185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

It’s been five years since E3 2013 when Xbox One started getting all the naysayers. You can’t do basic math?

I’m not even talking about Microsoft’s attitude towards single player games, I’m talking about the general public’s attitude towards Xbox One in general.

Microsoft has had five years to to deliver a frequent supply of quality first party titles. Not only that they reported they spent $1 billion towards exclusives in 2013. To top it all off before that they cut off first party support for Xbox 360 in its golden years to focus on the next console. Despite all that they’re still coming up short in providing frequent system selling exclusives like their competitors.

It seems really incredidulous to say the naysayers don’t have any credible reasons to be skeptical. Windows didn’t prevent Microsoft from producing quality first party content last generation, so that’s a really flimsy excuse to bring up now.

Lenrulesdaworld185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

But if you listen to the show, it has nothing to do with what Xbox did 5 years ago, this is about E3 and what people have been saying in relation to gaas and single player titles. That's the point of the podcast & the title as I address those things, would be better to listen than go off the title alone. And last generation MS produced
great content, might want to look at those numbers and meta if thats how guys judge things. MS was no slouch on 360 far from it. And they came out the gate with good titles this gen, remember sony is the ones who recognized that had sparse line ups prior to 2017. Just saying it's easy to bypass something you may not have interest in but 5 years ago at launch, yes the platform started terribly and that's acknowledged. However they delivered quality titles almost every holiday til 2017 & now 2018 has been up and down critical but base was decent. Windows did stand in there way and they even acknowledge that once they got free from the division. Trust and believe, I know this 1st hand.

RpgSama185d ago


"However they delivered quality titles almost every holiday til 2017"

Wow! So impressive!!, In almost every holiday (not even all of them) they delivered quality titles, what about the other 10 months of the year of every year? What about the holidays that they didn't delivered anything? For you guys having maybe 2 good games (not great, just good) a year + a Forza is enough, which is so sad

xX-oldboy-Xx185d ago

@Lenrulesdaworld - It's not what happened 5 years ago, it's what's continued for 5 years. Coming out of the gate with a few titles at the expense of 80million 360 owners is not the way you treat your customers.

Trust & believe you say, ok - I'll give them and your words the benefit of the doubt. But what's next if they don't deliver at E3? What happens if Sony AND Nintendo expose MS for the gaming frauds they are?

stuna1185d ago

Yeah right! They've been proving the naysayers wrong for the past few years already!/s

Atticus_finch185d ago

I hear rumors that Xbox is opening a new studio lead by Logan paul, to develop Halo 6.

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