Sony blurs out Xbox controller for PS4 Destiny 2 trailer

Found by way of a Reddit user, Sony evidently has blurred out the image of an Xbox controller for their trailer of Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion. If you check out the official Bungie version of the clip, at 2:42 in, the remote is safe and sound. Look, I get the need to win little fights every now and then, but this just seems a little over-the-top. Bungie has the unedited version of the trailer right there on their own channel!

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RainbowBrite136d ago

Ha ha ha. It would look terrible if they want to promote the PS4 version of the game and the guys are playing with an xbox controller... But this is worse. They should have cut that entirely

KilluaX3136d ago

It's not marked as news, it's marked as an article.

Neonridr135d ago

still is funny considering how much money Sony paid Activision for marketing rights and exclusivity nonsense.

StormSnooper135d ago

I think it has more to do with the fact that they might be sued if they show the Xbox controller while promoting their own device.

BehindTheRows135d ago

@Neon: How much did they pay?

TheCommentator135d ago

@ stormsnooper

MS didn't sue Sony when they used Project Gotham Racing 3 pictures to promote Gran Turismo 4... twice.

Skull521135d ago

The only competition to the Xbox One controller is the XBox One Elite controller. Why wouldn’t they be using the Xbox controller if they had the option? It’s way better than the DualShock.

zerocarnage135d ago

Oh it's not news when sony is in the frame for doing it but it is when Microsoft have been caught using the same trickery..

It's simple isn't it sony are as evil as what the fanboys make out microsoft are, they use the same damn tactics to get all of our money.

What I'm curious of is Eid Sony use the standard Xbox one version of destiny or the X1X because I have a feeling it will of been the latter and that just bad of them to do that if they did and no better than when the other console devs have done it in the past.

GamingIVfun135d ago

Who gives a flying fish one way or the other, dumb article.

135d ago
tontontam0135d ago

"It's simple isn't it sony are as evil as what the fanboys make out microsoft are, they use the same damn tactics to get all of our money. "

they are the same but the point is ps4 has better games, gamers don't care about how greedy this companies are unless they affect the games so much.

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Christopher135d ago

What is more hilarious is the person is playing on PC, not on console at all.

PapaBop135d ago

Because it's likely a test build which would be played on a PC and probably explains why they used an Xbox 360 controller.

Christopher135d ago

That was my point, PapaBop. Meaning it had nothing to do with console promotion or preference at all.

gamer7804135d ago

Still Microsoft OS on x86 hardware using a MiCrosoft controller same as console really, but yah likely a development build

Christopher135d ago

***Still Microsoft OS on x86 hardware using a MiCrosoft controller same as console really, but yah likely a development build***

Comments like this are just as bad as Sony blurring out PC Dev controllers in videos.

Cobra951135d ago

Heh. Yeah. I had to do nothing at all to get my Xbox One controller to work with games that support controllers in Windows 10. Even the onscreen prompts are usually for Xbox. The console itself has been idle for a year. At least I got something to carry forward from it.

rainslacker135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Xbox controllers are fairly common to use in the testing of multi-plat games when that testing is done on the PC, which it always is until further along in development. This is because of the DirectX API making it something that doesn't have to be adjusted for it to use on PC. When it goes to testing an individual platform, then they'll use actual dev kits with the appropriate controller.

For an interesting fact, multi-plat game engines don't use low level code for the controllers, and the engines themselves easily map the buttons on the actual build of the game.

This has nothing to do with Xbox, or MS, or Windows. It's just the way that testing is done at the dev.

tontontam0135d ago

"Still Microsoft OS on x86 hardware using a MiCrosoft controller same as console really, but yah likely a development build "

still on a hardware that probably has some SONY, SAMSUNG etc chips on it , then in game textures are taken with a camera with sony sensors on it and the furnitures are from IKEA.

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TheUndertaker85135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Yeah, how dare Bungie promote their cross platform title as cross platform rather than catering to Sony. /s

In particular when you can see they are on a PC. Ya know. The same PCs that have official drivers for Xbox controllers that don’t have official drivers for PS4 controllers as Sony hasn’t released those. So Bungie can bypass the need for a dongle as new Xbox One controllers include Bluetooth and those drivers will self install.

Even Xbox 360 controllers are capable of being plugged in via USB for use on PC.

But best of all god forbid Bungie has Xbox accessories seeing as they were formerly Microsoft first party, thus they likely have a ton of Xbox/Microsoft products around from that period.

strifeblade135d ago

Well I don't blame them, why would they use a more inferior and less comfortable controller when they don't have to?

Eidolon135d ago

He's running windows, shoulda blurred the screen too, while they're at it.

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jairusmonillas136d ago

What proof do you have that it was Sony who blurs it out and not Bungie? Bungie is the one responsible for providing Sony what to show for Destiny 2. lol.

isarai136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

yeah this, there's no way Sony even touched this, this is the responsibility of activision and it's marketing division

Christopher135d ago

Well, that's not necessarily true. All Sony had to do is get permission from Bungie to edit the video as it was done. Bungie didn't do it, but they didn't prevent Sony from doing it either. It might even be a part of their promotional contract, where Bungie allows Sony to edit out competing visual elements from promotional material.

TheUndertaker85135d ago

Sony has to have touched it for it to be uploaded to Sony outlets. Unless Sony gives out passwords & private information to third parties.

G3ng4r134d ago

This reminds me of the time they tried passing off some anthem gameplay by editting ps buttons over top of xb1 buttons. Definitely intentional.

porkChop136d ago

It's only blurred in Sony's version. Sony are the ones who blurred it. They've done similar things in the past, covering Xbox buttons with PS buttons in trailers. This isn't a new practice.

badz149135d ago

yup just like the FFXIII marketing for 360 back when it first went multiplat

rainslacker135d ago

That's because it leads to stupid arguments like this, where people act like it's a big deal, or that it somehow is advantageous for MS or it's platforms because they use an Xbox controller during testing, as if that is meaningful in any way.

Case in point....this thread, where people don't actually seem to have the first clue about what they're talking about.

shammgod135d ago

Bungie does everything at an absolute minimum, this would be too much effort for them

TheUndertaker85135d ago

“Amazingly, Sony Photoshopped PlayStation inputs into footage of the Xbox version of Anthem just last year -- Sony did not comment on the situation and promptly pulled the video when the news broke out.”

So they’ve done it before along with the fact that the only place the video is edited is via Sony outlets.

Michiel1989135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

besides the money incentive from sony what reason does bungie/activision have to not show xbox controllers/consoles? none

It's sony who didnt want it in there directly or indirectly. There is literally no other incentive for activision/bungie to blur xbox controllers. It's pretty obvious sony doesnt want it in, they paid good money for the exlusivity deal and ads.

I myself find it a bit childish but understandable.

@isarai Sony maybe wasnt the one who physically blurred it out themselves but they certainly demanded it if it was not written in the contract they made for Destiny 2.

Its really sad to see N4G in this state, you guys just will never beleieve anythying negative about sony. Hell this is not even negative, the contract that made them blur this is though.

I just hope Sony stops with this bullshit timed exclusivity thing. That was a thing 5 years ago, xbox and sony both had shots at eachother but I hope both Sony and MS realize that it's the most anti consumer/gamer thing you can do. It's actually even more despicable that the dev/publisher of these games even agree to those deals.


Did you not read the article? It says the Official Bungie Version of the Clip the controller is NOT blurred out, the Sony version is, so yeah, it was Sony lol

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Urzusix136d ago

I couldn't Imagine the the copyright issues that would arise from a Microsoft product being on a rival promotional video

TheUndertaker85135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

It’s Bungies promotional video for Destiny 2, a third party multiplatform title.

rainslacker135d ago

That wouldn't be a copyright issue. Competing products are often shown in the same advertisement.

Sony likely didn't want the Xbox controller displayed in the trailer. Either because they don't want to highlight it to the layman, or they know that it would lead to stupid conversations like you see in this comment section where people act like it's meaningful in some way.

Testing for multi-plat games is done on PC more often than not, and Xbox controllers tend to be the go to controller because they work seamlessly with DirectX, every game engine, and it will eventually be tested on Xbox console at some point anyways, so the controllers are present. Even Sony tests games on PC, because it takes more time to transfer every build to a dev kit, so that's only done for testing later in the development stages, or for code which requires the PS hardware to work.

Lennoxb63136d ago

Many non-MS/Xbox devs use Xbox controllers. This isn't news.

Neonridr135d ago

Destiny 2 is built for the PC as well, so no surprise they would use an xbox controller if they weren't using mouse/keyboard.

Saijahn135d ago

Can PS4 controllers not work on a PC?

Neonridr135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

@Saijahn - yes of course, but they are far less common. I think it's just a habit of using 360 controllers for so long on PC, so transitioning to XB1 controllers may have been easier.

135d ago
maybelovehate135d ago

@Saijahn: Yeah, PS4 controllers work on PC but hard to see anyone using one by choice.

Goldby135d ago


i do, i cant stand the xbox one controller. all about the symetrical joysticks for me. plus i find them more comfortable for long play sessions

Michiel1989135d ago

you can, you need a 3rd part app for it to work though.
But I think the general opinion of pc gamers is that they prefer the xbox controller for pc gaming, maybe the plug and play convenience of the xbox plays part in that

I still prefer the ps controllers though.

rainslacker135d ago


Yes, but they were likely testing a PC build. In fact it was definately a PC build, because it's obviously running on PC. Xbox controllers will be there, because eventually, it'll be tested on a Xbox dev kit. Plus, DirectX is set up to work fluidly with the controller, so less things for the developer to build.

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Gunstar75135d ago

Because it's the best controller 😉 (dons hard hat)

chrisoadamson135d ago

as already stated its not news its an article