EA Is Wrong About Single Player Games And Bethesda Proves That Yet Again

Bethesda is setting up an excellent precedent of great single player experiences over the last several years.

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CrimsonWing69138d ago

EA is wrong about a lot of things...

ArchangelMike138d ago

I was just just about to say this.

IamTylerDurden1138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

But they weren't wrong about A Way Out and Battlefield One. Both games were very good and fans loved them. A Way Out was extremely consumer friendly with a free version being offered to friends. EA has made giant mistakes, but i think people are piling on a bit.

CrimsonWing69138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Um... not to be that guy, but...

This is the headline:

"A Way Out Sold More In Two Weeks Than EA Apparently Thought It'd Sell Total"

So, it looks like they were wrong, again.

OB1Biker138d ago

I feel people have forgotten the Respawn SW game. I'm still hopeful about it.

I_am_Batman137d ago

I've only played BF1's single player campaign after everyone praised it so much and it was ok but definitely not "very good". The graphics are obviously amazing and among the best of the industry and the gunplay is great too but the campaign itself was mediocre at best. The level design was subpar and the story was disappointingly bad considering the setting. Maybe I went in expecting too much but I could've done without ever playing the game and in my opinion wouldn't have missed much at all.

I understand that the meat of the game is it's multiplayer which I haven't played so my criticism only applies to the SP portion.

IamTylerDurden1137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I meant that A Way Out and BF1 were good games published by EA. A Way Out was extremely consumer friendly. They were good decisions by EA. I was just showing that EA has done good things recently, they are not all bad. A Way Out exceeding expectations has nothing to do with what i was talking about.

jeromeface137d ago

I was more excited for the EA visceral project that got canned than any respawn sp game. EA f***ed up.

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jhoward585138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

The idea behind the single player game isn't as important doesn't make any sense at all because, In the entertainment business, it really doesn't matter what medium is used, what genre a game is based on, and gameplay type. A good game is a good game. plain and simple.

Hardiman137d ago

Thank god there's Bethesda, CDPR, Nintendo and Sony's amazing devs along with others who still deliver great SP experiences!

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Tobse137d ago

Just look at fortnite and look at the best selling sp game, guess what made more money. EA isnt wrong, they are realistic

Liqu1d137d ago

How much money did Lawbreakers, Evolve, Battleborn and Radical Heights make? How many multiplayer games will come anywhere close to what Fortnite is doing?

Tobse137d ago

Pubg, cod, battlefield, dota, lol, wow, Destiny all are at this Level.

What about prey, dishonored 2, Gravity Rush 2, Mass Effect Andromeda etc. How much money did they make?

Facts are, the Top 10 games right now on steam are all GAAS.
PlayStation store has 9/10 GAAS on the best selling list of 2017

Rippcity137d ago

You're cherry picking games right now though. I could do the same things with single player games. How much money did Knack 2, No Man's Sky or The Order make? See what I did? I took a bunch of single player games that weren't as successful and used them to make a point. In reality though, that doesn't prove anything. Those games didn't make money because they weren't great games. Games like God of War or Horizon make money because they are great games. Same goes for games like Overwatch and Pubg. Great games, regardless of genre or type, will make money.

Kitt92137d ago

Yeah gta 5 sold better than any call of duty etc and at the start that was totally a single player game

Tobse137d ago

The biggest sp game on 5 Systems yep it sold good and now it turned into GAAS because that makes even more money

Goldby137d ago

Yes please continue to compare a free to play game with a game that has a cost associated with it.

Hey while your at it, instead of comparing apples to apples, can you compare apples to a meat lasagna too. And tell us how one of them has more protein than the other...

Tobse136d ago

Sorry the truth hurts you so much. Like how you ignored the best selling lists

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