SEGA and Atlus' E3 2018 lineup

SEGA and Atlus have announced their joint lineup for this year’s E3. The company will have a diverse range of games on display in West Hall, booth #5222.

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prankster101133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Oh man... seeing all the salty comments on the NintendoEverything site did make me laugh.

Nintendo owners still can't get it through their heads regarding the lack of third party support for their machines.

SuperSonic91133d ago

Whaddaya expect from soy boys?

Tigerblud133d ago

2 of these are coming to Switch.

septemberindecember133d ago

Three, actually. Valkyria Chronicles 4, Shining Resonance Refrain, and Team Sonic Racing

Tigerblud133d ago

I have a launch PS4 and a Pro as well. I bought a Switch to take place of my Vita.

DivineAssault 133d ago

I buy Nintendo consoles for exclusives. Pretty sure many others do too & theres PLENTY of them on the horizon. PS is my main console of choice though

showtimefolks133d ago (Edited 133d ago )


That's what people don't realize the last home console made by Nintendo to get great 3rd party support was SNES. Now let that sink in

Since than


Not one of these consoles got much support and only one sold well compared to others and that was wii

The biggest things that frustrates publishers

Their refusal to use bluray drive

They refusal to make a console that could compete with current consoles

Publishers will keep releasing ports of old games because there is no risk

Just this year switch is losing most months to ps4 sales wise

Nintendo should have approached R* for GTA5 on switch I know it's a old game too but it's a game being played by a lot of gamers

Fortnite will help but not having battlefield and or star war games won't help

But people defend them even though they charge the most for an under powered console and will always charge more for accessories

starchild133d ago

I've seen you downplaying Nintendo, Xbox and PC. So basically all it comes down to is you don't think people should like to play on any platform other than Sony made ones.

I love Sony platforms, but come on man, broaden your horizons a little. You don't need to spend so much time attacking other platforms. Sony will do more than fine without your efforts.

showtimefolks133d ago


Bro if I am wrong do let me know. That 3rd party support is a very well known fact about Nintendo home consoles. Ubi tried supporting wii but stopped after few games didn't sell well

Nintendo consoles are for exclusives. I got nothing against any platform especially pc. But as a gamer there are things that frustrate me with ms and Nintendo. Ms more because I was a og Xbox fan who saw the hustle and thirst to succeed that has been lost this Gen. If switch was on par with ps4/Xbox one it would be getting support because publishers don't mind releasing their games on utter platforms. But as things stand right now porting games over to switch is a extra step that not many publishers are willing to take

As a gamer for over 28 years my horizon is broadened but my thing is I will call it how it is and that seems to hurt some feelings on this site

The only reason there isn't a bluray in the switch is because Nintendo refused to pay royalty when the benefits for gamers would be great

deno133d ago

GameCube and Wii had pretty darn good third party support.

starchild133d ago

I understand where you're coming from and I don't really disagree that Nintendo platforms don't get as much third party support and Microsoft platforms don't get as many exclusives. But it is what it is. We all know that's how it is. Harping about the same things over and over doesn't really change things. Let people who enjoy gaming on those platforms enjoy them. Having the same fans of other consoles constantly criticizing those platforms in every article just comes off as borderline trolling. I think if we want Nintendo or any other platform to change the best thing we can do is email those companies directly and express what we'd like for them to do better.

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GameBoyColor133d ago

and that's why sony won't get smt v gottteeeeem

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Fist4achin133d ago

Sega, still one of the best...

RainbowBrite133d ago

Like my friend John says: it's a different flavor of gaming

TheGoodestBoi133d ago

Looking forward to Yakuza and sonic. And hopefully a surprise Persona 6 announcement

remixx116133d ago

As nice as it would be your crazy if you think persona 6 is getting announced

TheGoodestBoi133d ago

Yeah wishful thinking I know. I mean it would've already been leaked by Walmart!

TheGamez100133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Lol p6 wont happen til at least next gen. There still needs to be more spin offs of p5 and remastered/enhanced games. That and I believe the main persona team is still working on a new ip, so we'd hear more about that game first. Also pretty much all persona games are announced first in japan events like tgs or persona events.

Movefasta1993133d ago

Persona 3 and 4 remaster for ps4? Drools.

Sm00thNinja133d ago

Persona 5 just released and we just got announcements of Dancing spin offs and you're already expecting 6?

FinalFantasyFanatic133d ago

They won't announce Persona 6 until a good portion of it is done, at most we'll get "they're working on it/production has started". Would be nice to know at least I guess.

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gangsta_red133d ago

Seriously can't wait to see that Sonic Racing in action.

showtimefolks133d ago

Since announcement I have bought both sonic racing games from Last Gen on my ps3 😂

Sega had been great these last few years before than they were up and down but I think yakuza zero changed their prospective about the west

Movefasta1993133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

all star racing was a gem for me, I honestly had more fun playing it than another kart racer but whatever.

DivineAssault 133d ago

I hope Persona 6 is revealed next year

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