E3 2018: Is This The Super Smash Bros Roster For Nintendo Switch?

Daf says, "I have been researching character models and through blood, sweat, and screenshot comparisons, have come up with the full list of characters already shown in March’s teaser and come up with the Super Smash Bros roster for Nintendo Switch!"

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DialgaMarine132d ago

You should change your title. The wording suggests you found some kindof rumor or leaked pic, not just your own personal roster hopes.

I mean, Rick? Seriously? Be real here. Even if he somehow did make it into a Smash game, he’d literally kill every character that tried to fight him lol

LSSj3Yagami132d ago

Ness and Kirby would wreck him.

Foraoise132d ago

Clickbate up teh asshole.

remixx116132d ago

Would love dark samus and demise ganon for smash switch

Lord_Sloth132d ago

What a stupid, clickbait article.

OnDec76132d ago

No!!!!!!!!!!!, Didnt even mention The Inkling boy or The Inkling girl

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