70 Long-Lost Japanese Video Games Have Been Discovered in a 67GB Folder of ROMs on a Private Forum

Until yesterday, rare Japanese PC game Labyrinthe, developed by Caravan Interactive, was long thought to be lost forever. That is until the almost mythical third game in the already obscure Horror Tour series was found on a 67GB folder of ROMs on a private forum in a folder named "DO NOT UPLOAD." Other rare games from the folder are expected to become public soon.

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Fist4achin135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Could be some gems on there. I hope the developers get credit for their work.

Think HL3 or Scalebound is somewhere on there?!

T1125P135d ago

Dumb ass should have uploaded the roms to a torrent site. In that way it would never be taken away. GJ on that one shit bag lol