Destiny 2 Is Changing The Way You Pay For Content

Bungie detailed Forsaken, Destiny 2's big September expansion, during a livestream last night, which also introduced fans to the concept of the series' first annual pass

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BigBosss1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Thieves...They are doing what they did with Destiny those greedy bastards.

MIDNIITE_Z3RO1271d ago

LMAO... exactly why I didn't buy Destiny 2. I would've spent nearly $160 on Destiny had I bought The Taken King. While people who didn't have the base game at all, or the DLC's, could've paid $60 and had everything. I played it smart this time around, decided to wait. Looks like it's gonna pay off. Although, with Spiderman coming out, and The Division 2 coming early next year, I'm not so sure I'll even buy Destiny 2 at all. Real shame, Destiny 1 was such a good game.

tombfan1271d ago

$160 plus the in game store if you buy anything.

jmac531271d ago

Well to be honest a lot of us bought Destiny 2 because they had really turned Destiny 1 around and thought that those additions would carry over to Destiny 2. Boy, were we wrong.

paintedgamer19841271d ago

I skipped destiny 2 as well. But it kinda doesnt matter... Didnt the game sell millions upon millions of copies? Its a bit too late to take any kind of stance as the game has been widely successful. Only if d3 sales tank will someone take notice. As im sure their player count and dlc subscibers have fallen off a cliff.

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joab7771271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Yes you did sir! And since you didn’t play D2, I am going to give my 2 cents. I am absolutely stymied by this dlc. It is heading in the EXACT direction that I and so many had seen for D2 after all the D1 trials and tribulations. It is kinda what we expected from D2.

Instead we got some odd off beat, strange watered down game that seemed to be a complete 180 from everything we had worked together towards in D1.

Now...after all the backlash AND LOSING 80% of the player base, they humble themselves and make the game we want, instead of going to cheap route and making the game they thought would appeal to casuals.

So damn odd. It’s a great sign for the future I guess. But since 99% of my clan of 90 ppl are gone, wtf!

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maybelovehate1271d ago

Meh, I had over 2000 hours in D1. Wish all games had that kind of value.

dumahim1271d ago

If grinding doing the same thing over and over again just to get something due to low chances of getting what you need is your idea of content, then more power to you.

MIDNIITE_Z3RO1271d ago

2000hrs??? Sweet Jesus, you must've done a lot of the Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris type stuff. I barely got 300hrs out of it. I also didn't play The Taken King, Bungie and Activision had taken enough of my money by that point. But there's plenty of games that are time sinks. I put in 1700+ hours into The Division. Warframe is a time sink, and probably the new Warhammer will require some dedication. It's just probably more difficult to find games you like that are time sinks.

maybelovehate1271d ago

@dumahim: It isn't the same thing over and over. It was 5 raids, somewhere around 15 strikes. Over 50 story missions. Multiple PVP modes, multiple PVP maps.

But yeah you did grind that wealth of content for unique gear. It is a grinding game. And I have always loved grinding games. Diablo is my favorite game of all time.

maybelovehate1271d ago

@midnight: yeah, I tend to get obsessed with games. Recently it was Monster Hunter. But you should have played Taken King, D1 got so much better after that release. The dreadnaught was so full of secrets. Vanilla Destiny I loved because of Vault of Glass, I got so obsessed with leading groups through raids. But Taken King really made the overall game so much fun. Most of my hours were in raiding though, we had a group of people in our clan who spent most nights teaching people raids and the mechanics. I really enjoyed it even when I ran out of gear to collect. I tried my best to get into the Division but I just didn't like the core gameplay.

yomfweeee1271d ago

I really don't understand why people complain about grinding. I'd really like to know what game you can play for 50+ hours where you aren't doing the same thing over and over?

Is there some game that is constantly creating free content for free and you never repeat?

showtimefolks1271d ago


You have a very wrong way of looking at games. Even from your past comments you care too much about hours played rather than quality. You dislike games which offer 25-30 hours of excellent quality because you much rather get hundreds of hours of repetitive content

More power to you and lucky for both sides there are plenty of excellent story driven games and plenty of destiny type games

thehitman13981271d ago

As a person that has dump thousands of hours between d1 n d2, I can say without a doubt maybelovehate, that in destiny 1 around taken king came out, alls you was left with was just the one raid that only mattered to get better gear. Sure, you could play the old raids but it didnt fo anything for your character. So to make it seem like there was so much content is just laughable to an extent, that I rly dont think you even played destiny. Maybe little bit at most, but you just got ur info of the web and have never rly invested in either game. Me on the other hand have been playing since the alpha with playstation. But I will not and haven't bought anything after taken king. Only reason I was able to play d2 n its dlcs (if u call them that) was cuz my brother bought it for me cuz he know I wouldn't buy it.

Neither destiny nor destiny 2 have EVER been known for its content. So nice try

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Aceman181271d ago

I quit destiny after the taken king, the game just got boring to me and became a choir to play.

I didn't even bother getting into D2, and I'm glad I didn't.

Gh05t1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I quit right before the expansion released. I preordered the game and the season pass. I found that I didnt like the gameplay in general (raids and the like) and I will admit I am a Diablo and ARPG player so I found my fun in grinding for better weapons so when they would nerf or eliminate all the spots that people like me would grind out for gear I stopped playing all together. Same with Diablo 3... Once a company literally tells me I am having "fun" wrong, I turn away and never look back.

I got Destiny 2 in the last Humble monthly bundle and still refuse to play it.

dumahim1271d ago

I quit after the first expansion. Got tired of finding new people to play with. First good group, most of them quit once they found out about the grind. Rounded up another group, they either got max light level or gave up. Got another group, most of us had all 3 character the same class so we could do the raids multiple times to increase our chances. A few of them got max light and quit.

Aceman181271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Raids left like a 2nd job, and became too much of a damn choir for me.

showtimefolks1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Bungie is going to be in a lot of trouble because they have been bad towards their fanbase. And now this is their idea of best for gamers

According to Jason from kotaku it was bungie that approached Activision about MT and Loot boxes and not Activision

For this game to not have match making is beyond head scratching

If I am ever going to play this game I will wait till destiny 3 because I can see then bundling destiny 12- with all the content for one price

maybelovehate1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Destiny has matchmaking across most activities. It is just raids and trials that do not have matchmaking. But there are legitimate reasons for this, as those activities require a certain trust and dedication in your team. Not only communication but also being available for an entire activity without bailing. I personally love helping new people through raids, but it takes a long time to explain everything, I cannot see a group of randoms sticking around long enough and every time someone leaves the process would start all over.

Edit: as for your comments aimed at me above.. I believe that quality does correlate to hours played. I will not grind a game I do not love. I have to be having a great time to get obsessed with a game. Diablo, Monster Hunter, Destiny are so great because of the awesome gameplay. You want to grind them because that loop is just so good.

That doesn't mean that shorter games aren't also great, but I do find more value in games that have a ton of replay ability.

Snookies121271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Trading this game in was the best decision ever. I've regretted pretty much every trade at some point. Not this one, down the line I actually felt better and better about how much money I got back from this scam of a game. The core game is wonderful, it's all the greed and sleaze from the developers that turned it to garbage.

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CloudStrife9001271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


Pay for the game.
Pay for the expansion(s).
Pay for the filler.

Don't I recall Bungie saying that the MTs/Eververse would be the money that covers these filler events and such?

OffRoadKing1271d ago

I know they're so evil and greedy, it should be free game, free filler, free expansions, free pass, send you money in the mail, pay your bills for you, cook your meals, etc. Why are these companies not catering to our every whim? Don't they understand we're entitled.

1271d ago
CloudStrife9001271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Really? ...

The game should not be free.
The expansions should not be free.

However, when Bungie threw MTs into the mix, I'm 99.99% sure that they said that the income from that would fuel filler events and content. I'm failing to see how I'm expected to be excited about having to buy an annual pass - alongside the cost of the core game and alongside the cost of the expansion/expansion pass - for lore (of all things) records/triumphs, challenges and gear (old and new).

I'll reserve total judgement until I learn more. Though, as it stands, I'm very skeptical that this will end well. They're in enough heat as it is...

Retard1271d ago

this read like a bungie financial exec rant

antz11041271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

There's a difference between entitled and getting f%%ked. If they had just charged for a premium expansion like they did with Taken King that would have been one thing but this is horrible.

TheSaint1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Why do people always take the counter argument to the most extreme example possible??

There is a price point that the DLC becomes good value for the consumer and the company. It doesn't have to be free to be good value, try to temper your desire to take everything to an extreme conclusion as it doesn't serve your point at all.

If the forsaken was 25 bucks and the annual pass say 30 then not only would we be happier they'd likely sell twice as much at least.

That's the issue here, they are, again, taking the piss out of their fanbase.

nowitzki20041270d ago

You keep giving them all the money you want pal.

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maybelovehate1271d ago

Eververse covers silly events like Sparrow Racing and the Halloween Event. Not new raids and maps. Plus nobody buys from Eververse.

remixx1161271d ago

Shes a raid all by herself, nobody can get a group willing to go run it tho

Uken121271d ago

Nobody buys from Eververse?? You are dead wrong. They have made so much money off of Eververse with shady tactics. They have locked content behind ever verse and people bought into thinking it wasn't going to be random, but it was random. People spent $100 alone on Eververse.

I would be in the tower and just see people unlocking at least 10 bright engrams. Where this gets extremely unethical is the amount of young kids that play. Ask their parents for $10 on Eververse and don't really realize how much they are getting taken advantage of.

D2 year 2 should be $20. It will be 1 raid. 5 strikes, boring missions and a New Planet/Map. All the gameplay mechanics added are long overdue and we shouldn't be charged for what was promised in D2 day one.

The problem is this, Bungie knows that they can release a lie of a game and fix it later. They probably make more money that way.

I didn't mind D2 when it first came out, I enjoyed it. But $40 for the two trash expansions and no updates worth while made the game meh. Especially because the game is supposed to be an extension of D1.
Overall gaming companies are getting worse with this crap. Especially companies like Activision, EA and Ubisoft. It's not a surprise that the biggest 3rd party companies do the shadiest shit.

MS is a complete failure. All we have to rely on is Sony and Nintendo 1st party. At least give you what you want and more on a Day 1 release.

maybelovehate1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@Uken: I have never met a person who has bought anything from Eververse and I am in a pretty large clan. I doubt it makes much money. The content locked behind Eververse is meaningless cosmetics. Nobody cares about it.

Forsaken looks like a sequel with all that is being added. I am surprised it isn't more. Biggest raid they have ever made with the most bosses, 9 new supers, a new game mode, a new version of POE, an entire end game area that evolves over time and is filled with secrets, new weapon type etc. It actually has more than Destiny 2 did at launch which was already a significant amount of content at a full 60 dollars.

Seraphim1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I'd say I'm sorry but I'm not... this is exactly what the game has always needed and the little content they've always given us for $40 (2 DLCs) has always been minimal at best and hardly worth it. I was excited when I saw this in the live stream but I was also hesitant knowing dam well they were likely going to charge more for it. D2 was a failure. Now they're making all these changes to get the hopes up for all us fans by adding rolls, and everything else Year 2. I was really looking forward to hearing more and actually breaking down and buying another DLC/Season Pass for Destiny. However, if the pricing is going to change as it's stated in the article; F off Bungie. I, We, Have supported this game and it's DLC from day 1 between D1 and the absolutely atrocity you called D2. I understand it's a business but come the F on. A little fan service here for putting us through this crap and not being able to get your shat together. You want people to play the game and stick around then give us the content. Don't change the gameplan and say oh, btw we need to ask for you to pay more too. There's already MTs in the game and quite frankly, in a game like Destiny, there's really no reason to have them to begin with.

OffRoadKing1270d ago

You don't have to be sorry theres a very simple fix for all your outrage, just dont play the game, problem solved. Now if only people who didn't play it could stop talking about it. People hate the game yet love to comment about it, Bungie must be doing something right, lol.

Seraphim1270d ago

yeah, at it's core Destiny is still a solid shooter. Outrage? I'm hardly outraged. But I do want to see this game be what it should be and see Bungie do us a solid for once. I still do the weekly grind. Tuesday knock out Milestones, Fri or Sat hit up the Raid &/or Lairs with friends. I'm only missing 2 exotics for my Warlock. Hunter and Titan have most of them but several I've simply passed on even when Xur sold them. The only exotic weapon I'm missing is the tractor cannon.

D2 was a regression in so many ways. They built up and improved D1 over 3 years and blew it all up making mistake after mistake in D2. Now they admit that and are making some changes for season 2 but in the process they're also going to be milking us consumers for the season 2 pass according to this article. There's always been a lack of content and updates and their solution is to add another DLC node and charge more? Milk it.

They can easily afford to provide more content to help keep players engaged. Especially since they removed some of the engaging things from D1 at the release of D2. Like Factions being available all the time. Something that is now dependent and reserved for a weekly event every so often. No longer are we able to gain faction rank or an exotic faction class item. They should have made factions permanent like D1 but added Faction Rallies as an event for special rewards.

There is no problem to solve on my part. I play Destiny and I'm not one of these trolls who love to hate it but don't even play it. I can't even remember how many game play days I had into D1. Though my Titan had something like 35 game play days and he was easily the least used. Hunter was like 52 if I recall and Warlock was WAY UP there; triple digits over the course of D1s life. Since D2 doesn't keep track of time played I have no idea how much I have in but it's likely only around 20 game play days. I haven't D2 very engaging. It's areas aren't as fun and well thought as D1. End game content just isn't really there.Obviously removing rolls from weapons was a huge mistake so I was stoked when they announced that....

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Scatpants1271d ago

No they aren't. I'll never pay for this. It's like they're all trying to figure out how to Battlefront you without you noticing.

kayoss1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Sadly, there will be a lot of players who will buy this Annual pass. Enough that it will become a trend and a "Standard" for other game developers (Remember how MT's started?). The even sadder part, it will be the same people who bought and defended this practice who will be complaining about it down the road.

Alucard_4201271d ago

not defending it but with the amount of time i can put in D2, I would much rather pay 70$ for a years worth for the pass, then to pay 15$ a month for FFXIV. Been playing MMO's for so long i notice how much money I invested in it.
I really just want a game that I have fun with friends, 70$ for a year or 15$ x 12 (180$). Say what you want but the amount of money in comparison is there. If you don't like MMO's that you need to pay, don't play it.

kayoss1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

That's fine. If you like the game then play it. But you're supporting a practice that will only gets worst. Developers are starting to release incomplete games and charging fans full price only to release content that should have been in the game in the first place. This is very apparent with Bungie and the Destiny franchise. We've seen it with Destiny 1 and now we're seeing it with Destiny 2. If we keep supporting this practice, its only going to get worst. But you know what, you do you.

Just like you , i defended Destiny 1 because i spent a lot of time playing and felt it was worth the price. However, the biggest mistake i made was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Thinking that this is their first biggest game since leaving microsoft and Halo. So they're just learning and making mistakes. However, after destiny 2 came out, i saw the same pattern and thought to myself. Wait...there is no way they're making the same exact mistakes as they did with Destiny 1. Unfortunately, it turn out to be true. They are intentionally doing this on purpose. Even though i bought the season pass, i refuse to play any further because i dont want to be the one who support this practice and later complain about it down the road.

PapaBop1271d ago

That's why I only subscribe to FFXIV for a month at a time to explore the new content when it's out. £7.50 and I get a solid 30 hours out of it. Warmind got uninstalled within 5 days.

Alucard_4201271d ago

Yup I am with you there, I really don't feel like giving activision or bungie any of my money. So I haven't committed to this yet. I kinda would of hope that the annual pass would of been free. but if people really boycotts it like they did SW battlefront 2 it would be great. I am 100% with you that these juggernauts company's needs to be taken down a notch or 2.

Alucard_4201271d ago

@Papabop I wish I had the will power to just pay 1 month, once I start Grinding in FF I need to max out the job, so I need to play weekly lol can't just do 1 month.

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--Onilink--1271d ago

cant say I understand why people are complaining about the Annual pass, its just a Season pass, same as all the others they have done before.

Im guessing they changed the name from Season to Annual because they are already using the term Season internally for a different time period.

If you dont buy season passes, obviously this wont be anything different. But I dont see any actual changes that Bungie is making with this in terms or pricing. Its certainly not particularly different than buying the 1st year Season pass

dumahim1271d ago

This is not a season pass. The DLCs are separate.

kayoss1271d ago

From what i understood, Season pass is for additional content for season 2 minus the DLC's. But i might be wrong.

Alucard_4201271d ago

If you get the annual pass bundle you get the forsaken DLC included, it saves you 5$ in the bundle. you can get the annual separate but it will cost you 5 $ more that way lots of content is included but no main story to my knowledge.

--Onilink--1271d ago

dumahim, the annual pass is the one that has the 3 other small DLCs... its a season pass in everything but name

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maybelovehate1271d ago

Why would we as gamers be mad about the annual pass? Much cheaper than subscription models. It's not like they are just going to keep making content and maintaining servers without some sort of compensation.

Goldby1270d ago

Because you have to pay for the other things too.

How is 160$ for a game that lacks any real content and only adds small little tiny bits in and doesn't listen to the fans, still has yet to actually separate the PvP from pve for the weapon balancing.
Locking special event items to the ever verse, PvP is ruined now that you can run around with 3 shot guns, or 3 rocket launchers...

maybelovehate1270d ago

@Goldby: 160 dollars for 2 full years of content is 6 and 50 cents per month. A lot of gaming subs are 10 to 15 dollars per month.

So yeah, like I said. Much better deal.

The content is real, can confirm, playing it now. PVP isn't ruined. Eververse is a joke but she doesn't have anything worth having so what is the use of crying over an emote nobody even wants.

The balancing in D2 is actually in a very good place right now. Pulse Rifles are the meta, but it is still balanced. You can definitely take on a pulse with an SMG or Sidearm with a good team. We have no idea how the slotting will work, but based on what we saw, running 3 shotguns will not be what you seem to think it is. You will be limited by ammo. Maybe wait to cry until you know what it is lol