Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is selling incredibly well on the eShop

Inti Creates posted a breakdown of the individual sales statistics for Curse of the Moon and the Switch was the leading platform by a wide margin. Around 56% of sales came from Nintendo's platform, with Steam coming in second at 19% and PS4 third with 17%. The game has managed to pass 100,000 sales, making it quite the successful little game.

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DivineAssault 136d ago

Because nintendo fans have been starved from playing these. The handheld castlevania games were a tradition to get every few years around Halloween. Its been far too long since one has been released & its a quality title.

Neonridr136d ago

it's true, these authentic Castlevania style games have been few and far between. This game honestly feels just like an NES title (but obviously handles way better). I am loving it so far.

DivineAssault 136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Oh its amazing. Most mediocre reviews are from people playing in casual mode & not getting all the endings. For $10 or free to backers, no glitches, solid controls, great music, sound, & replay ability, the game is really close to a 10.. The only reason i cant say its a 10 is because of how short it is. Zangetsu>Belmont

GrimDragon136d ago

Seems to be of the same quality as shovel knight.

Neonridr136d ago

Shovel Knight was another fantastic game.

Zeldafan64136d ago

I'm guessing this little side project was made by only 2 or 3 people.

CrimsonWing69136d ago

Well it's an incredibly good game.