Rockstar reassures fans over Red Dead Redemption 2's exclusive special edition story missions

Rockstar Games: "The Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout included in the RDR2 Special Edition are side activities created specifically for that edition and are not part of the main story."

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lociefer161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Why do it in the first place , either be scammy with you shark cards and online monitization crap, or cut pieces of single player, but dont do both

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CaptainObvious878161d ago

If we get a vote, I say don't do either.

abstractel160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

So what, now we are given two SKUs of the game with one having gameplay that is exclusive for the higher priced SKU? This isn't cosmetic or a couple of vehicles -- these are full blown side stories. The game is going to be huge, even the normal edition, but despite that this isn't a cool move on Rockstar's behalf. Imagine if Sony Santa Monica had pulled this stunt with God of War.

Profit isn't going to be an issue with this game. They're being overly greedy. Games should make money of course, it's good for the industry and gamers, but this is crossing a line to me. The people who will miss out are kids and other groups with limited income (and we know most gamers over 14 are going to purchase this game no matter what the rating). If this came out when I was a teenager I'd be extra pissed off.

Can only hope they'll release it as DLC after a few months. Even though I can afford to get the special edition, I'm torn whether or not I want to support this practice.

NewUser101160d ago

Why not just created ONE version for ONE price that EVERYONE can enjoy EQUALLY.


Thanks for screwing up the game industry.

SheenuTheLegend160d ago

its amazing that developers are able to ruin gaming at this level.

bluefox755160d ago

It's just like cutting content out of the game and selling it as DLC. In fact, it's worse. At least with selling it as DLC, you can get the content later if you want without rebuying the entire game.

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ArchangelMike161d ago

I'm actually quite divided on this one.

On the one hand, as the game devs and content creators, they have the right to sell whatever content they want at whatever price they want. It's the beauty - or should I say ugly truth of the capitalist market.

On the other hand it is a blatant and underhanded move to further parcel out on-disc game content and sell it piece-meal, at the expense of the average gamer. No longer can the gamer simply purchase the full game experience for a set price, they are forced to pay a premium on top of the standard price.

Then you have the £89.99 "Collectors box" which doesn't even come with a copy of the game, which means you have to also pay the £54.99 for the standard edition, or if you want the 'complete game' - you'll have to pay either £74.99 or £89.99 for the "ultimate Edition".

It is a clear indication that Take Two know that the Red Dead franchise has such a draw among gamers, that it can blatantly and overtly price gouge the consumer.

It's so unfair because we're all still going to bend over and buy Red Dead 2.

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The_Jackel161d ago

im not devided, all editions should have all the same story content from the get go. only thing to be pre order bonuses or in other editions is say stuff for online or cosmetic (outfits boots hat, even an outfit for the horse, guns ect) not story mode stuff. fair enough dlc down the track isnt included but as for the base game to have sp content taken away and you need to buy a special/ultimate edition is pathetic.
and on top of that the collectors edition not to have the game is also stupid not even a dlc code for it cheaper yes due to no game but isnt why most gamers buy a collectors edition.

lociefer161d ago

I'm with you on this one, if there's a single player portion that it HAS to be complete for everyone , the multiplayer is not for everyone, and they'r making millions out of it ( look at GTA), so why cut a portion of single player just for that extra nickel and dime while multiplayer already makes millions

The_Jackel161d ago

id be more happy if it was standard just the game ,special edition with a remaster of red dead redemption for ps4 and xbox that is also included in the ultimate edition but ultimate you get that map and some other things that are cosmetic in the game, and with collectors you get everything thats in it shown plus the rdr2 game and red dead redemption as well plus the cosmetics from the ultimate edition. thats how i would have done it if i was R*

so each version just adds on that little extra for the extra cash while making the game itself exactly the same from standard to collectors.

CyberSentinel161d ago


The single player dlc day one content is for the single player used game buyer.
R* is trying to getting a piece of those sales/players.

EeJLP-161d ago

Cyber, I don't see how Used game buyers, who don't want to or can't pay $60 for a game are going to spend $80/$90 or whatever the Ultimate Edition costs. That logic doesn't follow at all. I'm fine with stuff like the leveling up boost to 25 and cheaper/free low tier guns or starter horse... That's just people spending money to save some time. That's their 'time is money' decision, and they could easily be caught up to, assuming the horse etc are just starter/relatively low/mid tier assests. I don't like and and don't plan on supporting missions cut from the game that aren't able to be unlocked through normal play.

I'll likely wait until the complete game is under $30 with this breakup of content, lower if the mission etc aren't on disc. If I have to wait 3yrs+ and play it on ps5, so be it.

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CorndogBurglar161d ago

Its total BS. If this were EA or Activision then people would be having their heads right now.

But because its Rockstar people seem to be somewhat okay with it and still willing to buy the game.

D3athc3ll161d ago

I hear you and I agree to some extend. Thing is, I'm going to buy the standard edition and enjoy the hell out of this game. It's gona be good we all know that. Dick move from Rockstar, but how can someone not buy this game if they own a ps4 or xbox one?

Lets hope they hear ppl complain this time and does not do same with next GTA.

ArchangelMike161d ago

The difference here is that we know that Rockstar have such a high quality when it come to their open world games, that it's guaranteed that Red Dead 2 will be a smash hit. But that's what makes it even more gutting that Take Two are exploiting that fact.

EA and Activision don't make high quality games of the same calibre of Rockstar. Not even close. But yeah, even still I agree that Take Two shouldn't get a free pas for price gouging.

lociefer161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

You are totally right and i agree, only difference though between ea and them is that rockstar puts extra effort into their games BUT with that said, a scummy practice is scummy and they should be called out on it, heck i'd even do it if sony does such a thing

Gh05t161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

People are weak and contradict themselves based on what they want not on their actual principles.

Welcome to the world as of 2018, everything that I hate is forgiven as long as the person doing it is on my side or I like them.

RosweeSon160d ago

Yeah because the quality of anything rockstar has ever made even table tennis far surpasses anything EA or activision have done.

CorndogBurglar160d ago

@ RosweeSon

Really? So because their game is good, that means they can try to screw us with content that is locked behind paywalls?

It means it's okay for them to release multiple editions with extra clothes and horses?

It means they can sell an ultimate edition that doesn't even come with a copy of the game itself?

Wake up man.

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bigmalky161d ago

I won't. Why do people have to bend over?

Just don't and they'll soon stop. Buy 2nd hand.

Omnisonne161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

A healthy reminder that no developer should be exempt from their fansbase's scrutiny, even devs with a great track record. I'm excited for the game sure, but stuff like this makes me back off abit, raising a few questions. Im personally going to wait in what state the game releases before the purchase, no doubt it'll be great, but better safe than sorry.

SarcasticDuck161d ago

what do you mean they are releasing a bundle that comes without the game? WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK???

nucky64161d ago

you can just buy the standard copy for the normal price. it's not like people don't have that option.

thisismyaccount161d ago

But what they don't know, we the consumer decide if the product is any good or worth paying for.

Will way for the gote version next year, with every dlc released ...

ClanPsi1161d ago

I'm not going to buy RD2. At least not until they release RD1 on PC so I can play it first, and then release RD2 on PC. Until they do that they can get f*cked.

victorMaje160d ago

So, content that will be available at launch, without extra work is being cut from the base game & put behind a paywall for special & ultimate editions. Not cosmetic items, but actual single player story missions?

For a game like RDR2, this here is the true challenge. Do we give in or do we hold off & vote with our wallets? Because I've seen us do it & I've seen us succeed :)

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-Foxtrot161d ago

What about the collectors edition with no game or steelbook...

The_Jackel161d ago

that is the most stupidest thing i have ever seen. its like halo 5 i think gave you a steelbook that holds a disc but a dlc code to download the game :/ whats the point in the steelbook if you dont have a disc.

xPhearR3dx161d ago

What about it? What if someone isn't interesting in all the little extras and just wants the base game, but also wants the physical collectors items. They would be forced to pay for content they don't want. Also, what about people who like to go all digital but also want collectors items? This is good way for digital players who also want those items without being forced to pay for another copy of the game.

-Foxtrot161d ago

Oh great you've bought into their "good way" of doing it when really it's a bullshit excuse they can cover their ass with when really they are charging people extra

If you want the game and the steelbook you need to pay an extra £89.99, which is almost £200 for everything...that's not right man. The game and steelbook could have been added to that edition for £120-140 at the most.

xPhearR3dx161d ago

I haven't bought into anything. I don't buy much physical copies anymore due to changes in my life. I even have a traveling case for my PS4 as it comes with me often. So for ME, digital is the best option. However, one of the cons with digital is missing out on collectors edition goodies unless I buy "X Edition" that also includes a copy of the game. So this saves ME money as I don't have to purchase a 2nd copy. Obviously I'm not the majority, but just because it doesn't fall in line with your lifestyle and benefit you specifically, doesn't mean it's bullshit.

CorndogBurglar160d ago

I get that you travel and buy digital. But if you REALLY wanted to get all those extra goodies, why on earth would you need to buy two copies of the game?

You could always just buy it physical. I'm sure where ever you are traveling you have enough room to bring the physical game too. Why would you buy it digitally also for the very few ultimate editions of games I'm sure you buy.

warriorcase161d ago

To be fair they do call it the collectors box and not collectors edition but it still is ultimately misleading. I don't see the logic behind releasing a Collectors box for a game at release time with no game.

sagapo161d ago

Having double feelings about this...

fiveby9161d ago

No way I will pay extra money for a cpl missions or in-game items. For me it'll be base game purchased from Best Buy with Gamer's Club so only $48 for me after the discount. I expected not quite such a transparent cash grab from R*. It'll probably be a great game but if it's unacceptable for the likes of Ubi, EA, etc to do this then it's also unacceptable to me from Take Two & R*. Locking SP missions behind a paywall. For shame.

ClanPsi1161d ago

Why not wait a few weeks and buy it used. Then Take Two won't get a dime from you.