Apple revises App Store rules after rejecting Valve’s game streaming Steam Link app

A welcome change that should open the door for remote game streaming

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GrimDragon726d ago

So this tells me all along it was because of apple that steam was becoming strict with its allowable content. But now that steam stop the practice of censorship and policing content. apple wants nothing to do with them. Well I say good job steam, tell apple to go eat a dick.

TheUndertaker85726d ago

Didn’t read the story, did you.

“The change does not void Apple’s long-standing policy that no iOS app may host an app store of its own and allow users to purchase and download software not approved through its own marketplace.”

Many companies have this policy. Apple updated their terms for a possible solution that still allows them to protect iOS, themselves, and their customers.

...Why would Apple have anything to do with Steam policy?

GrimDragon726d ago

. Steam owner Valve said last week Apple had initially rejected Steam Link, which lets consumers access and stream their PC game library onto a mobile device, due to apparent “business” conflicts.

I did but my comprehension must be lacking. I assumed that this sudden move by apple had to do with steams own policy of letting adult games in their store. Which conflicts with Apple's own policy against it. Hence not being allowed to stream steams library of games on their ios.

TheUndertaker85725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

What is listed above is a “long-standing policy” which would cover “apparent “business” conflicts” as the way Steam Link works breaks that policy. Again, many platform holders such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo don’t want companies selling their goods outside of the network stores.