New Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone Art Revealed by Into the Pixel 2018 Selection

The Into the Pixel 2018 selection included two never-seen-before pieces of artwork from Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone for PS4.

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strayanalog135d ago

Don't know why I bothered looking because I knew I wouldn't see Rikimaru, thus walking away disappointed, then I realized you don't see him until he wants you to. That's when I relaxed and enjoyed the art.

starchild135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Dang, I miss Tenchu so much. I hope From Software brings the series back.

But I'm really glad we're getting Ghost of Tsushima, which seems like it will be kind of a spiritual successor. It has the potential to be incredible. So far seems like my dream game to be honest.

Ceaser9857361135d ago

Days gone wont be like GOW success may be like Detroit mixed reactions it will get but GOT could be like Horizon zero dawn success

Jaypi03135d ago

I think it will be successful is Sony markets the game enough. But honestly, it doesn't seem like the game is going to be GOTY material but still a solid PS4 exclusive.

Ceaser9857361135d ago

True, i am hopeful that LOU 2 , DS , GOT can try or may top GOW These 3 games i am very excited for and also will def play DAYS Gone , day 1 buy

starchild135d ago

That image makes me so hyped for Ghost of Tsushima.

SuperSaiyanGod41134d ago

Yeah I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm more stoked for GOT more than TLOU 2. Maybe it's because I love samurai games and having it set in Japan just makes my anticipation for it more hyped but I'm with u on this one starchild. Super hyped to see gameplay footage.

Septic134d ago

Can't wait for the gameplay reveal for this. Love the setting.

Relientk77134d ago

I'm real excited to see the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay. Hopefully it's coming out sooner than later.

neomahi134d ago

PlayStation 5, alright.