3 Things Sony Might Announce Before The Big Playstation E3 Show

Sony will be making daily announcements leading up to its E3 press conference.

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IamTylerDurden1136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Pretty uninformative. Thanks Goldfarb..


Dreams will get official PSVR information and possibly a date.

Days Gone will likely get a date.

Perhaps they will announce the Blue Point remake?

Either Last Guardian VR or the rumored Bioshock VR.

Fallout VR to end it.

That's what i think, no thanks to IGN..

SickSinceSix135d ago

Bioshock VR would be awesome, if it's in Rapture.

Tigerblud135d ago

After today I don't expect much.

Spenok135d ago

This is pretty much my thoughts as well. There's a reason they're announcing these games in the days before E3. Because they're barely worth mention, and so they can focus on the stuff people care about during the conference.