Mario Tennis Aces could be a glimpse at Nintendo doing online play right

Nintendo’s never been great at building online modes, especially for its more competitive games. It’s beyond frustrating trying to voice chat with friends in Splatoon 2 or waiting for Salmon Run to be on schedule. But during its first trial period, Mario Tennis Aces seemed like it could be the rare Nintendo game with painless online multiplayer.

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Obelisk92135d ago

It's an incredibly fun game, best online competitive game I played in a while.

... except for the lag. I mean, it happens way too often, it needs to be fixed.

mcstorm135d ago

You playing over wi-fi or got a usb lan adapter? I found when the console was docked I had lag issues playing online or videos but got the adaptor and not had the issue since.

Obelisk92135d ago

I have wi-fi connection to an optic fiber line... I don't think it's the signal's fault, I'm near the router.

mcstorm134d ago

I know it sounds daft but try the usb to network adapter my router is in the same room no other hardware has issues on WiFi but the switch did when it was docked don't know why as did not happen undocked but this fixed the issue and I'm on fibre 80mb line

DJK1NG_Gaming135d ago

Uh Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, ARMS and other past Nintendo games did it right. Not all of them of course but the major games did them right.

mcstorm135d ago

Yeah it just misses voice chat which for me unless I'm on with friends don't chat as CBA with screeching kids and adults

FallenAngel1984135d ago

“It’s beyond frustrating trying to voice chat with friends in Splatoon 2”

It’s beyond frustrating to do voice chat on Switch period, not just in that game

Neonridr135d ago

agreed. Here's hoping Nintendo sees the error in their ways and just goes to a normal party chat setup.

NotoriousWhiz134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Sadly, that's the only game that supports voice chat as far as I know.