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BigBosss195d ago

Looks promising I must say. Let's hope it lives up to its expectations.

S2Killinit195d ago

yeah. I'm pretty excited for it as well. Seems like they are moving in the right direction.

Sam Fisher195d ago

Do you know the definition of insanity?
Its when you do the same thing over and over expecting change........

Do you know the definition of insanity?....

Sevir195d ago

Before I tapped the link to this thread I said to myself "I could bet my last hundred dollar bill that someone would be in here to do exactly what they've been doing for the last 4 years, talk crap about a game they claim they hate and are done with, but some how still manage to show up in every news pertaining to it" and wouldn't you know it.... Here's Sam Fisher exemplifying his comment... 🤣.

In any case on topic... They didn't do a deep dive into it's content but more or less glazed over key changes and updates going towards "Comet 2" expansion... So we know we're headed to the reef, it seems fallen themed yet again... From the looks of it, no prince Uldren insight (still waiting to see how they address this given we know he's alive via Warmind) new subclass trees, weapon changes, 6v6 match play list, new weapons mods and weapon rerolls. Smarter streamlined way of tracking and collecting gear, new game mode.
Sam Fisher said the definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different end result... Pretty sure these are considered sweeping changes and additions bringing what was already a solid sequel when it launched last fall. While CoO was a step back, they managed to address things with updates. So I guess the only insane person here is you and the bashers who say you're done with destiny but STILL here...

Bring on September 4th. I'll be here for it

Sam Fisher195d ago

Somebody gotta do the dirty work for the others to sleep soundly

OffRoadKing195d ago

@Sam Fisher

You mean like hate commenting about the game over and over and over again and expecting your opinion will make everyone stop playing the game?

S2Killinit194d ago

I think thats exactely what he means.

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Movefasta1993195d ago

You n4g peeps shit on ea but turn a blind side to the trash destiny anti consumer bull

notachance195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

it costs $40 with another $30 if you want the 'annual' pass, that's right, a DLC that has DLC
and you have to have all the previous DLC first

promising enough for you?

maybelovehate195d ago

Seems reasonable based on the content. You get a major expansion plus 3 DLC content add ons.

DerekTweed195d ago

This is separate from the "season pass" that came with the launch of the game for like 100 dollars?

Year 2 is an additional "season pass "?

Same as D1

corroios195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

You need to have all DLC, prices 40 for this or 70 if buy with the annual pass. That's what some are saying.

This its the same deal like D1. Destiny 2 should have been launch with all the stuff that it will have with the Forsaken DLC. I have many doubts if this wasn't planned this way. Many doubts.

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hulk_bash1987195d ago

Looks promising, but I'm not paying anymore money to experience the game they should have made at launch. Bungie got me for the whole ride in D1, but I'm not falling for it again.

The_Hooligan195d ago

I am with you brother. Fool me once...

81BX195d ago

Same here... not this time. Oh bungie how you have fallen!

Dirtnapstor195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Looks good but like many others, I will pass until it's dirt cheap. Should have been a freebie to those of us with the season pass.
They are "building something the community has been asking for"... doubtful. D2 DLC has been structured the same as D1...measly season pass content, then charge you for the content "everyone had been asking for based on feedback". Whatever.

DerekTweed195d ago

And change the game so anyone without year 2 DLC can no longer play with just Year 1 content

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OffRoadKing195d ago

I agree I think every game ever should launch with all future DLC and be free and the studios should all stop making money and go out of business and all the kiddies can go back to playing with their friends outside.

DerekTweed195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

My problem is not charging money, it's making it basically non optional if you want to continue playing.

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-Foxtrot195d ago

- Forsaken

abandoned or deserted.

"a journey into forgotten and forsaken places"

Basically reflecting the franchise at this point

fewDankMemes195d ago

Nah. All the fans are hyped and its going to sell like hot cakes

PapaBop195d ago

Well to be fair, if you've stuck with Bungie throughout Destiny 2's first year, you'll happily bend over for them again. Will it sell like hot cakes? Well I'll be genuinely surprised if it sells anywhere near as well as TTK did.

showtimefolks195d ago


That's the issue destiny fans keep saying now bungie will get it right no now bungie will get it right

They have become so greedy

Razmiran195d ago

You say it like its a good thing

Blasphemian195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Papa, you're aware destiny 1 was in the exact same situation before TTK launched right? TTK sold like hotcakes because it fixed a ton of issues the community was vocal about leading up to the expacs release. Same exact scenario is playing out here. Two mediocre expacs followed by the huge one that fixes a ton of issues and revives the game. Further I would say Warmind is a much better release than the first two expacs d1 had, and it gives me hope that bungie is on the right path, not to mention they actually flew out youtubers vocal about the games problems to talk and try to pin down how to fix the problems. Almost EVERYTHING that people were vocal about was either fixed in Warmind (lack of endgame, exotics not feeling "exotic", ttk being lowered across the board in pvp) or is being fixed in the next expac (Weapons system changes, subclass variety, random rolls on weapons, gear collections, 6v6 qp, light level actually mattering in trials and IB, updated and more robust mod system, etc.) The hate bandwagon for bungie and the game is ridiculous, they're very receptive to community feedback and have fixed/are fixing literally every issue people have been vocal about. I feel the only people left complaining are people that have never played and just wanna jump on the bandwagon, or people that haven't played since around launch and just have no idea what's going on within the game now.

JeffGUNZ195d ago

IDK man, when D1 came out I hung in there till TTK released. With D2, I was gone about 2-3 weeks after the First DLC because it was barebones. Came back to try DLC2 and although it's more then the first, it's still not enough to keep me engaged. A lot more players have left this game since launch then D1. I really hope Bungie gets it right, but I am not preordering this and at best will wait for long detailed reviews before I consider spending another penny on this franchise.

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bcrazy18195d ago

They should give us these expansions for free since the first two expansions we paid for were very lack luster with content and new features.

sinspirit195d ago

I didn't even realize that the Curse of Osiris DLC was part of the paid DLC/Season Pass. I thought it was just delayed for launch to motivate players to grow for a week or two before its release. Pretty lame that this type of DLC that should be core to the end-goal that players look for was a paid DLC that was developed before launch.

Dixiedevil195d ago

Why would they when they did the exact same thing with D1? At this point it’s a business model.

bcrazy18195d ago

You would think if they we’re listening to their customers like they claimed to be, that they would understand this. Apparently not as it’s $40.

JeffGUNZ195d ago

This stuff should have been here at launch. I don't mind spending money for content, I mind stripping everything D1 Y3 had and giving use a barebones D2 and now making us pay for what we already had in D1 for years.

maybelovehate195d ago

Very excited. New mode sounds like Warzone. Which would be amazing in the Destiny universe.

Ninjamonkey82195d ago

Its only 4v4 think thats a shame tbh.

PapaBop195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Fans: This 4v4 stuff in cruicible isn't working, it's causing logistical problems for our clan and fireteams

Bungie: We hear you loud and clear, here is a new 4v4 mode

Classic Bungie!

maybelovehate195d ago

It looks very fun for how they are doing it though. Sending 1 guardian over to destroy a team after sending PVE bosses over too sounds pretty awesome. I was wrong saying it is like Warzone. It isn't at all. Very unique.

Notellin195d ago

It sounds like warzone if you decreased the player size 3 times and shrunk the map size 10 times then kept the opposing teams separated for the majority of the match.

Sound like something maybelovehate will love and the rest of gamers will be disappointed Bungie duped them into spending another 70$ for broken promises.