PlayStation Now Streaming Library Hits 650 Games, Summer Deals Revealed

Twelve more games join the PS Now lineup, including PS4 upgrades of Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition and WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship.

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Spurg161d ago

Ps now is one of the worst services i've ever used. Despite having a stellar connection the stream still lags.

lam69161d ago

Disagree 100%, with a 40mb line it's really impressive how good it actually is, can't recommend it enough if you have a stable line, not WiFi!

gangsta_red161d ago

Yea, I've used it and I'm connected and I don't see this lag that people keep talking about.

VenomUK161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

I have a 50 Mb connection and when I used it for various free trials I’ve had NO lag. It also worked great for me before I upgraded and had 8Mb.

What I think is great is that you can play so many different games in a short space of time without needing to download and install them.

My two criticisms are that there are not enough of a range of games. Yes there’s some PS3 classics but I prefer newer PS4 titles. Also the price is not competitive enough for me to bite.

DialgaMarine161d ago

@Venom You’re likely not going to see heavy hitting PS4 titles on Now until after PS5 launches. I seriously doubt Sony is going to do with Now what MS is doing with GamePass. It’d be good for the service for sure, but I think Sony is content with it being a supplementary way for people to enjoy PS3 games on PS4/ PC.

IamTylerDurden1160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I used it when my connection was only around 25mb and i didn't notice lag. I played half way through Ninja Gaiden 2, if there was significant lag i doubt i would've been able to play such a fast paced action game with much success.

Instant access to hundreds of games is the appeal for me. I still own a PS3, backwards compatibility had NOTHING to do with my use of the service.

The draw for me was "oh, look, Ninja Gaiden 2. Never played it, but always wanted to, lemme try it.". I'd see dozens of games that always interested me, but for some reason that i never got a chance to play. The glory of it was not waiting for a disc to be mailed or not waiting for a 40gb download/install. It was "see game, play game" just like Netflix. See a movie that looks interesting and instantly watch that movie.

fiveby9160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I tried the 7 day trial for PS Now and was pleased with the performance. I have a synchronous 100 Mb / 100 Mb connection and thought the service performed as advertised. I'd prefer the cost was less on a month to month basis as perhaps I'd consider using it from time to time.

S2Killinit160d ago

No lag for me at all the few times i used it when it was pay per title.

combatcash160d ago

Never realized how expensive this service is, glad some folks have found value in it though.

ImGumbyDammit160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Compared to other game streaming services (like Nvidia) PSNow blows chunks. There are plenty of people with great connections that experienced lag for unknown reasons. i played it at a friends house it worked fine on a 50mbs connection. I tried playing it at my house (Google Fiber about 920mbs) and it had issues. And service plays games at only 720p max, 30fps max, downgraded graphics, artifacts that don't exist in the original games. Even with 650 games, it is still limited to games that really don't have a lot of action. It has a very limited PS4 catalog experience. Besides PC it is not on other devices (even Sony's other devices)? Where are those devices that can actually be using the service as it was designed (especially non-consoles)? Why not on those devices it once supported? There is no real answer (technologically) other than protecting PS4. All out fear people may not buy the PS4? Well, there should be no fear of that with the quality of the service being so mediocre. In its current form and capabilities if the PS5 has BC with PS4 games this streaming service will die quickly anyway. I personally would not have such acrimony if this service was actually on devices where it's limited capabilities for experiencing many of the original games was acceptable (like the smartTVs, disc players, PSVita). But, as long as they only really are supporting the PS4 there should be no reason that they are limiting the quality of the gaming experience. PSNow is not very good service compared to other services that can actually provide 1080p, lossless graphics quality, without similar issues that PSNow has (others can even scale to 4K with the right connections - like Nvidia). The only thing it has going for it is BC, which I have been told by my all my PS4 friends here is not something they or Sony don't care about.

Vizigoth04160d ago

Even on wifi it works fine for me. The kids use the service the most. Usually when waiting for a game to load.

Eidolon160d ago

Bandwidth doesn't mean anything passed the recommended, 5 mbps? Rest is left to your ISP/Communication methods/Hops to ISP/ Physical network setup. Wi-Fi would have virtually no difference unless you have a bad signal or a lot of interference. Doesn't matter how good your internet set up is, there is added latency, and if you can't tell the difference between PS Now latency and the real thing, then you have slow visual acuity.

XisThatKid160d ago

This is such an Under rated service I loved it I'm just not nostalgic so it's good for those craving bc and such I also own a PS3 so is a bit pointless for me. Although there are some gems I don't have on Now....

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Scatpants161d ago

Mine never lags. I use it in my office when I have to work on the weekend. I can't tell the difference other than the resolution.

morganfell161d ago

No. And your post history works against taking any of your anti-Sony comments seriously.

Araragifeels 161d ago

How is the worst service? I didn't have no issue and is actually a decent service.

IamTylerDurden1160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Each service offers something a bit different, but it doesn't make it bad.

Gamefly has a huge library and day 1 games, but you generally only get 1 game at a time and you have to wait for shipping. Game Pass offers day 1 XB1 exclusives like Sea of Thieves, but the library is thin and the downloads are long. With PS Now the streaming quality isn't as pristine as a native game, but you get a large library and instant access. Each service offers something different.

doomster71160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I'd agree on a wireless connection. If you're wired then it should be fine. At least it was for me on a 40mb connection. It's a bit bloody expensive though. I kept my PS3 when I upgraded both of my consoles to the PS4 and Xbox one, so there's no point in me having PS Now.

bluefox755160d ago

I have what you'd call a decent connection, not bad or good, and I didn't experience any noticeable lag. Not a fan of the service, but I had no complaints in that department.

Brazz160d ago

You wrong. It works great.

ILostMyMind160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Maybe you live in a place not recommended. Or just trolling. Probably the last one.

Liqu1d160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

What do you mean by "stellar connection"? Your bandwidth isn't really important for latency, what is important is your ping to the server. One thing I don't like about PS Now is the sacrifices to image quality, playing 1080p games at a compressed 720p on a 4K TV doesn't look great at all.

160d ago
rainslacker160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Odd. When I tried it a while ago, I thought it worked fine.

I don't use the service, as I have plenty of games I own that I don't even have time for, but if you had problems using the service, then there was something in the way on your connection.

jlove4life160d ago

Thats like saying xbox 1 worst console been out 5 yrs still have no exclusive AAA games oh wait nevermind this is actually a fact not an opinion

Gaming_Guru160d ago

I think it can vary; I have used wifi and played fine but, still recommend a wired connection if possible.

Nintentional160d ago

Xbox gamepass is lightyears better

Muzikguy160d ago

The idea behind the service is good but they need to start getting to where they can be backward compatible going forward.

Germ_the_Nobody160d ago

It's not just the connection you pay your ISP for. You also need a PS Now server near you for the best experience.

BlackTar187160d ago

I've used it on free trials and paid a month you best wasteland and i never got lag. I don't really ever feel the need to use the service so I don't keep it active.

I think you're just making stuff up

DivineAssault 160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I agree. PS4 is my favorite console but this game streaming isnt ready for commercial use until the internet evolves. It will work just fine with SNES type games but thats it for now. They should let you download the games onto your storage with exp dates matching your contract

Wallstreet37160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Check your bs connection lol used it about 3 months after it was released via free trial and at that time i had a 50mb connection. I was surprised at how good it was and it felt like i was playing a disc game. I didnt buy into it because i had no need to play old ps3 games and the pricing at that time was off imo.

Sony been getting ready for consoless future and thy have a good infrastructure, that works backing it up. They have been many steps ahead.

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SquareBurgers160d ago

awful lag here. unacceptable in 2018, especially with such low resolution games

Shiken160d ago

No problems on my end. Maybe your IP is giving you unacceptable connection status in 2018?

lxeasy160d ago

Yeah their streaming service sucks

InKnight7s160d ago

Nah lag in games is unworthy, and please this is far from global service yet.

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