Nintendo spells the end for the 3DS soon

Recent announcements of a cheaper version of Nintendo Switch and new Pokemon games seem to suggest that the end of the life-span of 3DS may be near.

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Neonridr187d ago

"a cheaper handheld only version of the Switch was released in Japan and this is a clear indication that the lifespan of the 3DS is betting against the clock."

This was an option for those who didn't want to play on their TV. It's not like the hardware is any different, and if you were to purchase a dock separately, you could still use it on the TV.

Knushwood Butt187d ago

No it isn't.

It's crystal clear that it's intended as a second Switch device, for somewhere that already has a dock and cables.

3-4-5187d ago

No it's's for a family that has one, and now the little brother or sister wants one two, and now the parents can afford it a bit easier because it's cheaper and the brother and other sibling can share the dock at home but both have their own gaming device.

Neonridr186d ago

well it's both. My point was, the article made it out like it was a different unit, which is flat out wrong. Whether it's a second device, or for someone who wants it as a handheld first, it's still the same old Switch, just minus a dock.

Jalapeno187d ago

Clickbait I believe...the 2DS can be bought for $80.00...Nintendo is really doing its fans a great service by having an affordable handheld like that. Given some titles that are coming out this year and next year, I don't see Nintendo starting to discontinue the 3DS line until 2020 at the earliest.

DialgaMarine187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Discontinue it, no, but they should definitely stop making games for it soon.

Zeldafan64187d ago

That Mario and Luigi game coming in 2019 will be the last Nintendo published game on the 3ds. That will be 8 full years of support for the 3ds, not bad.

DialgaMarine187d ago

@getback Because Switch. Nintendo should go all in on Switch, especially if their third party offerings aren’t going to be all that great.

FinalFantasyFanatic187d ago

I just wish the games would drop in price more often, but they rarely ever do.

DialgaMarine187d ago

Makes sense. 3DS is over 7 years old now. I just hope Nintendo is smart and focuses all their portable development on Switch, instead of making another dedicated portable.

bluefox755187d ago

I have both, and if I had to get rid of one currently, it would be the Switch. There's just so much to play on 3DS, and Switch still needs to get more.

mkis007187d ago

Ya i was thinking yesterday while picking up my 3ds, is there room for a person to have a 3ds and a switch? They could easily just port over the 3ds library. Seems like its recundant for Nintendo to have 2 portable consoles.

indysurfn187d ago

I was in the eshop just yesterday on the SWITCH I narrowed the games down to RPG's only and came up with a hundred. That is a LOT for a 14 month old system. BUT I have to agree 3DS has ways more RPG's. And other games. But to some (like me) playing on the TV is BIG (pun not intended). I have to have my dock.

Prince_TFK187d ago

How long have the Switch come out comparing to the 3DS? You think new games are gonna magically appear every day?

SolidGear3186d ago

I agree.. Switch is already hybrid so no need for a 3DS successor. Put everything into Switch.

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Automatic79187d ago

I have both and while 3DS provided some great experiences I am really loving the Nintendo Switch.

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The story is too old to be commented.