Fortnite Double Pump: Ground Breaking or Game Breaking?

Ever since Fortnite made its way into the mainstream, the player base has seen a ton of different strategies take shape. However, out of the lot, there has been one strategy which has split the entire Fortnite community, with one half in favor of it, while the other, hating it to bits.

From this, you might have already figured out what is being talked about, but those who haven’t, it's the infamous Double Pump build.

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sypher135d ago

Game breaking obviously...

UltraNova135d ago

Of course it is. They need to add some delay between switching two of the same weapons, or remove the ability to hold two of the same weapons all together.

I'd very much like to see how some famous streamers react to such change since some of them are relying on double pump builts to win.

combatcash134d ago

Removing the ability to hold two of the same gun is stupid. It's not game breaking, the bigger issue is the ridiculous damage the pumps do it's also more realistic. I think you jusr have to get your skills up lol.

rich3783134d ago

There's nothing Game Breaking about it. You still have your Tact Shotguns and Heavy shotgun. If you don't want o get killed by double pumps, keep your distance and shoot them with A/R's and Noob Tubes/ Rocket Launchers. and overall, just get better at playing the game and find a way to counter it with better building, etc. And last option is that if you can't beat them, join them....