15 Most Popular N64 Games of All Time

Twinfinite says:

The N64 was a revolutionary step in gaming, bringing along a handful of amazing titles in the industry. Here are the best Nintendo 64 games that have graced the console."

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naruga232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

the console imo was one of themost failed Nintendo systems ....along with og Wii ...even Wii U or Gamecube were better systems ....2 games all and all (Mario 64 and Ocarina) and for idiots is still beating PS1 ....PS1 that time literally destroyed N64 with its sheer quality and quantity of games (even beating Nintedno in its own game -yes og Crash B is a far better game than Mario ) ......N64 was .just promotion and hype nothing else

PixelOmen232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I was mostly with you until you said the original Crash is better than Mario 64. That's hilarious.

naruga232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

if you give more attention to og Crash games on PS1 you ill understand that are far more well developped /calibrated games than Mario 64 , visually and from gameplay aspect....Mario 64 is just Mario-->good games but always the same formula ....

cell989232d ago

I’m a huge PlayStation fan and even I’ll admit I’d take Diddy Kong racing over crash team racing. The latter being amazing of course. I’ll never forget the days when wcw revenge was life and I got in trouble for keeping Banjo Kazzoie over 2 weeks from my rental store. 007 4vs was the equivalent to Fortnite right now

Skankinruby232d ago

Still can't believe how much sony slaughtered Nintendo this gen

Eidolon232d ago

Wii U was probably their worst generation but switch is doing quite well, especially given how weak it is compared even the 2013 varients of the XBO and PS4.