What do you need to know about Vanillaware?

2D games are great, right? If there is one Japanese developer that has embraced the idea of them and ran with it, it is Vanillaware. The company is committed to the idea of games that are incredibly artistic and totally flat. Just recently, Dragon's Crown came back into the spotlight with a PlayStation 4 release. But what do you need to know about this developer? Let’s go over some of the more important details.

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DivineAssault 1452d ago

I love their artwork in games

1452d ago
FallenAngel19841452d ago

I just beat Muramasa over the weekend

1452d ago
PhoenixUp1451d ago

It takes a ton of work to produce 2D graphics lavish enough to strain a contemporary game system. This is in fact George Kamitani's modus operandi, exemplified by both Dragon's Crown and its artbook. If the preface in the artbook is anything to go by, Dragon's Crown is George Kamitani's love letter to gaming as a whole.

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