State of Decay 2 Exceeds 2 Million Players in Less Than Two Weeks

It has been incredible to see fans around the world supporting State of Decay 2 and we are excited to share that we have reached more than 2 million players in less than two weeks since our global launch on May 22.

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maybelovehate189d ago

I would think most game pass users would at least try it. Although I am over the zombie genre so I did not even bother.

Yetter189d ago

Did you play the first one? If not you owe it to yourself to try this game. There isn't any other zombie game like this one

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Alternatively, as someone who played the first one for maybe 20 hours and enjoyed it for what it was, there’s nothing big added to the game other than co-op and thats what kills it for me. The coop system (in which theres one host player and 3 “helpers”) is really confusing and poorly implemented.

I have a feeling SoD3 will be an mmo with the exact same gameplay.

One of the weirdest features in this game is a rewind feature to help you when you get stuck in the geomtery or fall through the world...

mark_parch189d ago

I strongly recommend giving it a try there's not really any other zombie game like it

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@Cmv38 N4G has seriously become the most toxic gaming site on the internet thanks to people like you

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