Why Nintendo's Gamble on Retro Consoles Paid Off

Nintendo has mastered the art of rebooting through perfect timing and meticulous planning.

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n1kki6229d ago

Retro? You mean like rereleasing all of the wiiu games at $60?

Neonridr228d ago

what does that have anything to do with the article?

n1kki6228d ago

That there focus on rereleasing old titles that have already been released elsewhere and are available for much cheaper has paid off since they are scooping full price for old games.

Neonridr228d ago

But this article is specifically talking about the "classic" consoles.

RosweeSon228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Breath of the wild
Mario odyssey
Xenoblade 2
On their way is Metroid prime 4, New Pokemon’s new? Smash ok it’ll prob be a best of 3ds Wii u versions but they were great games, same with Mario kart deluxe absolutely amazing donkey kong and toad make about 4/5 ports the rest is all new
Sony did exactly the same heavy rain beyond 2 souls uncharted collection god of war 3 wipeout collection shadow of the colossus all remastered or ports sure most were budget prices and yeah Nintendo is charging more on switch than they did with Wii U but you either buy them if not played them or really like them or you don’t otherwise there’s plenty of new stuff and considering the console is a year old it has a lot more going for it than Xbox has managed in 4 years. Next 12-18 months for switch looks great with Bayonetta 3 and many others due to launch.

Shop around plenty of switch games can be found much cheaper than RRP. Don’t buy from GAME etc who charge full prices
Or wait until the Nintendo selects start or a sale.

Agent_00_Revan228d ago

Nintendo released some of the greatest and most nostalgic games of many people's past in a convenient and easy to play device without them having to go through tracking down each of the now over priced originals. It doesn't take a marketing genius to see why this worked. But what didn't work was the production, and how hard it is to still find some of these.

Jinger228d ago

Pisses me off honestly. Stop with the stupid retro consoles and just give me VC on my Switch already.

superchiller228d ago

They did a great job with the SNES classic, great little mini console. And I appreciate that they actually produced enough of them to meet demand. I wasn't able to get an NES classic due to the bungled production issues, but I think they're re-releasing it later this year, which is good.

Skankinruby228d ago

The limited supply they put on these things made me completely lose interest, I'll just get an emulator if I really wanna play these games