All Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games: June 2018

Microsoft is continuously working on adding more games to their Xbox One Backward Compatibility program. Recently Microsoft also added some original Xbox games to the list.

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e3kehoe228d ago

Wish they would add PGR 2

Universal 08228d ago

and the other 3 as well :D

Bigpappy228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

That list is missing Sonic racing. I am replaying Morrowind atm. I am surprised at how much of it I remember after 14 plus years.

Vectrexer228d ago

Sonic Racing Transformed is backwards compatible and free this month.

crazyh0rse228d ago

they need to talk to RockStar and get Manhunt BC

Profchaos228d ago

Large chunk of rockstar titles coming this week

Smokehouse228d ago

Still no 360 Conan. That is a great game and I would play it again tomorrow if it was BC.

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