Top 10 Boxing Video Games So Far

An updated ranked top list featuring the 10 best boxing video games released so far.

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AnkitDanger135d ago

Fight night champion is the best

Krimmson135d ago

Victorious Boxers was so good. A shame that the Wii and PS3 Hajime no Ippo games sucked though.

BlaqMagiq1135d ago

Fight Night Champion is still king

BQ32134d ago

Though fight night champion looks and animates the best by far, from a competitive standpoint round 4 far surpasses it. Champion was plagued with some exploits and the developers last ever update actually left the game in a much worse place than it had been prior. Play some online and see dudes bent over throwing 4 puch combos to the stomach lmao. In round 4 there was a counter for every style. You could find sucess as a pressure fighter, a counter puncher, or a mover. Really well balanced compared to other fight nights.